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What is so special about
06-07-2011, 02:53 PM,
What is so special about
TrueTorrent is a search engine which indexes torrent files all over the internet, providing its users with detailed info on each torrent file.

If you ask why you should give preference to TrueTorrent if compared to other similar services, the answer will be as follows:

- search engine functions in 8 most popular and asked-for languages
- resource enables search for torrents by titles and files names
- while choosing a torrent file, user may filter results by size, time, comments, number of seeders/leechers etc.
- search engine may be proud of 12 million torrents in the database
- TrueTorrent offers user-friendly interface, download option, quick and effective search
- absence of registration.

During the process of work over, all users' requests and desires as well as all up-do-date internet technologies have been taken into account.

TrueTorrent functions as a search engine, it neither distributes copyrighted data, nor hosts any files.

Contact info: wwww -
e-mail -

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