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Part of your purpose is to be a transformer of the world matrix
08-24-2011, 05:51 PM,
Rainbow  Part of your purpose is to be a transformer of the world matrix
Part of your purpose is to be a transformer of the world matrix

By reaching towards ideals you are transforming various energies and patterns that sit within your mind and psyche energy field. By wrestling with these patterns they are gradually shifting and transforming inside of you. We spoke about the matrix earlier, and how, though we feel ourselves as a separate isolated person struggling with our separate issues, in reality we are part of the great matrix, the great field of energy of the Earth.

The Matrix has certain vibratory patterns and structures woven in it. Those energy patterns operate like a "cookie cutter" in which they stamp or mold certain parts of our psyche.

Though you know this already, I want to again emphasize the point because it is so central to the expansion of consciousness process we are all in. When we were born and grew up, our psyche was being energetically molded by patterns within the collective matrix. Those patterns are in you, and those patterns are in millions and millions of other people. And not only are they in you, they are linked: my patterns are linked to your patterns through energetic threads that are invisible to the naked eye but are threads linking us together in the energy world. So as you are aspiring, and stretching, and reaching towards these ideals, what you are doing is transforming a piece of the collective energy pattern. It is not just your own energy transforming; you are actually transforming a piece of the world matrix.

In a sense, one aspect of your purpose is to be a "human transformer". You are here, as the old alchemists used to say, "to change lead into gold", and that transformation is happening within your own body and energy field. As I mentioned earlier, by transforming it within yourself you are lifting the matrix a little bit. As millions and millions of people work on exactly the same issues that you are working on, you are working on yours, and they are working on theirs, then all together we are transforming this strand of energy that is woven through the collective. And as you do that, the collective energy starts vibrating at a higher frequency. It starts holding a new, lighter, more life supportive vibration. You begin to embody the ideals and the higher frequencies of energy that are living in your Soul, and you are bringing them down into this plane of reality.

So we could say that your purpose has several core factors: To be a human transformer You do that by working on your issues and patterns, your "stuff". A lot of us feel that "if I am a spiritual person, then I should feel good, and I should be happy, then I have arrived". I would like to say to you that what you actually should be doing is on a regular basis hitting stuff, and working with it, and transforming it. So the more imperfections you hit, the more stuff you hit, the more you are contributing to the light, to the building of the new. I am especially telling your critic this, so that your critic can give you a pat on the back every time you hit another imperfection. Then you can say, "Great, I have earned another ten points in terms of being a planetary energy transformer".

Holding higher and higher frequencies of energy Your Soul holds immense qualities and frequencies of energies. What we are doing is transforming lower vibratory frequencies of energy into higher frequencies of energy. An essential part of this process is bringing the qualities of the Soul, which open through the Crown chakra, down into the Core Channel, into the chakras and the body. We call this process "holding light". You are here to hold light in yourself as an energy being.

Holding and living new ways of Being Your Soul holds ideals of new ways of Being. You hold pictures of the new forms of relating, which are more heartful, more authentic and have more depth. You hold pictures of new forms of communication, where we speak in more honest and authentic ways. You hold images of new ways of using power that have more heart and more respect. You hold ideals of the new relationship between the Soul and the body, between the Spirit and the Earth. You hold ideas concerning almost every area of life - healing, the body, business, child rearing, family, education, science, religion, etc.

Planetary Initiation and the Fifth Kingdom
The Earth as an evolving entity has developed four kingdoms, the mineral, plant, animal and human. The human kingdom has now reached a point in its evolution where a next step can happen through it - a next step for the living entity of the Earth itself. We say that the Earth is evolving its next kingdom.

This next kingdom is referred to as the fifth Kingdom, or the Kingdom of Souls. What this means is that for the first time, these many souls that have been a part of the inner dimension of the life of the Earth, can incarnate and retain the full consciousness of themselves as souls. Previous to this time, when a Soul would incarnate into the human vehicle, due to the limitations of the human vehicle, only a fragment of the soul's consciousness could be embodied. Though the soul was the indwelling and animating life of the body, the majority of the consciousness of the soul remained outside of and disconnected from the body, the personality and the mind. To a great extent, this "vehicle" of the body/personality, ran primarily on instinctual-bio-computer programs that had been built up over millions and millions of years of evolution.

Let me use an example to help explain this. Most of you have had what are commonly called "spiritual experiences" - moments of a wider consciousness, moments of connection to "something higher". Perhaps you call it your higher self, your soul, the Masters or Angels, your guides or God. For a moment your consciousness was elevated into another level. And then you lost it again. When you were in that consciousness you saw the world differently, you felt differently, and you might have acted differently. You became a different person from who you normally are.

What happened is that for a moment you went beyond the limited consciousness of the human vehicle and touched the plane of the soul and the higher consciousness of the inner world. But for various reasons which we'll look at in a moment, you couldn't hold that full connection for long. You then you fell back into a more normal consciousness, and certainly a more difficult consciousness - full of the normal spectrum of emotions and thoughts - the fears, greed's, insecurities, prejudices, reactions, etc. etc. which normally dominate our lives. Much of this is the instinctual-bio-computer programs of our evolution.

What is happening at this point in the Earth's and our evolution is that the human vehicle has reached a sufficient level of development that more of the full consciousness of the Soul can be present when we are incarnate. This is referred to as the "Fifth Kingdom", because an entirely new consciousness is becoming manifest on the planet. This means new energies, new ways of perception, new energetic states, and on and on. This is a very significant shift. A radical shift. If we look back at the Earth's history, the Earth has evolved four kingdoms. Now the Earth is evolving a fifth. And this fifth kingdom is happening through the human kingdom. In the past the plant kingdom built upon the mineral kingdom. Then the animal kingdom emerged out of the plant kingdom. And the human kingdom emerged out of the animal kingdom. Now the kingdom of souls is emerging out of the human kingdom.

This jump is taking place for the Earth as a whole, and therefore for the entirety of humanity. Though we have always had a few individuals who were able to retain soul consciousness while incarnate -these we've recognized as our great geniuses or the spiritually enlightened - they were a rare exception. The vast majority of people lived in the more limited instinctual-based consciousness. Now, the Earth is taking this step in the evolution of it's consciousness through the human kingdom.
This is called a "Planetary Initiation". A Planetary Initiation is when the Earth as a whole takes a step in its consciousness, a quantum jump in its evolution. The Earth has taken four Initiations in its evolution, and at each Initiation brought form a new kingdom - the mineral, plant, animal and human, and now its ready to take it's fifth Initiation.

As I mentioned previously, Initiation this happens through the human kingdom. That means you and me. Think about that for a moment. In you is happening a vast evolutionary unfoldment. Though we tend to think our spirituality, our personal growth, our issues and challenges are "mine", they are actually the reflection of a vast process at work.

The mechanism through which this happens is via the Antahkarana, the cord that links the soul to the body/personality. The full consciousness of the soul sits in an eight chakra about one foot above the head. It can be visualized as a sphere of bright light above the head. When you look at a new born child this direct connection between the soul and the personality is still relatively intact. That is why you see such wisdom in a new born. You see a soul in such purity looking back at you. But very rapidly, due to three factors: the natural turning on of the instincts as the body comes into action; the dense vibrations that the soul encounters upon birth, and the conditioning process that the soul undergoes through interaction with people and life situations, the Antahkarana becomes smaller and the soul consciousness diminishes. Only a very little consciousness comes through it. What comes through primarily is the life energy.

So this cord has two components - the life cord, and the consciousness cord. In the incarnation and growth process, we 'lose consciousness' and become identified with the body/ personality - with the mind, emotions, instincts and experiences, until we have almost entirely lost contact with soul consciousness. We forget ourselves as souls and come to identify with the body/personality. This is called falling asleep.

But even though the Antahkarana diminishes and our consciousness falls asleep, the cord never disappears. It can be developed and opened. The consciousness of the soul can be re-accessed. That is what any authentic spiritual path is ultimately about. It builds the connection to our soul and a higher force. It builds the Antahkarana.

This process has been always going on for a small number of people. But not the majority. But imagine what would happen when the consciousness cord is built in millions and millions of people. Great numbers of people start waking up to their Soul - they start becoming aware of themselves as non-physical spiritual/energetic entities.

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