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Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
07-05-2011, 02:04 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-16-2012, 01:47 AM by Negentropic.)
Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
EDIT: I deleted a ridiculously oversized photo. -- yeti

[Image: jamescorbettsmall2.jpg]

[Image: AdrianSalmundo625.jpg]

Corbett appears on the Alex Jones show as a regular guest. Salbuchi was also a semi-regular guest on Alex Jones but was unceremoniously banned (his phone calls and e-mails to come back on the show were no longer returned) when he started expressing a strong anti-Zionist position and when it became known that he was a good friend of Bishop Richard Williamson, the unrepentant Holycost Revisionist (god help us all !! ) and thought criminal who uttered these unspeakable blasphemies:

Quote: "Bishop Williamson, who has said that the Vatican is controlled by Satan and that the Jews are bent on world domination, reiterated in a broadcast last week on Swedish television that the historical evidence was “hugely against six million having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler. I believe there were no gas chambers”.

He added: “I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps, but none of them by gas chambers.”

Dismay as Pope welcomes back Holocaust bishop Richard Williamson

Corbett might seem like a well-informed dude, but unfortunately he is also the brainwashed dweeb who uttered this pile of utter batshit just two years ago:

Quote: How does it make you feel that the ID cards in Japan are going to contain track and trace chips for overseas visitors, given what you know about the ultimate goals of the controllers?
“It is absolutely horrifying, but I don’t know if that quite captures it. I was just doing some research today going over Edwin Black’s book, IBM and The Holocaust, and going over those connections, about how the holocaust really was automated through the use of census and punch cards, and how that tied in with census cards that people for example in occupied Poland had to carry around with them on penalty of execution if they didn’t have the census forms with them, and knowing that this deep, rich vein of history of tyrants always seeking to try to control people and using these instruments of cataloguing and tracking and tracing people as ways to basically implement the final solution, I guess the only word that strikes me is horrifying, but I don’t think that captures the reality of the situation.”

Let's hope that in the past two years Mr. Corbett has de-conditioned himself enough from being 'horrified' into retarded non-sequitur conclusions based on flimsy speculation to attempt some modicum of real research by consulting the David Cole Auschwitz video, David Irving's books based on original source documents, Alfred Butz, Robert Faurisson's writings, Fred Leuchter's and Germar Rudolf's chemical evidence or even KONEV'S well-read and extensively researched posts right here on Concen:

Adrian Salbuchi on the Corbett Report 06/02/2011

Some of the topics discussed

Is Salbuchi a National Socialist or Nazi?

How dare Salbuchi favorite a You Tube channel with a swastika logo as avatar that has actual, unaltered, unedited policy speeches from the third Reich in the original German, translated correctly?

How dare Salbuchi admire the works of Miguel Serrano who wrote a book called "Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar"

Why Corbett is anti-Nazi & anti-Communist to the core but not Anti-Churchill

Why Corbett's reading of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" did not make him a Nazi

Why the truth about what really happened in World War II is of PRIME importance

Why the Nazi flag is no more a symbol to jump to pre-conditioned conclusions about than the Israeli or American flag.

Why have government at all and why Corbett leans towards Anarchism

Salbuchi talks about the virtues of the Peron government and its illegal ousting by military coup supported by the U.S. and Britain

Why personal sovereignty is the first step towards freedom.

Adrian Salbuchi on the Corbett Report 05/04/2011

Some of the topics discussed:

Why it's important to first understand how 'the model' works

How Argentinian public institutions were hi-jacked by seen and unseen forces

Why it's important to understand exactly what it is the power elites want us to do and then do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE

The Five Pillars of the Second Republic movement.

Rejecting the debt-based economic system as totally fraudulent

Recovering our Republican institutions

Why no democracy at all is just as good as 'the best democracy money can buy."

How the system that we've been placed into has been carefully crafted over generations

How the Soviet Union was brought into being by Wall Street Bankers who gained and profited from the 'Bipolar World."

How the political elites always fund the opposition in order to co-opt and discredit all so-called opposition movements or lead them into unproductive solutions

Why one of the main premises of Psychological warfare is to make the enemy (us) think that they are much stronger than they really are and that we are much weaker than we really are

Why critical mass is always achieved merely by people of a certain quality and never quantity. Relatively small groups of people have achieved all great things in history

Adrian Salbuchi on the Corbett Report 12/30/2011

Some of the topics discussed

How the media has de-cultured people in Argentina and elsewhere

The 5 pillars of the Second Republic Project with G. Edward Griffin

The Second Republic Project as a template for an internet nation starting with personal sovereignty based on 9 noble virtues

Why local culture should always have an inkling for the transcendental

How finance destroys the economy, the economy pays kickbacks to all politicians, politicians destroy culture & culture is so totally destroyed that it has no need, no intuition for the transcendental

Salbuchi talks about having suffered through 3 complete financial collapses in Argentina including a hyperinflation

How the Argentine military openly bombed their own country in order to restore 'the best democracy that money can buy'

Adrian Salbuchi Audio Archives on American Freedom Radio

[Image: Adrian-Salbuchi-150.jpg]
07-08-2011, 08:27 AM,
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
I 'lean towards anarchism' too. Not the black masked Chomsky worshiping kind of anarchism, that's just a different form of communism than Marxism, but individualist anarchism. Government is violence, it operates through violence. They force their 'services' and 'protection' on us and coerce us to pay taxes to them or else they'll imprison/kill us just like the mafia does. Dress it up however you want, that's what it is. Look at Waco and Ruby Ridge, that's government.
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RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Adrian Salbuchi on Red Ice Radio - Zionism & Multiculturalism - July 5, 2011

[Image: 0.jpg]

The Stark Truth: Adrian Salbuchi on Debt and Sovereignty
May 18, 2011

Robert interviews Adrian Salbuchi. Topics include:

Adrian’s project, the Second Republic and his new talk show;

Failures of capitalism and socialism; Third Positionist economic alternatives;

Liberating ourselves from debt, both public and private—ending the financial interest control of the economy by instituting public debt-free money;

Parasitic v. productive economics;

Restoring sovereignty, restoring traditional cultures, and fighting globalist media influence;

Bin Laden’s reported death and the situation in the Middle East.

The Stark Truth: Interview with Adrian Salbuchi
December 1, 2010

Robert interviews Adrian Salbuchi. Topics include:
• The current global economic system and the supranational financial oligarchy;
• The economic history of Latin America;
• The Argentine economic crisis and how it relates to the current US situation;
• Economic alternatives other than capitalism & communism;
• Politics and culture.

[Image: 81tphymm8lL.png]

Deanna Spingola and Adrian Salbuchi - The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope - June 23, 2011:
07-25-2011, 08:18 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-16-2012, 02:01 AM by Negentropic.)
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Quote:I 'lean towards anarchism' too. Not the black masked Chomsky worshiping kind of anarchism, that's just a different form of communism than Marxism, but individualist anarchism. Government is violence, it operates through violence. They force their 'services' and 'protection' on us and coerce us to pay taxes to them or else they'll imprison/kill us just like the mafia does. Dress it up however you want, that's what it is. Look at Waco and Ruby Ridge, that's government.

Yup, I agree. I've been a Libertarian ever since I first read Rothbard's "For A New Liberty" back in the early 90s. I still think it's one of the greatest books ever written. There are only 2 ways out of the current predicament and the patient cannot be saved without surgery as Ezra Pound stated way back when: the collectivist self-defense surgical knife of Fascism and National Socialism ( succeeded for 6 years prior to WWII in Germany & 17 years in Italy & yes, both countries, allowed plenty of individualism after they had got rid of the cirminals, but not the rotten, degenerate, anything-goes kind where 'the plague of Marxism would have the culture to spread its germs' as Hitler wrote) or individualistic hardcore, no-compromise non-pussified, non-gate-keeping surgical knife of libertarianism, an improved and fool-proof version of the Andrew Jackson revolution of the 19th century (succeeded for about 25 years prior to Lincoln, the civil war and the income tax) . Rothbard's system is that system and it's logically fool-proof if advocated without compromise. Unfortunately there are lots of people who will never accept any system put forward by Jewish economists like Von Mises and Rothbard no matter how logical and intelligent they are and no matter if they're basically a modern improvement and rape-proofing of Adam Smith and the Classical Liberals of the 19th century. Ron Paul and Rand Paul seem to be obvious pussified controlled opposition, not even having the balls to come out with a simple '9/11 was an inside job' and Ron writing that book with the PNAC member, etc. How can any intelligent person not even see through the thousands of holes in the official 9-11 story? Ron sees and Ron knows but Ron is Senor-No-Balls. The problem isn't Libertarianism or even Jeffersonian 19th century classical liberalism, the problem is the leaders being these spineless limited-hangout pussies put out there for controlled opposition. Jesse Ventura, just by being a 9-11 truther, would be a much better Libertarian candidate than Ron Paul except that Ventura seems to also believe in global warming and other nonsense. Alex 'Arabs-Own-Hollywood-but-I-didn't-say-that-Charlie-I've-Seen-Your-Hernia' Jones would 100% gate-keep the main culprits (elite Zionist Jews and all those who aid and support them in any way) despite all evidence so I don't know about that fool. Jeff Rense is a recluse, so maybe Texe Marrs can be his vice president since he's a man of Christ and can deflect accusations of anti-semitism by bringing out Jesus 'the Nazz' and 'the Synagogue of Satan' every other sentence.

[Image: jesus.jpg]

[Image: album-nazz-nazz.jpg]

Quote:Nazz was a psychedelic and garage rock band from the 1960s. The band was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1967 by Todd Rundgren (lead guitar) and Carson Van Osten (bass guitar). Thom Mooney (drums, formerly of the Munchkins), and Robert "Stewkey" Antoni (vocals, keyboards) joined before their first concert, opening for the Doors in 1967.

Nazz took their name from the song "The Nazz Are Blue" by The Yardbirds from their album Roger the Engineer. That song, in turn, took its title from Lord Buckley's comic monologue, "The Nazz," which is a re-telling of the tale of Jesus of Nazareth.[3]

It is also often erroneously said that the band took its name from a line in David Bowie's song "Ziggy Stardust," but Bowie wrote the lyrics in 1972, four years after the release of the first Nazz album in 1968. Bowie used the term as a slang noun in the sense of "top dog" or "coolest." (“Ziggy played for time / Jiving us that we were voodoo / The kids were just crass / He was the nazz / With god-given ass”)

Although the group's name on all records and press materials is simply "Nazz" (without the definite article), in practice they were almost always referred to as "the Nazz." Band members regularly used this form of their name in radio commercials for their albums and shows.

Another band was briefly called the Nazz, releasing just one single before renaming themselves Alice Cooper.[4]

The term "Nazz" is also slang for "fool" in Nadsat.
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RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Adrian Salbuchi Interviews with that brainiac lunatic Daryl Bradford Smith:;53;01_PM.mp3;58;25_PM.mp3;35;19_PM.mp3;01;30_PM.mp3

All older Salbuchi / DBS audios going back to 2009 archived here:

[Image: brainiac.jpg]
11-18-2011, 01:09 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-18-2011, 01:35 AM by Negentropic.)
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Adrian Salbuchi on the Real Deal with Jim Fetzer - November 4, 2011


JEANNON said...
Adrian Salbuchi is truly insightful and I find his commentary very helpful.

I remembering being very impressed when I heard him on Press TV on October 22 so I transcribed what he repeated on this Real Deal interview. That Press TV show is on YouTube.

"How this New World Model actually works --

When they decide to take out a regime, they do so with the utmost violence. And it’s a whole model based on Orwellian newspeak, so to speak.

First they target a country by calling it a rogue state.

Then they support local terrorists and call them freedom fighters.

Then they reign death and destruction upon civilians and they call it “U N sanctions.”

Then they spread lies and call it the international community’s opinions expressed by the Western media.

Then they invade and control a country and call it liberation.

And finally they steal appetizing oil and call it foreign investment and reconstruction."

Jim Corbett's 5 minute crash-course video on 9/11. Leaves out some crucial points such as Heavy Israeli Involvement, No Planes (no parts matched at any of the 4 crash sites, no original black box serial numbers ever on file for any of the planes which has never happened before or since, planted parts that did not match, proven Video Fakery in every last video ever released, only 249 death certificates, etc. ) but still excellent for ridiculing the true believing sheeple into a constantly annoyed and agitated, doubtful state approximating skepticism which they can only relieve by going back to sleep or waking up.

04-09-2012, 10:59 AM,
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Adrian Salbuchi on the French Connection with Daryl Bradford Smith

"The Pound of Flesh"

Sunday March 4, 2012

Adrian lays it down, the lessons of Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice," one of the most informative interviews ever. DBS also back to the absolute top of his game, completely relentless,

[Image: TheMerchantofVenice.jpg]
05-03-2012, 04:40 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-22-2012, 11:20 PM by Negentropic.)
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Adrian Salbuchi on the Jeff Rense Show - 04 / 30 / 2012

Topics discussed:


The Zionist Bankster Predator Beast

Sheer Stark Black Evil

Psychological Warfare - Psy-Wars - Mental Imprisonment is much more effective than the physical kind

The worst thing you can do is to think you're free when you're not

Jeffrey indulges his ever-present bean-dipped vegan moustache in some heavy metal thunder we-are-finished, it's-all-over doom-&-gloomery par excellence

We are enslaved to a foreign power which next year will mark its 100 year anniversary of taking charge of the soul & heart of these formerly United States of America through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913

The Five Pillars of the Second Republic

The average teenage dipshit sends 4,400 text messages a month

Rense bemoans the 'disinfo specialists' funded by the 'controllers' (those that don't believe in Sasquatch & UFO abductions ? )

Rules of temperance for happy-go-lucky

The thresholds that have to be reached before someone is whacked

The truth is like a flicker of flame that can be turned into a big bonfire by being blown on consistently even by just a few people who take care of that flicker

The difference between information and understanding

how to let your subconscious help you arrive at understanding

Jeffrey Buttrinse: How to understand, synthesize, collate, correlate, foment and present a news story (about Sasquatch and UFO abductions, no doubt)

Salbuchi: Russia Today doesn't censor me personally but it's only the other side of the coin funded by their government and it is no more to be believed than any other news source without doing your thinking

The mysterious strength behind the China of today (compared with the completely slaved and opium-addicted China of the 19th century)

Naughty North Korea

The ludicrious totalitarian insanity of England's big brother society and how the bread-&-circused idiots that live there can possibly have any illusions that they're by any stretch of the imagination 'free'

[Image: 81904-QJrSL.png]

"Religious feeling is therefore a character inherent in the very structure of the human mind, and is the expression of a need which must be recognized by the biologist as neither superficial nor transitory. It must be admitted that some philosophers and men of science have at times denied to the religious impulses of man their true dignity and importance. Impelled perhaps by a desire to close the circle of a materialistic conception of the universe, they have tended to belittle the significance of such phenomena as they were unable to reconcile with their principles and bring within the iron circle of their doctrine. To deal with religion in this way has not only been an outrage upon true scientific method, but has always led to a strong reaction in general opinion against any radical inquiry by science into the deeper problems of man's nature and status. A large and energetic reaction of this kind prevails to-day. There can be little doubt that it was precipitated, if not provoked, by attempts to force a harsh and dogmatic materialism into the status of a general philosophy. As long as such a system is compelled to ignore, to depreciate, or to deny the reality of such manifestly important phenomena as the altruistic emotions, the religious needs and feelings, the experiences of awe and wonder and beauty, the illumination of the mystic, the rapture of the prophet, the unconquerable endurance of the martyr, so long must it fail in its claims to universality. It is therefore necessary to lay down with the strongest emphasis the proposition that the religious needs and feelings of man are a direct and necessary manifestation of the inheritance of instinct with which he is born, and therefore deserve consideration as respectful and observation as minute as any other biological phenomenon."

-- Instincts of the herd in peace and war, Wilfred Trotter, 1916

"In my Future of an Illusion…I was concerned much less with the deepest sources of the religious feeling than with what the common man understands by his religion - with the system of doctrines and promises which on the one hand explains to him the riddles of this world with enviable completeness, and, on the other, assures him that a careful Providence will watch over his life and will compensate him in a future existence for any frustrations he suffers here. The common man cannot imagine this Providence otherwise than in the figure of an enormously exalted father. Only such a being can understand the needs of the children of men and be softened by their prayers and placated by the signs of their remorse. The whole thing is so patently infantile, so foreign to reality, that to anyone with a friendly attitude to humanity it is painful to think that the great majority of mortals will never be able to rise above this view of life. It is still more humiliating to discover how large a number of people living today, who cannot but see that this religion is not tenable, nevertheless try to defend it piece by piece in a series of pitiful rearguard actions."

- Sigmund Freud (on Religion)

"There are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, and the third is useless." Machiavelli - The Prince
Ch. 22

[Image: _dancinggirlFelix.gif]

Ricefoot's The Real Truth Behind The Illusion Of 9/11

The Key - Collin Alexander

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon (Full Movie) -

Deanna Spingola Interview with Bart Sibrel of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon"

Astronauts Gone Wild -

September Clues

Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke - 04 / 08 / 2012

Last Days of the Big Lie

Michael Tsarion Archives

Terence McKenna Archives

John Friend's Blog

Mami - Freedom Monkey Radio Commercial Free Archives
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RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Adrian Salbuchi on the David Duke Show - 05 / 03 / 2012

Update: The link above has clunked out after only 2 weeks

Here's an alternate link :


Topics discussed:

The non-American nature of Hollywood and all Hollywood propaganda

Original gentile motion picture studios taken over by Jews and made to serve their agendas through constant disinformation associated with entertainment, pleasure and escapism, therefore the disinformation is neuro-associated with pleasure and defended as if necessary to a healthy free life while in reality it is the very poison preventing it.

Neal Gabler's book - How Jews invented Hollywood

Powerful control that leads the world to disaster

Israel - the most guilty nuclear rogue state on the planet

The positives of life in China versus life in America

Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, robbed Argentina of over 600 million dollars of public funds and were sued by Salbuchi

Quotes from "The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism written over a 100 years ago

The two main pillars of Jew psychological warfare: the holycost trademark & anti-semitism

Quote:Ayn Rand — One More Agent of Our Destruction!

Recently, a listener to the Don Black –David Duke Radio Program wrote me to criticize my denunciation of the hyper-individualism of Ayn Rand accusing me of being a collectivist, much like the advocates of socialism, communism, fascism and the welfare state! Here is my answer.

Dear Bart,

Sorry we disagree here. But, yes, I believe in loyalty to more than self. I believe in a group loyalty, whether it be man and wife, man and family, man and community, man and nation, man and his race.

That doesn’t mean that there should be no individual rights. Our Constitution is a balance of those rights, the individual on one side and the community, nation state on the other.

If our race does not defend itself, advance its interests as a people we will go down to destruction. The reason why extremist Jews have been able to lead us to disaster is primarily the fact that too many of us have have been taught to believe it is evil to defend our own group, our own heritage, our own values, our own common interests.

You can call that collectivism if you want, but the American founding fathers believed that we had to stand together as Americans, not as a few scattered individuals against the might of the British Empire. Yes, we were motivated by individual rights, and we were motivated by our rights as 13 colonies united in a new nation.

As far as war is concerned…

There has always been war, and there will always be war. Just as there have always been conflicts that have led to violence between individuals. It is our duty to try to lesson those conflicts, to try to avoid war. But those who don’t band together and defend themselves will be conquered by those who do band together.

The fact that we have been in constant war over the last few years, and are now embroiled in a war on terror (or of terror) is precisely because the American people did not defend our basic interests as a people from the Jewish extremists who organized, coordinated and orchestrated a Mideast policy that led this country to 911 and the subsequent disaster of the Iraq War. Too many of our people acted as ultimate individualists advancing their own immediate political or media careers or corporate interests while the Jewish supremacists put their group interests and their Jewish Supremacist State, first.

Ayn Rand’s “virtue of selfishness” philosophy is certainly not practiced by the neocons or the Jewish rulers of media and campaign financing. Nor is it the dominant philosophy of Israel. Israel is not a nation of individuals, Jews and Palestinians, it is as you would say a, “collectivist” Jewish State dedicated to the advance and interests of the Jewish people. Ayn Randism is one more example of Jewish-originated ideas fostered on Gentiles while the organized Jewish community has the opposite view point. It is exactly like the long Jewish domination of the “open borders” movement for non-European immigration into the United States while they the Jewish State which has a Jewish only” immigration policy. These same Jewish extremist hypocrites support the individual choice of racial intermarriage in countless Jewish Hollywood films, but at the same time support all the major Jewish organizations that spend millions to oppose Jewish intermarriage. Of course, they support Israel a nation that does not allow the individual Jew to legally marry a non-Jew.

Ayn Rand’s individual selfishness and extreme individualism is not meant for Jewish consumption. It is meant for us, and too many of our people have swallowed it.

We have already been conquered in many ways by a united enemy who has banded together, and if we don’t band together now, we White people will perish from the earth. As White people perish and suffer as a group, you as an individual will suffer as well.

Our founding fathers recognized this. The biggest defender of individual rights, Thomas Jefferson, wrote of the deep differences between the races that would destroy America unless we separated. He was a defender of our people as were the writers of the Constitution, who as a body in one of the first legislative acts of the new American government limited immigration only to White Christians.

Using words like “collectivist” to define good common sense and brotherhood between our people is evidence of the damage done by people like Ayn Rand whose hyper-individual ethic has not been taken up by the Jewish extremists from whence she came, nor by the other races in or outside of Europe or America, but only by a number of European-Americans who are taught to pursue their egoist and selfish immediate, short-term interests rather than the long term interests of the people and the community that make even their own existence possible.

As far as collectivism being the founding principle of the welfare state, of socialism, of communism, in a sense you are right. Most of those people who work for those outmoded ideas are motivated by the idea of doing good for people as whole. Problem is that their system does not work and violates the true nature of man.

But if you define collectivism as supporting the idea of a government or way of life good for the community as a whole, I would suggest that every one of our founding fathers was a “collectivist” as well. They respected individual rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, religion and opposed an abusive government. But they also had the idea that they could establish a government and system of government that would be bring freedom and prosperity to the great mass of the American people. They wanted to make it possible for the healthy, intelligent and hard-working man to rise as far as his ability provided. In doing so they devised a system which everyone lived under a common government, heritage, tradition, ideals and vision. Is that also collectivism? By yours and Ayn Rand’s narrow definition it is!

If you define collectivism as government coercion, control, denial of human rights of freedom of speech, property and the like, I am as opposed to collectivism as you are.

But to lump socialism, communism, National Socialism, fascism, welfare state, and even the idea that our people should ban together to defend their rights, and heritage and even their survival — as quote, “collectivism” is a silly notion.

More than that it is one more Jewish-originated idea that will lead us to our destruction as a people.

I hope I have given you something to think about.


David Duke

I would add that there is no such thing as 'hyper-individualism' in the legal sense. There is only individualism as defined by individual rights, the rights of the smallest unit of human to be free from initiated coercion to do anything it pleases as long as it doesn't infringe physically through direct force or indirect force of fraud on other individuals.

'Hyper-individualism' or neurotic individualism not to the long term interests of the individual, when it is practiced, is psychologically, sometimes physically & often financially damaging to the 'hyper' individuals themselves and not physically damaging by force or fraud to other individuals. It may be disappointing or counter-productive to a collective of individuals intent on getting more like-minded people on board their collective to go violate the individual rights of people in other collectives not as numerically powerful as themselves in order to benefit themselves (as in a labor union, for instance), but it's not a violation of anyone's individual rights.

Collectives, on the other hand, do not even have the moral right to exist unless they are collectives organized to protect the individual rights of each member within that group and not at the expense of the same individual rights of individuals belonging to other groups. Any group or collective that violates individual rights without the consent of the individuals whose rights are being violated is morally invalid on its face and even if all individuals within this collective consent to have their rights violated (such as fundamentalist Muslim women, for instance), they cannot force their 'happy' collective of neurotic-consent and co-dependence on any other individual within or without any other group or on any formerly brainwashed consenter to sado-masochistic abuse in the name of 'religion' within their group who manages to get a brain and decides to withold that consent.

Large numerical collectives of individuals organized as 'self-defense' force of the legally defined but in reality fictitious collective of a 'nation' are only valid in so far as they are acting as the police enforcement of individual rights violated in that legally defined geographical area called a 'nation.' The same thing applies to non-fictitious collectives of race or ethnicity. They draw their validity from individual rights and their intent to protect the individual rights of their family, race and ethnicity from being violated by 'group rights' of others. When they start clamoring for 'group rights' at the expense of the individual themselves they become just as invalid and immoral as the pressure groups they are fighting because they compromise on a point of principle

"It is a notorious fact that the morality of society as a whole is in inverse ratio to its size; for the greater the aggregation of individuals, the more the individual factors are blotted out, and with them morality, which rests entirely on the moral sense of the individual and the freedom necessary for this. Hence, every man is, in a certain sense, unconsciously a worse man when he is in society than when acting alone; for he is carried by society and to that extent relieved of his individual responsibility. . . . Any large company composed of wholly admirable persons has the morality and intelligence of an unwieldy, stupid, and violent animal. The bigger the organization, the more unavoidable is its immorality and blind stupidity. Society, by automatically stressing all the collective qualities in its individual representatives, puts a premium on mediocrity, on everything that settles down to vegetate in an easy, irresponsible way. Individuality will inevitable be driven to the wall. This process begins in school, continues at the university, and rules all departments in which the State has a hand. In a small social body, the individuality of its members is better safeguarded; and the greater is their relative freedom and the possibility of conscious responsibility. Without freedom there can be no morality." ~ Carl Jung (from The Relations Between the Ego and the Unconscious, p.169)
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RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
An Urgent Message from Adrian Salbuchi: Are London, Indonesia, Nicaragua, West China next?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please find below an article that I consider to be very important.

Surprisingly (?), it was rejected by those who “normally” publish my works…

May I ask you kindly help us to spread this information as far and wide as possible.

Thank you and regards,

Adrian Salbuchi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Are the London Olympics a target for a False-Flag Attack?

"The two fundamental elements for a successful Strategy are: Secrecy and Surprise!” - Juan Domingo Perón (Argentine President & Statesman)

It might be wise to take a closer look at some unnerving indications that the London Olympics might be the stage for a horrific “False Flag” attack, as part of the Global Power Master’s strategic need to break their present global political and economic deadlock.

“False Flag” attacks happen when a militarily strong Nation stages a controlled and very high profile military or terror attack on its own territory and interests, then immediately blaming it on a target foreign power or entity, using it as an excuse to wage war.

Such events carry their tell-tale signs; their “stigmata” so to speak because, when planned, they must include some sort of “communication or cueing mechanism” so that those in the know can make sure neither they, nor their associates, nor loved ones should happen to be in “the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Is something along these lines on Global Power Master drawing boards for the up-coming London Olympics? The question would surely sound ludicrous, were it not for a May 2010 Report issued by The Rockefeller Foundation (RF) and Global Business Network (GBN) that “predicts” exactly that.

Called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”, it carries introductions by RF president Judith Rodin and GBN chairman Peter Schwartz, both members of the powerful New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) think-tank, a key geopolitical planning node of the Global Power structure embedded deep inside the US.

The Report defines its purpose in rather nondescript terms: “The Rockefeller Foundation and GBN began the scenario process by surfacing a host of driving forces that would affect the future of technology and international development. These forces were generated through both secondary research and in-depth interviews with Foundation staff, Foundation grantees, and external experts”.

Then, they go on to define “the matrix of four very different futures” in store for Mankind:

“(1) Lock-Step: a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback” (you can almost see them watering at the mouth over this one!).

“(2) Clever Together: A world in which highly coordinated and successful strategies emerge for addressing both urgent and entrenched worldwide issues” (definitely no sign whatsoever that today’s power brokers are doing anything even remotely leading to that!)

“(3) Hack Attack: An economically unstable and shock-prone world in which governments weaken, criminals thrive, and dangerous innovations emerge” (more slurpy Power Elite mouth watering with this one!), and,

“(4) Smart Scramble: An economically depressed world in which individuals and communities develop localized, makeshift solutions to a growing set of problems” (and where the powerless suffer and die, whilst the powerful go into high-tech-security ‘business as usual’ mode…)

When detailing Scenario 3 (Hack Attack), we find the following surprising “scenario building” in this Report: “Devastating shocks like September 11, the Southeast Asian tsunami of 2004, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake had certainly primed the world for sudden disasters. But no one was prepared for a world in which large-scale catastrophes would occur with such breathtaking frequency. The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change.”

“The 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000”!?!? What a “scenario”!! …followed by three “natural” disasters” that can probably be artificially triggered by covert technologies such as HAARP and others…

Now, God forbid: but were such a scenario to come true as Rockefeller envisions, it will of course be blamed by the Western governments and its obedient media PsyWar on a grand global “conspiracy” spearheaded by Iran, seconded by Syria, Pakistan and North Korea, applauded by Venezuela, Cuba, facilitated by the Occupy Wall Street, Indignado and Assange movements, and abetted by Russia and China.

A conspiracy to end all conspiracies! …and a hell of an excuse to “smoke them all out”, unleashing the Dogs of War barking in the nervous arsenals of the US, UK, EU and Israel, whilst clamping down on protesters everywhere. It would allow launching a revamped “Global War on Terrorism”, Version 4.1.

The Rockefeller Report then adds, “Not surprisingly, this opening series of deadly asynchronous catastrophes (there were more) put enormous pressure on an already overstressed global economy that had entered the decade still in recession… Most nation-states could no longer afford their locked-in costs, let alone respond to increased citizen demands for more security, more healthcare coverage, more social programs and services, and more infrastructure repair….”

Wow!! Sounds an awful lot like the world the Global Power Masters are already building and imposing on all of us everywhere!

False Flag events require highly complex, covert and labyrinth-like mega-engineering, absolute secrecy and surprise, and solid buffers isolating the on-going government authorities, whose “total innocence” must be fully safeguarded and believable.

Presidents and ministers must be able to go live on radio and TV exclaiming with indignation that their country is a victim of “a day that will live in infamy!”, or maybe stand atop the rubble of collapsed towers and yell, megaphone in hand, “The people that did this will hear from us soon!”.

Yet, make no mistake: those who perpetrate false flags know that – in the long run – the truth comes out. The point here is to make sure that “the long run” is really very, very long. That when global public opinion finally learns the truth, 60, 80, 100 years down the road, the issue is no longer “political”, but rather a mere historical curiosity.

Whether it’s the sinking of the USS Maine in Cuba which served the US to make war on Spain in 1898, or the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 which dragged the US into World War I, or Pearl Harbor in 1941 which (again!) dragged America into World War II, or the (non-sinking!) of the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin in ’64, or the USS Liberty in ’67… Just make sure the truth comes out generations later when nobody really cares anymore.

Problems however, started piling up on the Global Power Elite when glaring inconsistencies began surfacing over September 11th and July 5th in London, whilst they are still very political events, and definitely not yet “history”.

That’s when lots and lots of political “damage control” has to be brought to bear, with the entailing political cost.

Have the Global Power Masters learned from past mistakes and perfected their military, political and psychological warfare mechanisms?

Are they in such dire straits that they need to pull a really big one like this on the world, as a means of “escaping forwards”?

Let’s hope it won’t be London… But anyway, let’s stay alert…!

"Latin American Spring" Kicking Off in Paraguay

The kind of “democracy” the US wants to see…

By Adrian Salbuchi

July 4, 2012

The impact of Paraguay’s president being ousted in a coup last month goes far beyond the country itself - it was global industrial powers who backed a powerful local elite to orchestrate the turnaround. It seems the left-leaning policies of president Fernando Lugo, a socialist politician and former Catholic priest, were just too much for the Global Power Masters. So, after a 24-hour “impeachment trial”, they removed him.

Fernando Lugo was elected Paraguay’s president in April 2008 running on the “Alliance for Change” ticket, marking the very first time after sixty years that the pro-US Colorado Party was swept from formal political power. Lugo’s policies sought to redistribute wealth, giving more rights to the poor majority of the Guaraní Indian-stock population. Ideologically, Lugo is in the same socialist camp as presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and Rafael Correa of Ecuador.

Regime Change the Monsanto Way

Lugo’s tenure in office was not easy: a scandal over his fathering a child out of wedlock and being ordained, a battle with cancer in 2010, and very recently a violent episode of police repression when clearing public land occupied by local farmers in the township of Curuguaty on Brazil’s border. On Friday 15th June that turned very ugly when a gun fight broke out, leaving 6 police and 11 farmers dead, and dozens injured.

The opposition quickly maneuvered politically and through their control over Congress and the media, notably the ABC Color Multimedia outlet owned by Grupo Zuccolillo who are partners of US biotechnology and grains trader Gargill Inc. Impeachment proceedings were pushed in a record 24 hours, putting Mr Lugo out of a job and replacing him with his vice president Federico Franco.

Most South American nations rejected this coup – Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, even Chile and Colombia. However, the US, UK and EU seem to have no qualms with this coup-de-Etat; for them it’s just “democracy business as usual”.

The roots of this coup against Paraguay, though not reported by the mainstream Western media, are simple. Late in October 2011, Paraguay’s liberal Agriculture and Livestock Minister Enzo Cardoso illegally approved a new transgenic cotton seed called “Bollgard BT” – engineered by US biotechnology giant Monsanto for mass plantation. This immediately sparked widespread protests from local farmers and environmentalists, who say the product is very dangerous as its gene is mixed with the Bacillus Thurigensis gene, a toxic bacteria that kills cotton plagues but causes environmental damage.

An internal row erupted as Paraguay’s National Seed & Vegetable Quality and Health Service – SENAVE – headed by a Lugo supporter, Miguel Lovera, refused toapprove Monsanto’s wonder seed because it did not comply with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environmental Protection approvals as required by law.

To cut a long story short, the local press led by Zuccolillo’s ABC Color newspaper and other opposition and pro-US media, politicians, NGOs, foreign agencies and corporate interests launched a smear campaign against Mr Lovera, as well as Health Minister Esperanza Martinez and Environmental Protection Minister Oscar Rivas, that led to the Curuguaty massacre and escalated all the way up to president Fernando Lugo.

No one knows who fired the first shot leading to the bloodbath in Curuguaty. Some talk of internal sabotage inside police intelligence – especially amongst the Special Operations Group in charge of repressing the farmers, many of whose key officers were trained in counterinsurgency in Colombia during president Alvaro Uribe’s pro-US “paramilitary” government. Then there’s the local Attorney General’s office receiving USAID – United States Agency for International Development “support”…

The Curuguaty massacre cost Interior Minister Carlos Filizzola his job, who was promptly replaced by Ruben Candia Amarilla from the opposition Colorado Party. In 2005 Candia Amarilla was named Attorney General during the last Colorado Party administration counting the full support of US Ambassador John F Keen, thus giving USAID a major role in the Public Ministry. Candia had already been accused by president Lugo some years ago of conspiring to overthrow him.

The Brazilian Equation

But this is not all just about Paraguay, which lies in the heart of South America. As Brazilian military geostrategists pointed out last century, Paraguay is of fundamental geopolitical and geostrategic importance. Thus, US control over that nation is a key factor for American hegemony over South America, one of whose goals lies in stopping Brazil’s growing global importance as a BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa – country.

Brazil recently discovered massive oil reserves off its Atlantic coast, which led it to upgrade and strengthen its naval and air forces, especially ever since the US resurrected the South Atlantic Fourth Fleet (founded during World War II, scrapped in 1953 and reborn under George W Bush).

This means Brazil’s growing alliance with Russia, China and India needs to open up an alternative Pacific Ocean route away from the NATO controlled Atlantic. US military and political control over Paraguay would definitely act as a barrier to this, and is a preparatory step for US plans to build a trade block with US-UK allies in Latin America: notably, Mexico, Panamá with its Canal, Colombia, Peru, Chile and now, Paraguay. A veritable Pacific Wall not easy for Brazil to jump over.

The kind of “democracy” the US wants to see…

During the 20th Century, Latin America had to cope with extensive “coup engineering” – military and civilian – by the US and UK intel agencies CIA and MI6, which repeatedly orchestrated, financed, armed and promoted “regime change”.

Lasting decades, the ensuing pro-US regimes had “trademark” figures like General Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua, generals Aramburu, Ongania and Videla in Argentina, Carlos Andrés Perez in Venezuela, Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, and general Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay, amongst others.

Divide & Rule (and Weaken!!!) That is the keynote for the coming “Latin American Spring”, just as it is with today’s nefarious “Arab Spring”.

So, stay tuned… there’s lots more to come!

Adrian Salbuchi & David Duke on the 2012 Zion Olympics - 07/31/2012

Adrian Salbuchi & Jeff Rense on the Latin American Spring - 07/ 26/ 2012
10-20-2012, 02:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-22-2012, 11:22 PM by Negentropic.)
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
The French Connection with Daryl Bradford Smith - 10 / 07 / 2012 - Guest: Adrian Salbuchi

Daryl from the ministry of information is back from five months of sick leave to deliver 57 minutes & 53 seconds of jam-packed masterpiece theatre level conspiracy audio with Adrian Salbuchi. DBS always kicks Salbuchi's ass up another notch from his usually high levels of communication to make for especially informative audio bombs to drop on the heads of zombies everywhere.

[Image: 61wLj3a5CPL.jpg]

[Image: etgkut.jpg]



[Image: Trip_to_France___Meeting_with_Daryl_.jpg]

Daryl Bradford Smith (in black leather jacket) and Christropher Bollyn (wearing hat) in 2007 in front of Daryl's farmhouse in France


Drunken Daryl attacks Noel / Ognir in his own house
11-22-2012, 05:55 AM,
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
The French Connection with Daryl Bradford Smith - 11 / 18 / 2012 - Guest: Adrian Salbuchi
11-22-2012, 02:56 PM,
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
you can hardly compare James Corbett with any of the other nutjobs mentioned in this tread.
Definition of Democrazy:
Two Volves and a Sheep
trying to agree on what
to have for dinner

11-22-2012, 10:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-23-2012, 12:10 AM by Negentropic.)
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
(11-22-2012, 02:56 PM)nofunclub Wrote: you can hardly compare James Corbett with any of the other nutjobs mentioned in this tread.

Your word is LAW, my brother ! We all bow down to it.

We shall begin worship at the altar of the Corbettian Shillery Institution tomorrow. LOL
12-25-2012, 11:33 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-25-2012, 11:47 AM by macfadden.)
RE: Adrian Salbuchi Opens A Can of Mental Whup-Ass on the Corbett Report
Corbett does offer some good analysis on a few issues, but then again he's a libertarian job so go figure. I'm completely baffled by how otherwise intelligent rational people can go so deeply wrong into such senseless ideologies. I lost a lot of respect for Corbett when I only recently first heard him preaching that load like some kind of a goddamn ninny. It was very disappointing.

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