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Asian vs Western Military Propaganda Used to Indoctrinate Children into War
07-27-2011, 05:21 AM,
Information  Asian vs Western Military Propaganda Used to Indoctrinate Children into War
The video game industry along with movies have done quite a job of moulding the current generation with games like Call of Duty: Black Ops (best selling game of all time) but let's see what is happening on the other side of the globe.

The resurgence of GI Joe and the likes are coupled with conflict / fight for freedom against the evil doers all over almost in lock step. Toy guns have been around for a long time but before it was framed as Cowboys vs Indians and not nearly as popular. War culture has gotten more authentic and children's marketing hijacks. Check the the influx of war video games and the new Nerf weapon arsenal search YouTube for Nerf and you'll see the explosion in the popularity.

Check the homepage and see for yourself.

Nerf Website

Quote:Military Weaponry for Kindergarten Kids popular in China

.. we’re on the topic of Military Weaponry for Kids, let’s explore that book, shall we? Here’s what the book’s cover looks like:


The big name on the front is 画童学画, which could be cleverly “translated” as “Draw Child Study Draw.” Here’s what a few of the pages look like.

Each page basically does three things: (1) teaches the kid how to draw something across the top, (2) using pinyin, teaches the kid how to say the name of the object in the middle, and (3) gives the kid practice writing the character at the bottom.

Some observations:

1. The characters offered for writing practice in the book are at a kindergarten level, but the weaponry vocabulary is at a much, much higher level. (I don’t even know the names of some of those guns in English. Clearly I come from a totally un-war-like culture. Ahem.)

2. The part at the top that “teaches drawing” isn’t helpful. I used plenty of those “learn how to draw” books growing up, and this one just sucks.

3. Hey, this book is pretty useful for someone like me to learn weaponry vocab. Among the Chinese vocabulary taught in the book are: machine gun, heavy machine gun, handgun, rifle, semi-automatic rifle, uzi, revolver, hand grenade, flame thrower, rocket launcher, smoke grenades, tank, aircraft carrier, bomber plane, fighter jet, guided missile, stealth bomber… and more.

4. One of the guns is called a 来福枪 (lit. “come luck gun”). Hehe. Wenlin says it means “rifle” (a kind of transliteration) but it looks more like a shotgun to me.

5. Oh, right, I almost forgot: why do little Chinese kids need to be learning this stuff??

This kind of children’s book is not very uncommon; you can find similar books in almost any bookstore in China.
There are no others, there is only us.

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