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iphone/ipad activist tool: $2 (free this weekend!)
07-04-2011, 06:29 PM,
iphone/ipad activist tool: $2 (free this weekend!)
hey please forgive me if you perceive this to be spam, I really don't intend it to be, but i think this is a great activism app on iphone and ipads. it's called "Scene Shaper" where you can post your public events, rallies, protests, teach-ins, flyerings, film screenings, whatever. the app is $2 but on this weekend (4th of july) it's free. here's the link
even if you miss the "free window" it's probably still worth the $2 if you do a lot of event-type activism or are in a band or run a CSA or whatever.
the free version "scene finder" allows people to find events, but not upload their events.
Anyway, I think this could be a really great app for activists. Have a great day!

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