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The White Power Elite
05-27-2011, 01:09 AM,
The White Power Elite
Rough Rough Draft
The White Power Elite
Appointing a Superintendent

On December 3, 1972, Los Angeles Times writer Al Martinez wrote, “There exists in Los Angeles an organization of rich and powerful men who have become what at least one of them regards as ‘an informal instrument of government.’ They call themselves the Committee of 25.”

Angelinos seemed surprised that this cabal was operating in their city when in truth it had been operating since the days of Harrison Gray Otis and Colis and Henry Huntington, revolving around the exclusive Jonathan and California Clubs that were frequented by select white males with Jews, Mexicans, blacks, Asians and women barred.

They were Los Angeles power brokers who coalesced after World War II to cash in on giant redevelopment projects, getting the insider track on local government contracts and land deals. Urban renew and development was a honey pot. The members of this exclusive yet invisible network had access to the mayor, the city council, the board of supervisors, the chief of police, and every elected official in the metropolitan area as well as Sacramento and Washington. Even university presidents fell under this web.

While it no longer has the centrality that it did when the Los Angeles Times ruled Los Angeles, its presence is felt in a city where ex-mayor Richard Riordan continues to cash in on government real estate and has a hand in naming city officials and controls the LA School Unified School District Board of Education.

Like the California Deregulation Plan enacted of the late 1990s this free market approach which produced the Enron scandal of the early 2000s, this privatization will have future consequences.

Every city has a ruling cabal of powerful rich white men that today is including selected minority representatives who help the self-anointed leadership manage conflicts such as those between community and real estate interests. Like the Los Angeles experience its members have cashed in on “development” usually at the expense of poor neighborhoods.

To understand how John Pedicone, a superintendent from a small district of six thousand students got appointed to the $250,000 superintendent position at the Tucson Unified School District, one must understand how the power elites operate. It did not hurt that Pedicone was a good old boy and had been a vice-president of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council.

Recently formed in 1997, like other elite cabals it has been around for sometime. The Three Sonorans in the Tucson Citizen on May 24, 2011 wrote an insightful article explaining the roots of the cabal.

The author wrote “understanding the SALC (Southern Arizona Leadership Council) network is necessary to understanding power in Tucson today. You will understand how Jonathan Rothschild will become our next mayor (which I’m not necessarily opposed to), and you will understand how John Pedicone became the TUSD superintendent. You can understand a lot by understanding who all the major corporations in Tucson are behind. It is more logical than conspiracy, pure capitalistic deductive reasoning.”

The story of Tucson power elite reads like that of Los Angeles, cut it is just not as well known.

The founder of SALC was Si Schorr, a developer who led in the bulldozing of La Calle and the old barrio in downtown Tucson making way for the failed Tucson Convention Center which has cost Tucson taxpayers $100 million.

Professor Guadalupe Castillo links the attack on Ethnic Studies to the destruction of the entire Barrio in the name of “progress.”

The destruction of both is a product of the Gilded Age when robber barons ravaged the country and then rewrote history by calling themselves the “captains of industry.”

The similarities do not end there as modern day robber barons seek to reinterpret the 14th Amendment and give corporations citizenship. It is a neo-liberal philosophy that justifies inequality in the name of progress.

The area around the San Augustin Cathedral once housed a thriving placita that people congregated around. Progress replaced the people with concrete wiping the history of Tucson.

As the Tres Sonorans writes: “I looked up slowly to the east and saw the towers of San Augustin, and I slowly looked over for a glimpse of the past. I panned to the left, westward, and looked at La Placita. I tried to see the old neighborhood, las calles, the adobe row houses, the smoke heading skyward from the kitchens cooking tortillas, pan, or sopita…I saw a city that lost its heart, that kicked out the people that built the city just like we put our elders in convalescent homes, safely away from normal life, but there to visit when we find it convenient. Those that gave us life now live outside of the home, safely distant in time and in space.”

Power elites have always sought to control history’s narrative. Identifying themselves as captains of industry the robber barons then and now “offer a positive impression of their achievements as men of inventiveness who hard work and ingenious strategies transformed the American economy of the post-Reconstruction era and the early 20th century.”

SALC is conscious of history and it does not behoove it to remember the past. Pedicone and Mark Stegeman have close ties to the cabal and rumors are that SALC members have gotten to Tucson Unified School District board member Miguel Cuevas.

Mexican American Studies is a threat because it is about critical thinking—distinguishing fact and fantasy, what is true and what is false. Necessarily to produce civic conscious students, the history of so-called progress in Tucson must be examined to understand Tucson.

The legendary Tucson composer Lalo Guerrero’s words have meaning and do not exist in a vacuum:

Viejo barrio, old neighborhood,
There's only leveled spaces
where once there were houses,
where once people lived.
There are only ruins
of the happy homes
of the joyous families,
of these folks that I loved.

It is inconceivable that SALC’s minions of the TUSD would be acting independently of the Si Schorrs and seeking to eliminate a highly successful MAS program that instills pride in all students and motivates them to be better citizens and participate in the life of Tucson.

Perhaps what they fear is that students will understand the lament as Lalo sings:

Viejo barrio, old neighborhood,
I too have gotten old.
And when one gets old,
no one remembers you.
Let us die together.
Let them bury me in your soil
and we'll be two corpses
surrounded by a thousand memories.
The best source of information on contemporary Mexican Americans in Tucson is the columns of Three Sonorans, and in the memories of the people.
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son
05-27-2011, 05:59 AM,
RE: The White Power Elite
Ya ya ya... blame Whitey.
05-31-2011, 11:22 PM,
RE: The White Power Elite
Here in America, ya it's predominantly whites that control the upper rungs of the social ladder. Not so in other countries, and their upper social class is no better than ours.

06-01-2011, 06:23 PM,
RE: The White Power Elite
(05-31-2011, 11:22 PM)screaminvern Wrote: Here in America, ya it's predominantly whites that control the upper rungs of the social ladder. Not so in other countries, and their upper social class is no better than ours.

The last time I looked around it was JEWS running the show, who by the way are not Whites, as according to their rabbi's.

Let's have a look at the ruling structure of the "world's most powerful nation" shall we?

White House Chief of Staff – Rahm Emanuel

Deputy White House Chief of Staff – Mona Sutphen

Special Presidential Adviser – David Axelrod

Secretary of Treasury – Timothy Geithner

Deputy Secretary of Treasury – Neal Wolin

Under Secretary of Treasury – Lael Brainard

President of the New York Fed – Carole Sonnenfeld

Economic Advisor to Obama-Biden – Robert Reich

Economic Advisor to Obama-Biden – Robert Rubin

Ambassador to Middle East – Dennis Ross

Director Centers for Disease Control – Douglas Shulman

IRS Commissioner – Richard Haass

Director of Management and Budget – Peter Orszag

Chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission – Gary Gensler

U.S. Solicitor General (Supreme Court Nominee) – Elena Kagan

Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden – Ron Klain

Chairman Council of Advisors on Science and Technology – Eric Lander

Co-Chair of Advisors on Science and Technology – Harold Varmus

Deputy Secretaries of State – Jacob Lew and James Steinberg

White House Director of Communications – Ellen Moran

Middle East Desk National Security Council – Daniel Shapiro

Chairperson Securities and Exchange Commission – Mary Schapiro

Chairperson Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – Sheila Bair

Major Legal Advisor to Obama-Biden – Sally Klain

Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan – Richard Holbrooke

Head of Small Business Administration – Karen Mills

Chairman Federal Trade Commission – Jon Leibowitz

Chairman Federal Communications Commission – Julius Genachowski

Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration – Dr. Margaret Hamburg

Deputy Commissioner Food and Drug Administration
- Dr. Joshua Sharfstein

Assistant to President for Legislative Affairs – Phil Schiliro

National Finance Chair – Penny Pritzker

Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama – Susan Sher

Obama’s Czars:

Economic Czar – Larry Summers

Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein

Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg

Guantanamo/Military Jails Czar – Daniel Fried

Car Czar – Ron Bloom

Border Czar – Alan Bersin

Climate Czar – Todd Stern

TARP Czar – Herb Allison

Non proliferation Czar – Gary Samore

Terrorism Czar – John O. Brennan

Science Czar – John Holdren

White House Medical Czar – Ezekiel Emanuel

Environmental Czar – Carol Browner

Domestic Violence Czar – Lynn Rosenthal

Govt. Performance Czar – Jeffrey Zients

Federal Reserve Bank (Privately Owned):

1) Ben S. Bernanke: Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2020.

2) Donald L. Kohn: Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2016.

3) Randall S. Kroszner: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.

4) Frederic S. Mishkin: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Term ends 2014.

5) Kevin M. Warsh: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.

6) Paul Volcker: Chair of Economic Recovery Advisory Board

7) Alan Greenspan: Advisor to Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Recent Chairman.

Federal Reserve District Bank Presidents:

Eric S. Rosengren – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
- Charles I. Plosser – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
- Jeffrey M. Lacker – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
- James B. Bullard – President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
- Gary H. Stern – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
- Thomas M. Hoenig – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
- Richard W. Fisher – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
- Janet L. Yellen – President, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Jewish Banks That Own The Federal Reserve System:

* Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin

* Goldman Sachs Bank of New York

* Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York/Shearson American Express

* Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris

* Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy

* Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam

* Lehman Brothers Bank of New York

* Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (David Rockefeller)


Richard Holbrooke:Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan
- Stuart Levey: Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
- Lawrence Summers: Chairman, National Economic Council
- Paul Volcker: Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board
- Jared Bernstein: Chief Economist and Economic Adviser,
- Peter Orszag: Director, Office of Management and Budget
- Jason Furman: Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget
- Jeffrey Zeints: Chief Performance Officer to streamline government and cut costs as well as Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget
- Gary Gensler: Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
- Mary Schapiro: Chairwoman, Securities and Exchange Commission
- Sheila Bair: Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
- Karen Mills: Administrator, Small Business Administration
- Jon Leibowitz: Chairman, Federal Trade Commission
- Douglas Shulman: Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service
- Neil M. Barofsky: Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“SIGTARP”)


James B. Steinberg: Deputy Secretary of State
- Jacob Lew: Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources
- Jeffrey D. Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (Includes Mideast)
- Lee Feinstein: Foreign Policy Advisor
- Eric Lynn: Middle East Policy Advisor
- Dennis Ross: Special Advisor for the Gulf (Iran) and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State
- Mara Rudman: Foreign Policy Advisor
- Dan Shapiro: Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council

Former American/Isreali Zionist Dual Citizens in the American Government under George W. Bush:

Attorney General – Michael Mukasey

Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff

Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle

Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul Wolfowitz

Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith

National Security Council Advisor – Elliott Abrams

Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) – “Scooter” Libby

White House Deputy Chief of Staff – Joshua Bolten

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – Marc Grossman

Director of Policy Planning at the State Department – Richard Haass

U.S. Trade Representative (Cabinet-level Position) – Robert Zoellick

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – James Schlesinger

UN Representative (Former) – John Bolton

Under Secretary for Arms Control – David Wurmser

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Eliot Cohen

Senior Advisor to the President – Steve Goldsmith

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Christopher Gersten

Assistant Secretary of State – Lincoln Bloomfield

Deputy Assistant to the President – Jay Lefkowitz

White House Political Director – Ken Melman

National Security Study Group – Edward Luttwak

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Kenneth Adelman

Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) – Lawrence (Larry) Franklin

National Security Council Advisor – Robert Satloff

President Export-Import Bank U.S. – Mel Sembler

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families – Christopher Gersten

Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs – Mark Weinberger

White House Speechwriter – David Frum

White House Spokesman (Former) – Ari Fleischer

Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Henry Kissinger

Deputy Secretary of Commerce – Samuel Bodman

Under Secretary of State for Management – Bonnie Cohen

Director of Foreign Service Institute – Ruth Davis

Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission – Philip D. Zelikow
06-01-2011, 07:46 PM,
RE: The White Power Elite
Blaming whites is just as misguided as blaming jews. Both have a place at the table, however its not that cut and dry. Its about ideologies and policies being marketed to power brokers of all types.
Blaming just the jews distracts against all the other culprits involved. Just as blaming the whites does the same.
"Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research"
~William Cooper


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