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Terror Agenda acts: *** Undeniable *** proof that 9/11 upscaled TWICE since 2006
04-02-2009, 01:17 AM,
Terror Agenda acts: *** Undeniable *** proof that 9/11 upscaled TWICE since 2006
The territories ruled by Nazi Germany are the fully documented ultimate example to what lengths a terror state can go.

Once it's clear HOW the terror agenda is upscaled (1) it should be no problem to understand HOW it was upscaled twice (2) after 9/11, on another two acts of state forces executing citizens who had not been accused of any crimes.

Now what is the undeniable proof that it was indeed upscaled? (3)

(1) It is always the same basic handbook. Only the package changes. Search for "at 4 AM" here

(2) For HOW the second act was executed, follow link added in March 2009 to previous link.

(3) Don't think HOW it was upscaled. That question has already been answered in the links and undeniable proof was also for how those acts were executed.
Think HOW can you measure that upscaling worked.

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