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Jesse Ventura Rips Alex Jones A New One For Gatekeeping Judy Wood & DEW - IMG INT
11-17-2012, 03:36 AM,
RE: Jesse Ventura Rips Alex Jones A New One For Gatekeeping Judy Wood & DEW - IMG INT
(11-16-2012, 12:52 AM)R.R Wrote:
Negentropic Wrote:Ventura just ripped David Icke a new one too, discovering and exposing that Icke makes 2 million dollars a year !! I think Icke just turned around and walked out the room when he was confronted with that. Which audio did I hear that on ?

Does someone have that video of Ventura confronting Icke ?

I knew that tosser was raking it in. Has anyone got a link to these claims by Ventura or any further info?

What would be funny is if Icke's name comes up in the Savile investigations regarding former BBC employees....

On second thought, I don't really care about Icke raking it in and this whole show was probably set up like a wrestling match between Icke and Ventura to promote each other.

Icke forums has a 300 page thread on all aspects of the holohoax. Alex Jones & Ventura wouldn't touch that topic with a ten foot pole.

That puts him head and shoulders above those two shills even if he himself has not declared himself on the side of the obvious facts.

If Icke had been infiltrated by 23 Jew advertisers like AJ, there is no way he would have been allowed to let his forum have a 300 page holohoax debate.

Same thing with the real No Planes / Media Fakery research as opposed to the Judy Wood disinfo which Sasquatch Rense does not allow either though Sasquatch Rense does link to tons of holohoax articles. Icke forums allows all of that.

So that puts Icke above Sasquatch Rense also, the fact that his forums are so much freer and allow these taboo topics, even if Icke himself has not declared himself a holycost revisionist nor a No-Planer.

The reptilian stuff he probably just got from the movie "They Live."

Making all that money ? Well, he's a rock star of the conspiracy movement so what do you expect ?

He'll still have to work 10 years to make the 20 million a year that complete douchebag Howard Stern makes on satellite radio, so I really don't begrudge him his money.

The fact that they can ridicule him is just his insurance policy.

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