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Evil is limited, Good is limitless
07-27-2011, 11:40 PM,
Rainbow  Evil is limited, Good is limitless
Evil is limited, Good is limitless

Improvised conference
given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in 1968

The problem of the personality and the individuality is one that lasts all our life... not only this lifetime but all our earthly incarnations. We often beleive we are being inspired from above when it is really only the personality trying to lure us into trouble. The individuality does its best to warn us of the consequences of listening to the personality, the inevitable consequences, but we prefer not to hear. That is the reason we should learn to observe ourselves all the time, ceaselessly inspecting each idea, each desire and impulse that occurs to us in order to determine their nature and the nature of the consequences entailed. Unfortunately most people prefer to let themselves go along with the personality instead of avoiding its advice, with the result that sooner or later they suffer, sooner or later they are faced with remorse and disillusionment. If you could see into people's hearts and hear their confessions, as I do, you would be appalled. I often am. The things I hear make me realize how ignorant most human beings are concerning their two natures and the respective manifestations of each.

A man thinks for instance, that he is the one to benefit when he satisfies his lower desires, but it is not so. It is other entities, whichever ones he has chosen to work for who benefit, but he does not see this until later, too late, when he has lost all his joy, his strength, his inspiration. The time comes when he realizes that he has spent his whole life working not for himself but for the personality and its friends, myriad invisible entities that surroung him without his knowing it, feeding on him as he gratifies their wishes. Then also comes the realization that he has left the immortal part of his being, his higher Self, to starve to death. Many entities feast on humans, too many to describe here. We have inherited them along with other things from the past and we drag them around with us as generations have done before us. If we could only see these entities, we would stop letting them take advantage of us and start working for beneficient creatures, the ones who would, on the contrary, increase our wealth and power, our real heritage.

Anyone who learns to observe himself discovers that after giving in to his desires, he feels robbed of all strength, lucidity, peace of mind... proving that others, not we, are the ones to benefit from our lower actions. If we were clairvoyant we would see millions and millions of entities who use us as they will, robbing us of our energy. I met a writer once who had an exaggerated idea of his importance as a result of having had a novel published, and I touched on this question of man and his two natures, divine and animal. When he heard me say that creatures in the invisible world treat humans the way humans have always treated animals, he became highly indigant; “What nonsense!” he cried, “I don't beleive a word of it”. I stared at him thinking that for a writer of note he was not terribly perspicacious, for what I had said was true. Men consider it perfectly normal to make slaves of animals, to skin them and sell their furs, kill them and sell their meat, without asking the animal's opinion! If they did, animals would have a lot to say on the subject of human cruelty and injustice. Is it then so incredible for other creatures to treat us the same way? Is it not logical? We are thrown a scrap to eat, we are used to labour in the fields, and in the end we are cut up into ham and sausages for supper! If we could see into the invisible world we would realize that all the nations, peoples and tribes of the world's history are represented, some of whom have little or no regard for humans and use them as we use animals... they drive them too hard, they sell them and skin them and kill them and devour them. This will one day be a recognized fact... in the meanwhile you have the privilege of being the first to know.

Now do you see how important it is to observe yourself, to analyze your thoughts, desires, hopes and plans for the future, inspecting them as a jeweller sorts out the gems tha are flawless from those of no value? When it comes to things like food, clothing, objets d'art, fruit or plants or flowers, men know a great deal about the different degrees of quality, and they admire qualities in people and things which are superior, they make a point of distinguishing between superior and inferior. It is not that some people prefer poverty to wealth, ugly women to pretty ones, rags to finery, no, what I am saying is that the Initiates base their knowledge on observation and they all agree that superior degrees, higher worlds exist, and that there is no limit to good, to excellence, we can always go higher. You cannot say about someone's intelligence, “Ah, he has reached the height of intelligence, he is wisest”, for there is no limit to wisdom or beauty, or goodness, or love. They are limitless and can be increased, augmented and perfected all the way to Infinity.

What about the opposite, things such as illness, misery, ugliness? Are inferior things also limitless and capable of expanding all the way to Infinity? No, there is a limit to evil, proven in physics by the fact that heat rises from 0 degrees celsius, to infinity, whereas cold cannot go lower than 273 degrees celsius below. The frozen particles block each other and pile up; when movement stops, the limit has been reached. Heat does the contrary, it dilates and expands the body, stirs the particles into movement and pushes back the limits of space. Space is infinite, it cannot be limited. We beleive ourselves limited because we have never tried to go beyond our own experience, we think we are limited in space but we are wrong: above there is no limit.

That is what led me to the conclusion that evil is limited in both time and space. God did not intend evil to endure. He did not endow it with lasting power as He did good: the power of good is unlimited. That is the difference between good and evil, the only real difference. People beleive them to be equally strong but they are not. The forces of Hell are not equal to the forces of Heaven. Therefore, in electing to go toward the positive pole, you enter into the realm of unlimited time and space, Infinity and Eternity, God Himself.

Morally therefore, we could say that those who choose the downward path, the personality and its weaknesses, disorder and chaos, are in fact choosing death and destruction. Little by little they are forced to disappear, they die because they are too tightly jammed together where there is no room: at the bottom of the inverted cone... where they can neither move nor breathe. The way of individuality, the ascending path, gives them more and more freedom as they climb into the vast regions of space. All truly intelligent people choose that path, in order to avoid colliding with others and creating situations in which they are wounded and wound others. The alternative is to climb high into unlimited space and... freedom. The path leading downward limits one more and more until there is no alternative to destroying one another in the fight for space which is so vital.

If you try living for a day or two in complete chaos, you will see that one by one all your luminous, positive and beneficient forces leave you, while other, negative presences take their place: you find yourself in the dark, weighed down, uninspired and rigid. When you feel that way, you can be sure (it is a warning) that the space around you is shrinking.

You know what it is like to be caught in a crowd in the street, the theatre, the underground, you feel trapped, afraid of suffocating to death... and when at last you emerge onto the street, you heave a sigh of relief at being able to breathe freely again. Well, the same thing happens in the spiritual world. It is strange that these experiences are common to all of us yet we never seem to learn from them, nor act upon them. If you have a feeling you are trapped, pushed in a corner, you must say to yourself immediatly, “Oh! I must have taken a wrong turning, I have lost my way! Now I will do everything to get back on the right path...” We all become lost now and then for a few hours... or days, or years... yes, everyone. But how many realize that this language can be interpreted and interpreted correctly? The language itself is clear but you there has been no one to explain it to you, parents and professors do not give instruction of that kind. In the Teaching of the Great Universal White Brotherhood, you are shown the Truth in order to help you to create your future, the future you have decided upon. Analyze yourself: how often do you feel (not by chance) that, although you may not be trapped in a crowd physically, you may be in your own room at the time, and yet you are assailed by some unknown force that tourments you, something dark and strange that tries to crush you and rob you of your strength. It is because you have let yourself slide downward, backward, and now you must get back on the right track.

If we are so ignorant as to be deaf to all warnings, if we are blind to our situation, it will get worse: as in quicksand, the more we try to extricate ourselves by struggling the more firmly we become embedded: our feet find no firm ground. Do you find yourself in a swamp infested with mosquitos and hornets and other tormentors? How can you expect them not to sting and bit, you are on their territory! You shouldn't be in those regions anyway, why did you wander so far afield? Those creatures have every right to resent your presence, it is their kingdom and they belong there, whereas you do not. You have taken a wrong turning. Now you must get back on the right path by obeying the laws of Nature and then the things that torment you, your difficulties and disillusionment, will vanish... or at least become insignificant enough to be handled with ease.

So many more things to say on the subject of the personality, but the most important of all is to remember that the personality is closely linked to the creatures of the underground. Although other creatures exist in those regions also who are devoted workers, devas, most inhabitants of the lower world are not very far along in their evolution, still in the dark, still egoistical and obediant to personality. Whoever listens to the advice of the personality is vulnerale to the pernicious influence of these creatures, and in time becomes bound and limited... in chains.

I would like to add at this point that it is not necessary to get rid of the personality completely, to annihilate it... no, that is not the way to be free of it. The personality is there for an important reason: it provides the matter we must have to do the task we are called upon to perform, here on earth. Like a rich old granny who holds the puse strings, the personality has a store of treasures, a fortune in the bank, but it cannot be trusted as far as it is concerned, it is too short-sighted, too self-centered, too selfish... but if you put it to work at what it does well, then it will accomplish wonders for you, as no one else can. It holds the key to the safe, to the larder, the cupboards, and you must not kill it! It will be useful to you if you make it listen to you, if you control it, rathen than the contrary. People think they are masters of themselves when actually it is the personality which is in control of them! I see that situation so often that I have made a study of it at first hand... where do you think I learn these things I talk to you about if not by analyzing myself, oberving myself? I notice the smallest details. It is not essential actually to experience things, to run the risk of losing oneself in order to study the effect of certain experiences. Why do people rush to investigate all that is dangerous, negative, corrupt and immoral, instead of examinating them from a distance without becoming involved and damaging themselves? You needn't be a victim to understand something and draw conclusions! People, especially young people, insist on experimenting everything to the very bottom, the depths, not once but a hundred times, totally oblivious of the fact that they are exhausting their ressources and will have nothing left when they are called upon to undergo higher experiences. If you think you can decide to turn to the light and learn about the luminous celestial spheres and taste the splendours of spiritual life after wallowing in filth all your life, you are mistaken. If you have used all your ressources you will not have the slightest chance of rising above the conditions you yourself have created.

Once you have wasted all your energies on experiments in the lower world you cannot expect to be allowed to have divine experiences in the higher world. To think you are free to do as you like once you are morally bankrupt, shows how little you know of the Science of Life. Without the essential purity and freshness, energy and suppleness and intensity, you cannot open the door to Heaven. You think that even when you are dirty and corrupt Heaven will open its doors to you? How ignorant are you! No one ever has, only those few who barely skimmed throught the lower world, refusing to sink into the mire, and who climbed back up as soon as they could to make amends for their mistakes and re-establish the vital current between them and the divine world, are able to have divine experiences. If what you want is the lower kind of experiences, then I say, “Go ahead! But I will be curious to see the results, what you will do afterwards.” Nothing, that is all that will be left for you, it will be all over as far as you are concerned.

Good cannot be limited, good is limitless, which is why I think one of the best definitions of God is, “Wherever there are no limits, where Infinity and Eternity and Immortality exist, that is where God is.” Nothing that is limited by time and space is God, nor can it represent Him. Like heat, good has no limit to how far it can rise, millions and millions of degrees, who knows how far. Last year at the World Fair in Montreal I saw the most extraordinary instrument in the Russian Pavilion designed to heat chemical and organic matter (and also plasma) to many millions of degrees.

If scientists had a correct vision of things they would see that Nature long ago established a scale of values with higher and lower qualities, which proves that there are two possible directions for all things to go in, one which is limitless and goes on all the way to Infinity and another which is evil and is limited. If you have never come to any conclusion concerning heat and cold it is because you do not know how to read Nature's Book, you don't understand her language.

Everything in the world below is a reflection of something in the world above. If you reason properly... yes, but your brain cannot reason properly, it is warped and destroyed by what you have learned, the habits you have aquired and inherited from your family, from the world, from the education you were given. It is the same for me, except that I have been working for a long time to get rid of all the old distorded ways and, if you do the same and drop old ways in favour of new ones, you will then see things as I do and make the same discoveries. You cannot deny the truth of these things I reveal to you every day, for they have existed since the beginning of time. People do not realize they exist because they are deformed by present-day culture. We must, therefore, either become detached from it or else resign ourselves to going through an entire lifetime without making any discoveries at all. As for me, I swim in the great truths I have discovered and which I cannot yet reveal to you, for until you have detached yourself from all the false concepts youn inherited you will be able neither to understand nor accept them.

Imagine if you will a piece of paper on which there are two drawings, one sketched in red ink and one in green ink. You are handed a pair of glasses with which to examine them. If the glasses are red, you will not be able to perceive the red drawing, because red on red does not show up... and you will see only the green drawing which may be quite ordinary, even ugly. Now someone hands you spectacles that are green, and you are able to perceive the red drawing... whereupon you cry, ”Well, but that is not the way it's always been... I am not used to this!” It has always been “that way”, but the spectacles you were given to wear kept you from seeing the reality. For instance, when you look at Nature, the stars, trees, mountains and so on, what you see is an outline, is it not? Well, there is another outline behind the one you see. The spectacles I am offering you will permit you to see the second outline and more besides. What if you think you will no longer see the outline you are used to... so much the better, you have seen enough of that one. Nature has drawn two outlines, and it is up to you to find the hidden one. (actually there are many more then two, but let us say two for the sake of clarity).

Is this clear? Once you know there are two directions within you, you will try to avoid taking the path that leads downward, for it ends in a cul-de-sac, a dead-end, comparable to absolute zero (which in fact has never been attained) where all the molecules become completely immobilized. But if you follow the upward path you will have access to the Infinite – and what treasures you will find along the whole length of that path!

For the most part men live in slow motion: they make sure they have a source of livelihood, they start a family, and that is enough for them, they sit back, contended. But it is very little! When someone disturbs their complacency with new ideas (such as these), all they find to say is, “This fellow is a real nuisance! We are fine as we are, let him mind his own business!” Yes, men are accustomed to their way of life and have been for centuries... and I come along to bother them, stirring them up and trying to inculcate new ideas into their lives, hoping to make them a little discontended with what they have! No wonder they object, no wonder they are dismayed, even the brothers and sisters don't like to be hastled and disturbed! I cannot help it. This is my mission, given to me to carry out no matter what, whether it pleases people or not. My purpose, my duty is not to leave you alone! And what you complain about so bitterly makes the divine world rejoice, they applaud when they see my efforts! I understand that you do not appreciate my methods, but nevertheless the world above finds them salutary as fair as your evolution is concerned.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
The Bonfin, France, September 3, 1968
The Key to the problems of existence, Complete Works, © Prosveta Editions

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