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Homo Eklekticus, Homo Fundizombius, Homo Narkotius, Homo Demonicus
07-04-2011, 11:39 AM,
Rainbow  Homo Eklekticus, Homo Fundizombius, Homo Narkotius, Homo Demonicus
Homo Eklekticus, Homo Fundizombius, Homo Narkotius, Homo Demonicus

Four types of intermixing paradigms:

The Homo Narkoticus, the sleeping human, we want not discuss further here on this website, even if he forms the majority of the voting people. He is unfortunately very strongly influenced by the Homo Demonicus which dominates the mass media and the entertainment industry. By contacting religiuos groubs or New-Age-sects the Homo Narkoticus transforms sometimes into the Homo-Fundizombius. Significantly less likely he transforms into a healing, spiritual Homo Eclecticus.

The Homo Demonicus is the demonic power monger who joined for his career a hierarchical; money controlled society (bankster, journalist) or secret society (i.e. masonic monisim) and actively influenced the society negatively. During his lifetime he can be recognised because he often wears on the job a rope around his neck (tie) and after his death there is sometimes an obelisk on his grave. (Nevermind, let it go)

Another common species is the Homo Fundizombius, the so-called "fundi-zombie or fundamentalistic zombie" who holds on to an institutionalised blind faith and defines him selves by a more or less violent separatism. Group dynamics, i.e. the appropriate mechanised rituals determine the daily life of the Homo Fundizombius.

The Homo Eclecticus, is the healing eclectic who chooses the good. He is the true spiritualist, full of love (a PremYogi), who sees his lives and therefore his spirituality as a research assignment of the heart. He has learned to listen to the inner, divine voice, and by "focusing on the good” picks out of different religions, philosophies, traditional scriptures, and modern sciences, the truths that make really sense to him and unites them in the divine harmony. Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Nicklaus Flüh, Mary Baker Eddy were such eclectics, Bruno Groening was or is another ...

Nowadays, of course, these types of paradigm intermingle more and more, but it is the task of the Homo Eclecticus to detach himself from these mixtures. The separation of spirituality and corruption is the task of human life. It is done by ethical evolution, by simultaneously discovering, separating, releasing of all negativity, by believing-in-goodness and by tuning in into the divine Heilstrom (healing-current). The universal, timeless and natural scale of ethics (3 Gunas), which we describe here on this website (click on Worlview) is intended to serve as an assistance for that ...

The world-ethos of the universal, timeless and natural scale of ethics is not based on a institutionalised blind faith. The application of this philosophy should be possible for every person, regardless of his or her cultural or religious background, since the three Gunas have their origin in the three phases of temporary material nature: Formation, existence and decay. And so go our thoughts and actions through these three modes of activity: creating (Raja-Guna = red, on the right hand side of the colour-spectrum triangle) maintaining (Sattva-Guna = yellow, on the top) and destroying (Tama-Guna = blue, lower left ... more on that on our website by Worldview, or on our download-pdfs, or the best would be in our seminars ...)

Spirituality is, according to Indian Sanskrit texts (SB 12.8.46), the path of goodness (Sattva), which leads towards pure goodness (Visuddha Sattva); “God is good, God is truth and truth is God (M. Gandhi)”. In the physical, subtle or social body: Healing of body, mind and spirit is the path of flushing out the bad (disease, bad habits, illusion) with goodness:

Spiritual development is ethical evolution

Ethical evolution is spiritual development

On the contrary, Mayavadi theology is the impersonal philosophy of all-pervading Illusion (Maya). Mayavadi theology is destructive to goodness, since it considers goodness itself as an illusion (Maya): “Everything is illusion nothing is real, and the good is as much an illusion as the bad”. This leads to the dictatorship of relativism, which today as opened wide in the mass media, the gateway to the ethical devolution.

Let’s analyse together how we are infected by Mayavadi tendencies in our societies, in our own mind frame and how we can fight them, discharge and let go of them:

Mayavadi theology appears in many forms and covers itself with many names. Sometimes it appears as Monism (everything is one) or as Buddhism (everything is nothing), but it appears also in the theistic religions, in secret societies and in modern political movements like i.e. the integral movement of Ken Wilber and so on. Occults or Satanists use this kind of philosophy to justify their evil practises (... since the good is as much an illusion as the bad and since we have this strange tendency to goodness – we have to act more bad or evil in order to reach the equilibrium of oneness or nothingness or "enlightenment" or whatever ...)

Mayavadi tendencies are to be found everywhere in the material world and most interestingly we also find them in our own mind frame, since exactly these tendencies are the reason for our material conditioning. They stop us from our spiritual advancement towards pure goodness. If these impersonal Mayavadi tendencies wouldn’t exist in our mind frame anymore, we could flush out diseases out of our own body and the body of others very easily just by opening ourselves towards the all-pervading good ... just as Jesus and many others did or still do.

Now the interesting question is:

How can we open the self towards the all-pervading good? This you learn in the Yoga-Psychology.

1. We recognize the philosophy, psychology, and the process of the all-pervading good. With this process we can heal the diseases in our own bodies, and with the same process we can also cure the diseases in our environment and the social body of society.

2. We learn how to detect these impersonal Mayavadi tendencies in our society, in our religious or spiritual groups, and (what is most important) in our own mind frame and how to discharge and let go of them.

3. We experience the force of the healing current in our own body. We open our self to a higher taste by receiving the healing-current trough a “spiritual in-the-body-listening-meditation” and get hold of the truth in our own body. Through the mediation of the "spiritual-in-the-body listening" we know the truth in our own bodies. The healing power is omnipotence and omniscience ...

Life is a research assignment and spiritual life is the research assignment of the heart!

Attention, change of world few ahead! To enter here you have now the choice:

Blue Pill:

Red Pill:

Please choose the blue pill for a change to the world picture.
Or if you want everything to stay as it is, please choose the red pill ...

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