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Physicist James McCanney interviewed by Jon Rappoport
05-29-2011, 11:30 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-30-2011, 12:29 AM by solar.)
Star  Physicist James McCanney interviewed by Jon Rappoport
On November 24, 2010, Jon Rappoport conducted a terrific interview with physicist, mathematician, and independent researcher James McCanney.

That one hour interview can be downloaded for free from Progressive Radio Network at this link.

Even James McCanney has acknowledged that this interview is probably the best, short, "non-technical" introduction to his research on the electrical nature of the solar system.

Topics covered --

>> Why and how Nikola Tesla's research into free energy was suppressed.

>> The extraction of unlimited free energy from the electrical differential of the earth's atmosphere.

>> Why Tesla's original research would have ended dependence on coal, oil, nuclear power, etc.

>> "Tier Two" science--the science intended for public consumption.

>> "Tier One" science--the "hidden" science kept from the public.

>> Secret societies are controlled by the planet's ruling families -- said families are comprised of about six thousand individuals.

>> Why mainstream ("Tier Two" science) meteorologists cannot predict the weather days in advance, even with sophisticated computer models.

>> Why planetary weather is governed by the electrical nature of the solar system.

>> How the planet's ruling families control the world via the energy cartels, commodities, banking, war, pharmaceuticals, food distribution, and even water distribution.

>> Why NASA has suppressed research on comets.

>> And more !!

Have you ever wondered "what all the fuss was about" concerning James McCanney ?

This is a great "non-technical" introductory one hour interview conducted by Jon Rappoport.

Icon_arrow And Rappoport asks all the right questions.

Enjoy!! Icon_biggrin

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