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Adverse Reaction to Immunization MMR Vaccine
05-10-2011, 02:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-10-2011, 02:32 AM by drummer.)
Video  Adverse Reaction to Immunization MMR Vaccine

On April 8, 2009, Mary took her son Conner to Nason Pediatrics for his routine 15 month follow up exam. After the examination, Conner received two shots: MMR#1 (measles, mumps and rubella) in the left thigh and Varicella (chicken pox), which was injected into his right thigh. Mother and son went on their way. Within a few days, Mary and Conner both developed a rash. Little did we know that a routine check up and MMR vaccination would have such devastating effects on her life... her dreams. Her once fulfilling life would soon change.
On or around April 22, 2009, my sister's personality started to slowly and gradually change. She wasn't talking correctly, or if she wanted to say something, her words were not coming out as easily as the way they always did. Her expressions she used to make were different. It was almost as if she did not understand you.
With everyday that passed, her personality changed more and drastically. This was the start of her new found illness DUE TO the MMR VACCINE!!!

The neurologist /immunologist at Pittsburgh Hospital (Dr Mitchell) first diagnosed Mary with Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis ADEM which he said was contracted via contact by Mary to live virus vaccine cell shedding in body waste of baby. She changed baby's diaper and was exposed to live live MMR cells. Later he said that ADEM then triggered Multiple sclerosis in Mary. But he made sure that he told us there is no way to prove "causality". Live cell shedding is mentioned in the CDC book.
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05-10-2011, 03:30 PM,
RE: Adverse Reaction to Immunization MMR Vaccine
It's rare but this does happen when applying immunity/dumbing down/eugenics to the human 'herd'.

The nurse at my eldest son's school gave a call one fine day and said that he wouldn't take the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) shot. They used scare tactics to convince me saying that he could die if he didn't get it flat out. She could not tell me what was in it, so he didn't get the jab on those grounds alone.

Later that year my ex approved the Meningitis shot for him and the deed was done without consent from both parent's approval against my wishes. His arm swelled up it swelled up pretty bad. Now I'm unsure whether all children get the same reaction as my son and/or the victim depicted in the video clip but it makes you think that some sort of reaction does take place to a certain extent in all children and the child that is shown suffering above is an extreme case of what it does. Other children may experience the same symptoms, but to a less obvious more stealthy degree to keep the vaccine/immunization profit stream going and maybe a hidden agenda or two in place.

Why take the chance with the biochemical cocktail?

My younger son got swine flu during the global 'pandemic', he didn't get the shot, it happened before the injection rounds. They still wanted him to get shot up when it was administered a month or two later. As for my son, he turned out fine with lots of rest and plenty of water and a giant helping of love.

more on that personal ordeal here and here.

There is a difference in immunizations and vaccines even though the terms are tossed around interchangeably. The differ as follows:

Quote:Q: I hear my other mom friends toss around the words vaccine, vaccination, immunization, and inoculation interchangeably. Is this correct? Is there a difference between an inoculation and a vaccination, and are they both immunizations?

A: If you were to ask a microbiologist or epidemiologist, he or she would no doubt take issue with all of these words being used interchangeably. Although they are all very closely linked, these words' uses and meanings are often confused.

* Immunization is the process of rendering a subject immune, or of becoming immune. Immunization can occur naturally as your own body creates immunities to fight off a disease, or through the administration of a vaccine.
* Vaccination is the use of vaccines to help prevent certain diseases. The vaccine is the actual suspension (in a liquid form given orally or by injection) of weakened or non-live organisms.
* An inoculation is the introduction of live organisms to produce a mild form of the illness, thereby giving the body immunity. This differs from the vaccine, which generally uses weakened or killed forms of the disease.

So, to answer your question, yes, an inoculation and a vaccination are actually both forms of immunizations. If you have questions about specific vaccines your child might need, speak with your healthcare provider.
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