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The sheeple can go from docile to dangerous - a clip from the movie Easy Rider
05-07-2011, 08:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-07-2011, 09:39 AM by Infinite.)
The sheeple can go from docile to dangerous - a clip from the movie Easy Rider

To me there's the uninformed/misinformed and the sheeple. The un/misinformed are the ones who can be 'woken up' and informed about conspiratorial type things. No one's born knowing everything, most of us were unaware of issues like 9/11, the monetary system, etc. at one stage of our lives. The other type, which seem to make up the majority of people, are the ones referred to as sheeple by people in the know and they flat out don't care about what your stupid 'facts' are. Look how many people go to church believing that Jesus' mother was somehow a virgin even though this is obviously impossible. These people are not victims of the elite, they are victimizers and assessories to the 'New World Order'. What they lack is not just intellect it's humanity, and I think it's time for people who know what the story is to move away from these people rather than continuously trying to save them. Cause if it came down to it they would be the ones ratting us out to the authorities and participating in our enslavement and possibly even extermination. For all of there silly childish illusions that they seek to preserve and their fear of actual freedom and the potential danger that might come with it.

Another vid:

05-07-2011, 06:16 PM,
RE: The sheeple can go from docile to dangerous - a clip from the movie Easy Rider
Passports contain an image of the Pioneer-10 "alien" space probe? Am I a sheep because I'm a little skeptical about that?

They "hare" my freedoms? WTF? How does the author of this piece expect people to take him seriously?

Anyway, maybe it's because I don't live among inbred retards, but I don't see a lot of angry sheep attacking someone because they're different. That's a phenomenon mainly confined to the U.S. where people are bred to be attack dogs for the globalists...

As for the fearmonger talking about how "Alex Jones doesn't wake people up" and how we need to attack Iran now before their reactor gets online, and we need to abandon the sheeple because they will only drag us down, I say "FUCK YOU!"

Jones has his issues, but to say he doesn't wake people up is beyond stupid. Attacking Iran will solve what, exactly? And what's with this "1% GDP" crap he's babbling about? Thus this retard have any idea how ignorant he sounds?
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