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Universal flu vaccine a 'step closer'
08-04-2011, 06:05 PM,
Universal flu vaccine a 'step closer'
Quote:The antibody is the first to neutralise both of the main subgroups of the influenza A virus, which is responsible for a large proportion of seasonal flu outbreaks.

The flu virus’s ability to mutate into new strains very quickly presents a headache for scientists attempting to come up with a protective vaccine.

Patients produce antibodies to attack particular strains, meaning that new vaccines have to be created every year to target the newly evolved subtypes, leading to delays that can cost lives during major outbreaks.

Previous vaccines have used antibodies that attacked several strains from either Group One or Group Two influenza A viruses but not both.

The discovery of the new antibody in a human patient came through a needle-in-a-haystack method in which more than 100,000 white blood cells from eight volunteers were screened.

One donor was found to have an antibody known as FI6, which when injected into mice and ferrets provided protection against viruses from Groups One and Two, a study published in the Science journal reported.

Dr Steve Gambin, one of the researchers from the Medical Research Council National Institute for Medical Research in London, said: "Historically, it has been impossible to predict precisely what kind of flu could develop into an epidemic and, as such, it has been necessary to develop new vaccines each year to tackle the different viruses.

“Our discovery may eventually help to develop a universal vaccine."

Co-author Professor Antonio Lanzavecchia, director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Bellinzona, Switzerland, said: "The high prevalence of seasonal influenza and the unpredictability of new pandemics highlight the need for better treatments that target all influenza viruses.

“As the first and only antibody which targets all known subtypes of the influenza A virus, FI6 represents an important new treatment option and we look forward to taking it through to the next stage of development."
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08-04-2011, 06:47 PM,
RE: Universal flu vaccine a 'step closer'
More bullshit, how the f&@# do they know this?
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