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German school massacre repackaged to push disarm citizens agenda to utter limits
03-30-2009, 04:18 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-30-2009, 04:20 AM by Kyoon.)
German school massacre repackaged to push disarm citizens agenda to utter limits
German school massacre repackaged to push disarm citizens agenda to utter limits

Illustrates illuminati repackaging; exposes worldwide first the package, uncovering it as Virginia Tech II. Compares the core hoax with the 9/11 core hoax (both media hoaxes). Explains how the satanic celebration of Virginia Tech was upscaled.

Difference between Hitler 1933-1934 and US now
Manual used by Hitler in 1933-1934, with the first edict TOTALLY denying citizens access to weapons, with monopoly reserved to the nazi forces responsible for enforcing the terror state (Gestapo and SS), is the same as now.(1)
The difference in the implementation: what the party of Hitler did alone in Germany is done now together by the two "parties" in the U.S.: one of the objectives of the role of Bush was to cause as much dissociation as required for the acceptance of the most important edict of his "democratic" successor in script: total disarmament of the citizens. (2)

Germany, once again reaches utter limits first
Massacre in German school by teenager (3), was the perfect (4) first act (5) to be repackaged and sold to push to the utter limits the "Disarm citizens" agenda, i.e. abolishing the absolute last right to self protection, to keep a weapon at home.

Repackaging includes:
- "explaining" that the cause for the massacre is the possibility to buy guns legally. The record continues to be repeated even after the right of defense (prohibition on carrying weapons) has long been legally abolished ("coincidentally" following the first school rampage in Germany, 2002).
- using the massacre to "prove" that the right to keep a weapon at home must be completely abolished, i.e. "concluding" that it should not even be allowed to sport shooters. Repackaging this point included having the largest (both in size and audience) german newspaper, Bild, use all of the first page, the day after the rampage, a fake photo of a 10 year old, supposedly Tim Kretschmer, practicing at a shooting stand.
- censoring any question about how was is possible that nobody was able to respond to a single attacker, and that for hours.
- censoring the real reason for the massacre: Tim Kretschmer was under "psychiatric treatment", i.e. his mind had been completely destroyed by BIG PHARMA. (6)

Separation between Packaging and Repackaging - Tim Kretschmer v 9/11
To explain how the official story is repackaged to serve the "Disarm Citizens" agenda the relevant question is not "how true is the package?" but "Is the package consistent, i.e. are the basic assumptions valid?".
The package has Tim Kretschmer undergoing "psychiatric treatment" and that is consistent with the profile of a teenager going on rampage. This is why it was worth to previously explain the repackaging process.
Contrast this with the 9/11 package, where despite the fact that only a small part of the basic package was consistent - "suicide bombers" being muslims, like "amok teenager" undergoing psychiatric treatment or "paparazzi persecuting Princess Diana's car" - people accepted the rest of the impossible package (what was deliberately designed to pass a terror message from the beginning, like the Pentagon "crash", not relevant in this context):
- "muslims attacking targets within Illuminatiziland, aka West" violates the fundamental law ruling behavior of muslims: the tactic of the muslims is to NOT execute any attacks in areas where they are a minority, because the demographic bomb is the weapon used to become a majority, the moment where the terror begins.
- "WTC planes evaporating after crash" or "steel melting leading to collapse of skyscrapers": any of these pieces of the package violate the laws of physics. No further evidence is required to expose 9/11 as a total lie.

Tim Kretschmer Package, the Perfect Shot
Although the "Tim Kreschmer" package - only the part not intentionally designed to pass a message of terror - is consistent, it is totally staged, a complete lie. It was designed as:
- the "perfect shot" for the "Disarm citizens" agenda, with the perfect "father" 's profile (owns sixteen guns); (7)
- the perfect script for two other agendas that are also advanced: "Legalize Terror" and "Celebrations of the post-acceptance of the mark of the beast".

Staged "10 years old Tim Kretschmer" Media Hoax is used to sell the real "Tim Kretschmer" Media Hoax
But was there any other goal for newspaper "Bild" to publish the photo of "10 years old Tim shooting" and admit the day after that it was not Tim, other than to sell the same message packaged by the "serious" largest magazine "Der Spiegel" as "Armed Republic of Germany - the life threatening nonsense of privately owned firearms" using a more serious technique, the red color of the German flag suggesting the "blood caused by the evil citizens who own guns"?

Answer: the second goal of this official media hoax was the same as to have "Tim Kretschmer" undergoing "psychiatric treatment": to sell that "Tim Kretschmer" did exist.
The simple Truth that everyone will refuse to accept, because it is TOO HORRIBLE for them, the core hoax used to stage the Winnenden massacre: Tim Krestschmer, as we know "him" from photos, is nothing but a Photoshop creation.
An official media hoax is used to improve the credibility of the real media hoax, i.e. that there was indeed a Tim Kretschmer before March 11, 2009.

Media Hoaxes exposed and End Times Reductionism: Winnenden v 9/11 core hoaxes
Like the 911 script, where the WTC second "plane" was added to the "live" broadcast by CNN and FOX, the core hoax is again a media hoax. Newspaper "Bild", the same media used for the staged media hoax, was also assigned the role of the "exclusive interview with photos of a relative of Tim Kretschmer". (8)
The undeniable evidence that Tim K. never existed is the fact that "Bild" can NOT prove, with footage, that "grandparents" seen in the photo really exist.

Nothing escapes the Laws of End times Reductionism (1) as the BIG LIE technique is also reaching the utter limits:
- ONE photo is the KEY to expose the most detailed fake ever designed to die the same day that it was released by the media: The photo of the "grandparents" of Tim Kretschmer, used in the "interview" days after March 11 is the only key required to open the DOOR: "Did Tim K. ever exist?".
- this time the production of the media hoax is reduced from CGI computer graphics by two television channels to Photo processing software by just one newspaper.

How was the satanic celebration upscaled, compared to Virginia Tech
The question of footnote 3 was answered: Winnenden was not another Columbine High School. It was another Virginia Tech.
But the "Celebrations of the post-acceptance of the mark of the beast" agenda must be upscaled. In this case this was done by adding the chapter "Tim Kretschmer kidnaps innocent bystander, after the massacre and before commiting suicide".
The "innocent bystander" is celebrated as hero in the main serious talk-show of state television, sitting "coincidentally" on the next chair to the former finance minister Waigel, the symbol the days when the "human cattle" was still being transported to the slaughterhouse. The "hero" plays the role of "don't believe one word of the story I tell you". One of the goals of that role is to let the audience get the ultimate message of this agenda: in fact he was the murder of those school children.

Another agenda where the utter limits were reached with the Winnenden act. Again first in Germany.

(1) Transition from formal democracy to terror state (formal dictatorship):

(2) Manual to choose who is the winner of the next "election" - the process is always the same:

(3) The package: "During several hours, 17 year old Tim Kretschmer in his rampage through two German towns, shot 15 people. It begun by murdering at will in his former school, hijacking a car and finally committing suicide in another town 30 miles away." But is this package real or is it basically the same kind of package as in the case of Virginia Tech?

(4) Perfect only because no matter how grotesque the repackaging is, the public will buy the product, since they all accepted the mark of the beast.

(5) First act in Illuminati Theater:

(6) The "Ritalin agenda" is extremely important to control youth in the last stages of illuminati overtime

(7) See how was the official photo designed, to be used to "document" a real murder used to advance the terror agenda - the murder of one protester, in Genova 2001 - for an example of what a "perfect shot" means.

(8) "Interview" with photos of "grandparents" of Tim Kretschmer. Since the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, a third relative is also added to the picture...

------- Original article, with images
03-30-2009, 10:16 AM,
German school massacre repackaged to push disarm citizens agenda to utter limits
im just going to scan straight down here. i didnt even read it. im just commenting about boys crying wolf. Then again you probably have more baseless rants leading to more baseless rants. Arms amnesties always follow shootings, its obvious.

People pushing for tighter gun controls after some kid goes on a gun crazy rampage? thats madness!!:)who would think of such a thing? maybe hes a government plant to push through this "agenda" but i doubt it. There are such things as crazy people.

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