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The Afterlife Is Real - Science Confirms Life After Death Exists
08-06-2011, 03:30 PM,
Rainbow  The Afterlife Is Real - Science Confirms Life After Death Exists

by J.J. Snyder

A group of British scientists, including two astrophysicists, a thermodynamicist, and other professional researchers, are conducting experiments and solving complex equations that they believe furnish conclusive and irrefutable proof of human survival of bodily death.

Michael Roll, a rationalist and freethinker who heads The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, is unofficial spokesman for the group. He has recently revealed information that could drastically alter humankind's entire belief system regarding continuation of consciousness beyond the grave. Roll, of Bristol, England, a former businessman, is a long-time explorer of paranormal phenomena. He and his colleagues' series of discoveries, involving mathematical equations and physical experiments, when taken together, furnish empirical evidence that makes an extremely strong case for continuing after-death survival of the human psyche.

The group has come to regard that continuation as the functioning of a natural, universal law, the study of which is strictly a branch of chemistry, physics, and mathematics, rather than an article of religious faith.

This scientific approach to a subject which heretofore has been discussed mainly as a function of theology is stirring lively debate, not only in Britain, but worldwide. The assertion that immortality is conferred on humankind through natural law alone, rather than by an all-powerful, monotheistic God, is awakening interest and triggering penetrating questions from the general public, including churchgoers, as they become more fully informed about prospects for continuing existence beyond the transition known as "death."

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08-08-2011, 06:30 AM,
RE: The Afterlife Is Real - Science Confirms Life After Death Exists
more information and harder evidence is needed but this seems to be one of the most important "findings" (or re-finding in my opinion) to have ever graced humanity
08-08-2011, 08:19 AM,
RE: The Afterlife Is Real - Science Confirms Life After Death Exists

Quote:Fully authenticated and documented visits to living family members, friends, and researchers have long proven the reality of these manifestations, but their cause and origin has remained inexplicable in the context of heretofore known laws of physics. However, many of the questions relating to these phenomena have been answered by the British researchers, and ongoing exploration continues.

Laws were made to be broken. Quantum Physics is a strange animal it basically invents it's own math. It's still a theory in of itself so it can't prove anything. But in the days of objectivist science it seems all we need is a consensus among selected experts to purport something as true.

There is something to be discovered and certain factions don't want us to know about it.

My theory is that life leaves an imprint or an echo but that's about as valid as anything these scientists are trying to prove. It would explain the rumoured chronovision project (DARPA?) which could really have it's basis in harvesting, amplifying and bending light and sound to produce a view of days gone past .. in theory. But that's based on reality because if we were a light year away we would be able to see one year into the past and we can bend light. Perhaps "spirits" are nothing more than residual energy patterns of the deceased caught in a echo statement loop.

Then again it may just be a glitch in the program, who knows how much of what we see isn't an illusion with the advent of holography and tactile ultrasound, especially with all the transmitters (wireless, cell phone, radio, HAARP.. and who knows ) in plain site.

The title is misleading but it's worth looking into with multi-dimensional full spectral sensory and even beyond that.

It's great to think out of the box by why jump right into another by projecting the assumption of "ghosts" that is being force fed to us and our children.

This post is now a impersistant recording manifested by human thought moulded by experience, connection, assumptions, the Creative Spirit, language and constructs via 1s and 0s, light, physical hubs, conduits, controlled virtual gateways and harnessed energy.
There are no others, there is only us.

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