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An Unfamiliar Cosmic Being Is Not An Enemy To Be Feared
07-31-2011, 03:21 PM,
Rainbow  An Unfamiliar Cosmic Being Is Not An Enemy To Be Feared
An Unfamiliar Cosmic Being Is Not An Enemy To Be Feared

by Rudra Chakrin

At the present moment of Time of the ignorant, angry and suffering human beings of the deteriorating planet Earth, they can only act in accord with their actual present nature, which includes not wanting to face what their nature is really like. If you are beginning to awaken and transcend the familiar judgment patterns in your brain, it is freeing your consciousness to be less afraid or disdainful to anyone or anything who or that obviously has a lot of energy and knowledge that are unknown in your particular Reality Model. When you are disturbed by someone or something beyond your spiritual, intellectual or emotional boundaries, you should understand that it is a learning situation for you and others. Then you will drop all hopeful, fearful and angry expectations, which are emotional nonsense.

Try to see that you, like most people, have an enclosed, rather blocked consciousness and a fragmented will that you should stop trying to parade to other people as an open viewpoint or an integrated purpose in life. You cannot develop a truly open, learning consciousness or a free and integrated will as long as you continue to pretend to yourself and others that you already possess such qualities. You are filled with all sorts of hidden prejudices and stupid assumptions! Your sense of spiritual, evolutionary direction is actually a confused mess with all sorts of oscillating changes of mind. Face the fact that your opinions of various outstanding spiritual figures and issues tend to go up and down as you are whirled around and around by various supposedly authoritative figures who contradict one another and compete for your attention and commitment.

Remember that you are living in a world of cruel political, religious and esoteric “authorities” who would like it if they can drive you to feelings of extreme helplessness, anger and even violence in the face of their nasty, sick, irrational, inhuman, uncaring, cold-blooded and cruel behavior. When you emotionally react with upset reaction and hatred toward them, you are only showing your inner weakness and wrongly attributing power to their false authority and their actual hidden weakness, confusion and fear of being exposed for what they really are. Do not concentrate on any authority who makes you anxious, afraid or angry. Pay your valuable attention only to those who enlighten you in some way, giving new knowledge or new energy.

By all means acquire all the necessary missing spiritual, evolutionary and cosmic knowledge — Spare no expense. Once the necessary knowledge and understanding are gathered in both your library and your heart, use it to go on to an act of breakthrough self-transcendence where you go totally beyond your usual emotional self and its tired and stupid problems and useless considerations. This means you will learn to be as aware of your faulty mental processes about your spiritual progress as you are aware of being physically horny, hungry, sleepy or suffering from the flu or pollution aches from poisons in your system. Without personal self-awareness you cannot possibly make the right decisions about your way of life or your prospects for a great miraculous outcome with some advanced being or far-out situation.

Real, cosmic understanding and sense of direction break through in yourself as soon as you stop blocking them off with your habitual activities and impulsive emotional thoughts. For starters, stop calling your habits and routine activities your “spiritual direction of your free will” and your impulsive emotional thoughts and judgments your “intuition and understanding”.

Never assume that the “Spiritual Scene” that is presently appearing to you on the Web or elsewhere is “all there is” and that you must try to choose something from that pattern your brain is encompassing. You do not see the real and total pattern of what is going on about human evolution. You do not know the Divine Plan or where you might fit into it. You do not know and cannot harmonize with the Universe in your present emotionally disturbed mentality and personal ego. When will you awaken to the obvious truth of the limitations of your consciousness?

Do you want to somehow talk to This Avatar personally someday, somehow? And to prepare such a possibility, would you like to hear My Divine Voice of Guidance within your Innermost Heart? These things are impossible if you do not learn to search and live rightly from within your own Real Self but just continue to search superficially and live wrongly from the hundreds of wrong instructions, suggestions and social pressures of neurotic people of ordinary society, associates and relatives — none of whom are competent in making their own life really work, let alone yours. And surely you must see that all the so-called “spiritual” chat forums on the Web are nothing but mutual pretence, witty seduction and a total waste of time. If you imagine you have a connection with a truly wise or advanced person there, you are utterly lost. That person is a neurotic, pretentious asshole. Wake up and get out of it! Encourage that person (and others like them) to confess to you what they really want and you might occasionally get to hear and endure the horrible, confused nonsense that actually goes on inside them about what they imagine they want or could somehow accomplish. In their self-importance, they imagine their confusion is some sort of “enlightened contemplation of alternatives”. People chat and try to influence and impress others with their bullshit because they have attention problems. Social, emotional needs to get attention or give it are what they are, not significant or promising “spiritual” transactions.

Try to understand that you are at a crossroads where there is nothing more important or practical for yourself or your life than actually hearing real inner truth when it comes to you.

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