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The Mainstream Bandwagon of Uncertainty and Inconviction
07-05-2011, 06:23 AM,
Video  The Mainstream Bandwagon of Uncertainty and Inconviction
Quote:Taylor Mali Totally like whatever, you know

Are we the most aggressively inarticulate generation of fence-sitting followers that is so conditioned to be part of the hive group think mind since the dawn of mankind? Or are we just stupid? ..and if we are, maybe more of us should just shut up and listen.. first and then speak with a little more conviction and understanding as opposed to knee jerk reaction to conditioned memes of political correctness, social tolerance and peer acceptance.

If we keep it encapsulated to that scope with, or without conviction then it's the same old recycled diatribe.. at least until hive culture dictates that another opinion, innovation or idea can be jousted with but only if backed by a faction of humanity or three. Then we end up with polarity based on the same knee jerk conditioned acceptance of expression.

.. and then we have the case we all spoke with conviction without proper reflection and everyone is soap-boxing garbage (Exhibit A: Everybody and Their Momma lining up for American Idol thinking people want to hear them sing and dance)

Although speaking with authority and conviction is good, it is important to be concerned about the truthfulness of the conviction about which you speak, because an invalidated opinion does not become valid simply by saying it with more conviction and authority.
~Joshua Ferrara

Or as Joshua aptly put it .. and I paraphrase, 7 Billion more opinionated, poorly researched, biased, 3 of 360 degree world view of garbage polluting the marketplace of ideas.
There are no others, there is only us.

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