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Just who is Barack Hussein Obama?
03-20-2009, 05:39 PM,
Just who is Barack Hussein Obama?
Quote:March 13, 2009
Just who is Barack Hussein Obama?
America's defender... or destroyer
By Bob Kemp

Millions of people, not limited to just Americans, are asking this question. Who is this man? Where did he come from? And, where is he taking the United States? Too many questions, and not enough answers. Truly the man is a mystery, an enigma. He is a contradiction at multiple levels, and for someone that claims his administration will be one of transparency and accountability, all this make him a paradox.

Obama suddenly burst on the conscience of America less than four years ago, and more recently the world. Before that, he was a little-known state Senator from the Midwest. Prior to that he had worked in Chicago as a local neighborhood organizer, where he caught the attention of questionable people with his ability to speak well, convey an air of confidence, and get things done in the local community.

If you trace his origins back even further, the mysteries surrounding Obama increase dramatically. As you attempt to pull back the veil and peer behind it, you will be met by a complete darkness that seems to have a life of its own. This living darkness guards its secrets very well, muting any attempt to shine light into it.

Obama's birth is where the mystery begins with his determination to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide his birth location, rather than simply produce the document in question. By producing the original, unmolested and unaltered birth certificate, he could, if he is a natural born citizen, in one hour, silence those that question his natural born status and throw dozens of lawsuits out the window. Yet he chooses to ignore the increased attention to this subject, only adding more doubt about who he is and where he came from. We know the governor's office in Hawaii said there is a valid certificate but has rejected every request for access & left the origin of the ambiguous. We also know that the state of Hawaii has issued birth certificates for people that were never born in Hawaii! Where is the transparency? Where is the accountability? Why does his Kenyan grandmother Sara, insist she was present at his birth if she was not? Why has his half-sister Maya Soetoro named two different Hawaii hospitals as Obama's place of birth? Maybe it's because Obama himself is not certain of his birth date. While in Selma, Alabama he claimed that he was born in 1965, not 1961. Oh, the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

What little we do know about Obama only raises more questions about his eligibility to legally and constitutionally serve as President of the United States. He moved around a lot as a child. We know he scarcely knew his biological father, who left him and his mother when Obama was only two years old. After his mother remarried, we know he lived abroad and attended school in Indonesia, a country that requires its students to be citizens of that country, and does not allow dual citizenship. So this raises the possibility that his mother gave up his U.S. citizenship. If she did surrender her son's U.S. citizenship, then to regain it at some point in the future would have meant he would classified as a "naturalized" citizen, not a "natural-born" citizen. We know that if Obama's mother had surrendered his U.S. citizenship that she would not have been able to comply with federal law to regain his U.S. citizenship because she herself was too young.

We know that in 1981 Obama traveled to Indonesia, Pakistan, Southern India and Kenya in. Obama stated he went to Indonesia to visit his mother. But his mother returned to Hawaii in 1980 to divorce Obama's step-father! Did she return to Indonesia after receiving the divorce from Lolo Soetoro? There is no record that she did. We know there is no record of a passport having been issued for Obama prior to the one he received after becoming a U.S. Senator. We know that in 1981, Pakistan was in turmoil and under martial law. The U.S. State Department had also placed a ban on travel to Pakistan for U.S. Citizen's. Did Obama illegally travel to Pakistan in 1981 as a U.S. citizen, or did he travel there under a passport issued to him from Indonesia?

Obama wants to unify America, yet he was the MOST liberal of the 100 U.S. Senators as rated by National Journal. His uncompromising stand on abortion makes it impossible for anyone that is pro-life to reach common ground with him on the issue. To be a Christian and believe in the sanctity of life, yet at the same time to not only support Roe v. Wade, but issue Executive Orders to fund abortion overseas with tax payer money and continue to push the Freedom of Choice Act makes Obama a confusing paradox. So I question his Christianity. The God of the Bible always chooses life over death, and is very specific about protecting those unable to protect themselves, the very young, and the aged. Obama's socialistic views on government and the rights of the people will continue to be a source of contention between him and conservatives. The only compromise he seems to be capable of to date is the compromise others must make toward his policies. On these and many other issues his attitude is more akin to arrogant master of the people rather than humble servant of the people. Proverbs 15:25 tells us, "The Lord tears down the proud man's house," and Proverbs 16:18 tells us "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. "

Obama has stated that he is a Professor of Law and a Constitutional lawyer. Yet, we know that he was actually a Senior Lecturer on leave. Where does his confusion come from? Obama seems confused also on his own voting record. He just can't seem to remember exactly how he voted as a Senator from Illinois on a number of issues. He seems confused on passing 900 bills as a State Senator. He actually passed 26, and most of those he did not write himself, but were written by a fellow Senator to assist Obama in a bid for higher office. Do we truly know who Obama is? Do we see and hear the real Obama, or the Obama he wants us to see and hear? Does he provide transparency and accountability, or just talk a good talk?

© Bob Kemp

Read the rest here:

I thought this was a good read.:)

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