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04-26-2011, 12:14 PM,
Information :: World News Aggregator
A bit of a global village spin that takes news from propped up spun alt-media puppets and sources with their own agenda and but some good stuff nonetheless otherwise I wouldn't be posting it here.

In any case watch out for this one, it's already got a lot of reach and is prone to being hijacked .. It's being fronted by an a guy from India (Ajay Jaiman) from a nice Heritage City college town Location in Gurgaon India as a personal project. It could be too but you may wonder who's funding it.

The news mix is a lot of Alternet, CommonDreams, ThinkProgress, Daily Kos, Human Rights Watch, MediaMatters, TruthDig, TheNation stories that make the cut. So a lot of anti-American, anti-Israel stuff right now is being fed to readers. I don't see any blogs either - well not yet.

He's taking recommendations on new sites to add to the feed. It's evolving here's our chance to shape it.. if they really have an interest in listening.

This is an alpha release of an experimental, not-for-profit, personal project. This project focuses on making visible those truths that are clearly out there but hidden from our view; not because we are not paying attention but because much of the mainstream corporate media and vested interests want to keep it that way. Because these issues don't bring in advertising revenues, and/or because they harm the interests of their advertisers.

So what kind of journalism do we try to highlight. The kind that suggests that the whole of earth is more important than any small part of it. That the whole of humanity is more important than any small part of it. The kind that indicates that people matter. All people. Not just the rich ones, not just the ones who live in the western world, not just the white ones, not just the ones who fly 'my' flag, not just the ones who believe in 'my' god...

The idea was to start by creating a portal to all news that really matters.This is a test release and your feedback is solicited. If you wish to suggest a news source that is not already here, please do. If it is country specific, then please do mention the country.
There are no others, there is only us.

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