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Seeking the Truth
08-23-2011, 10:54 PM,
Rainbow  Seeking the Truth
Seeking the Truth

When people seek the Truth, they most often possess preconceived ideas about what that Truth will look like. They assume, for example, that finding the Truth will make them happy, successful, and healthy. They often believe that Truth will support their ego in its own expression and desire. They may think that Truth exists in order to make their life easier and support their own personal growth, personal empowerment, etc. and assist them in obtaining enlightenment.

But Truth is, by its very nature, not the servant of the ego. Truth does not exist for the purpose of making people happy, successful, or healthy as egos. Truth cannot be circumscribed by the bounds of the personality-consciousness. Truth leads souls back to God, Reality, and Divinity via the dissolution of the ego-self. Truth, therefore, leads souls out of ego-consciousness into a transcendent awareness of non-separation, while the nature of ego-I is separation. Truth seeks to express itself in the world as it calls the prodigal son home.

Many people seek Truth - or what they conceive as Truth - but often do not consider that it will challenge and utlimately tear down and demolish the very things that they seek to achieve by discovering the Truth! People will seek the Truth to make themselves more powerful, to satisfy their personality, but Truth actually neutralizes the power and agendas of the ego. Many people seek Truth to find happiness, but Truth undermines all satisfaction with the personal life. People seek Truth to obtain enlightenment for themselves, but truth ultimately dissolves the ego-self in order that enlightenment may be realized.

In such ways, then, many people imagine that Truth and Love are their servants, but when Truth is found we inevitably become the servant of Truth - a servant of the Divine, a disciple of Christ. People imagine that when they find the Truth it will be possible to turn it to their own ends, to utilize it for their own purposes. But when Truth is found and so known, the realization of it is a continuous process of ego-dissolution and disintegration. For what the individual, separate ego wants and desires is the opposite of Truth. What the ego seeks to accomplish is the opposite of Truth.

Most people would rather be personally happy and safe in their I-ness than know the Truth and so welcome into their lives its ego-dismantling influence. They would rather sit smug in their ignorance than consider the nature of Truth, which for the self-invested ego is always frightening. For Truth in expression means the end of the ego-self, and so consequently Truth also means the end of personal happiness. Truth in expression is the ending of the personal life. For Truth is of Divinity, of God, and of the divine Spirit. To go to Truth is to go to God, and to go to God is to die to the personal nature and leave it behind forever.

This may be too difficult a course for many people to contemplate. They would imagine that they can go to God and obtain enlightenment while retaining many personal tendencies, preferences, desires and habits. Or, at the very least, maintain their individuality together with its goals and dreams. Many people believe that in working hard on themselves they can merit God's favor, God's grace. So while people say they seek the Truth, they continuously have expectations about what Truth is and how it works, which in turn prevents them from actually arriving at a humble rapport with Truth. Yet since Truth does not - nor can ever - meet their personal expectations, it is not recognized as such when it comes Calling; instead a semblance of Truth, a verisimilitude of Reality is sought and cleaved to. People then pass diamonds on the wayside because they see only what they want to see based on their own personal ideas and preferences, they therefore do not always recognize what is really needed upon their journey towards Freedom.

For most people the Truth - when it confronts their personal desires and agendas (which it will always do) - seems quite negative and "unloving". For Truth is a destroyer of the limited and selfish self, but people want to build upon their personal lives. Truth sends the message that the personal life will end, but most people seek only to enclose and protect themselves, or to augment themselves, to grow as a self, and they may use spirituality for this very purpose. Truth reveals the shallowness and falsehood of material living, but people seek to create something new and better in their material life. Truth shows the way to God, but people wish only to live the life of self-gratification, personal security and personal abundance. Truth reveals the inevitability of death, but people wish to prolong and enrich their personal lives. Truth reveals a future of Armageddon, but many people cannot or rather choose not to see past today's news. Truth reveals a dangerous world, but people want only to consider their personal safety.

Thus all genuine Truth is labeled negative in order to protect the self from the inevitable. The ego must die - thus Truth is a murderer, hostile. Our personal goals must be sacrificed for Truth - thus Truth is regarded by most people as unkind. This civilization will not last - thus Truth is seen as a negative outlook on life. The planet and humanity must be purified of error and the temporal comfort it seems to offer - thus Truth is regarded with dread by both the secular and the spiritually-interested masses. In order to know God we must surrender to God - thus Truth denies mankind's highly-valued free will. This world is a temporary construct, as is the ego-self - thus Truth offers no meaning or nurturing to the life of the ego. The 'good' of humanity must be transcended by God's Good - thus Truth opposes the 'good' of mankind. This world is a realm of suffering - thus Truth undoes denial, and reveals unhappiness and pain. In all ways, the meaning of Truth is twisted and distorted by those who would attain it for self.

There are, relative to the human population, exceedingly few friends of Truth in the world today; so few in fact that they can hardly be found on this planet. There are few who can see through the veils and mists of this darkened Earth to see the value and absolute necessity of Truth with regard to their Liberation and true, lasting Happiness. There are few who can accept the Truth as it is without having it diluted, distorted and made more palatable for the ego's tastes and sensitivities. There are many who would prefer to imagine that God is their personal servant and that Truth is their key to personal success.

No one can present the Truth in the world today to mankind at large, as it is, and expect it to be recognized or well-received. For the Truth is regarded as the enemy of self, and people are ruled by self and egoism. In this dark age the whole force of the world opposes Truth. The very substance of the planet is permeated with energies that oppose the liberating light of Truth. The very air that we breathe and the dust under our feet stand in opposition to Truth. All the creations of humanity: the buildings, cars, factories, clothing, farms, churches, schools, etc. radiate energies that shut out the divine Spirit. All these things, which mankind regards as natural or necessary, constitute a dark barrier that shuts out the divine Light and spiritual Illumination. Like a pervasive fog, a thick veil has been thrown over mankind until the eyes not only no longer see the Truth but neither want to, as people habitually regard their own feet rather than lifting their eyes upwards toward the Divine. All the subjective creations of human beings: their feelings and thoughts likewise form a nigh impenetrable obstacle to the recognition of the living Truth. Great thought-clouds of materialism, government, organized religion, selfish spirituality and science ensnare and condition the human mind from infancy and into adulthood, and few are capable of resisting the mesmeric power of the amassed and congealed thought-forms of billions of people and their hidden masters in the subtle realms. It takes a strong mind to resist human culture, and then a still stronger heart to give that mind over to God's Will.

So for the most part people do not really seek Truth. They do not really love the Truth. For people do not want Truth, but rather they fear, loathe, hate and reject the Truth; they would crucify Christ again. Mostly, however, the whispering voice of Truth is simply ignored. People think that maybe if Truth and conscience is ignored, they will just go away. Then they can go about their lives undisturbed by the very disruptive considerations that Truth brings into life.

Truth is not what people seek. People seek lies. This is one of the truths that people find so hard to accept and to see in themselves. For we are not really seeking Truth until we are seeking God, Reality, and Life, which means the death of self. And we cannot really find Truth until we have turned over our life to the guidance of the Spirit within our hearts. For there is no Truth in this world to be found except in the divine Spark in the heart.

Those world-weary souls who cry in pain at being separated from God; those who want release from this world and the body; those who cry out deeply for Liberation - will naturally begin to invite the Truth into their lives, because only then will the divine Spirit know that we are ready and that the time is ripe. Then the doors of Heaven will open, the Light will shine, and the Truth will be able to commence its work of beneficent transmutation and ultimate dissolution of the self, in order to set us free.

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