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Baby death spike in W. Canada blamed on parents not radiation
07-07-2011, 09:43 PM,
Baby death spike in W. Canada blamed on parents not radiation
Baby death spike in W. Canada blamed on parents not radiation
Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner, 6 July 2011

Post Fukushima reproductive failure: Sudden Death Syndrome or Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome? Sleeping with babies or radioactive iodine?

British Columbia Coroner's Service will continue investigating this year's spike in infant deaths, 21 in B.C. so far, while there were 16 sudden infant deaths for all of 2010, Lisa Lapointe said Tuesday, telling parents that sleeping with babies puts the baby at risk according to CBC Canada.

“We know there’s been a spike in the first six months and we know it’s related to unsafe sleep practices. Why so many of those [deaths] have come up this year, we don’t know," said Lapointe, B.C.’s chief coroner.

The noted Dr. William Sears has reported on research indicating the direct opposite of what Lapointe espoused. He points to Mothering magazine that published a study report by an independent researcher who examined CPSC's data and concluded that that sleeping with baby is actually safer than not sleeping with baby.

Dr. Sears, or Dr. Bill as his "little patients" call him, is father of eight children and author of over 30 books on childcare. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine.

"Until a legitimate survey is done to determine how many babies sleep with their parents, and this is factored into the rate of SIDS in a bed versus a crib, it is unwarranted to state that sleeping in a crib is safer than a bed," says Dr. Sears.

Dr. Dave DeSante, founder of the Institute for Bird Population in Point Reyes, California has explained scientific findings on the relationship between Fukushima fallout on the U.S. West Coast. (See Youtube "FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT - Lessons from Chernobyl" on page left.)

Author of the new book, "Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome,"Dr. Mark Sircus, on his "Wisdom and Warning" website,, has referred to research and analysis of Dr. DeSante. (Also see: "Prestigious doctor: US nuclear 'Baby valley of death,' Millions to die (video)," Dupré, D.)

"In Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome are chapters talking about how the very young, those under one year old including unborn and newborn babies who seem to be dying at faster rates on both the east and west coasts of America—starting immediately after a radiation plume came across the Pacific soon after the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima occurred," states Dr. Sircus.

After Chernobyl's radioactive cloud over the U.S. West Coast spring of 1986, Dr. DeSante's research uncovered severe die-off of young birds. Later, researchers Gould and Goldman duplicated Dr. DeSante's results using human mortality data from both U..S. and Germany. They found that the "young, the old, and those with weak immune systems were the main casualties.

An "astounding" estimate of over 40,000 in all were found by Gould and Goldman according to Dr. DeSante. His findings included a 63-64% decrease in all bird species during the period that Chernobyl iodine fell in the United States.

The thyroid is where iodine concentrates, the same applying to cows and thus, cow milk, the reason milk is used to measure the amount of radiation a given area is receiving.

In mid-March of 2011, as Japan's Fukushima nuclear energy catastrophe deepens by the day, scientific predictions of fallout again crossing the Pacific are being made. In an in depth interview, Dr, DeSante explained to EON producers Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle his findings and their implications for today in the Fukushima aftermath.

"The fear of radioactive contamination is rising in Japan and eventually people in Canada, the United States and Europe will tremble for there is no end in sight to the nuclear catastrophe," Dr. Sircus states.

Related to depopulation, Dr. DeSante states, "In a simplistic sense, if more than 875 million warblers die, populations will decline."
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07-08-2011, 01:21 AM,
RE: Baby death spike in W. Canada blamed on parents not radiation
Could be raiation or vaccinations or a combination of effects.
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