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Drone strikes herald 'Terminator-like reality', MoD warns
04-18-2011, 06:52 PM,
Drone strikes herald 'Terminator-like reality', MoD warns
Quote:The use of drones to attack enemy targets could make war more likely and raises questions about the role of the human in combat "from a moral and ethical standpoint", the report says.

Unmanned military vehicles also have the potential to begin a "incremental and involuntary journey towards a Terminator-like reality", according to the report seen by The Guardian.

The study, called The UK Approach to Unmanned Aircraft Systems, was ordered by British defence officials amid growing controversy over the use of drones against insurgents on the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders.

It says: “It is essential that before unmanned systems become ubiquitous (if it is not already too late) … we ensure that, by removing some of the horror, or at least keeping it at a distance, we do not risk losing our controlling humanity and make war more likely.”

The disclosure comes just days after Pakistan asked the US to scale down drone attacks in its sensitive regions.

Unmanned Predators drones have been used widely in the war in Afghanistan and along its borders, some for surveillance and others which fire missiles.

The report states that "the recent extensive use of unmanned aircraft over Pakistan and Yemen may already herald a new era".

It refers to descriptions of "killer drones" in Afghanistan and notes that "feelings are likely to run high as armed systems acquire more autonomy".

The report states that the insurgents gain from every mistake, casting themselves "in the role of underdog and the west as a cowardly bully that is unwilling to risk his own troops, but is happy to kill remotely.”

The report calls for “open and public discussion” about the implications of remote warfare.

It was written last month by the MoD’s internal think tank, the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, based in Shrivenham, Wilts.
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04-19-2011, 04:52 PM,
RE: Drone strikes herald 'Terminator-like reality', MoD warns

The Drones Unveiled

CCTV in the sky: police plan to use military-style spy drones

Military Links Drones into Unmanned Squadrons

Homeland Security to deploy more drones on Mexico

Military Drones Flying Over American Cities

Trivializing War - Nintendo Style via Drones

Spy Drone Hummingbirds

Navy’s Drone Death Ray Takes Out Targets at Sea

Drone makes first UK 'arrest' as police catch car thief hiding under bushes

U.S. Military Joins CIA’s Drone War in Pakistan

Obama uses Blackwater in drone killings

Filling the Skies with Robot Assassins: The Drone Wars Have Begun

US drone strike kills five in Pakistan

Pilotless Police Drone Takes Off to Spy on Britons

Global Hawk Spy Drone Makes First Official Air Combat Command Flight Across USA

So with this flying robot spy net military army armed to the teeth are we not already in Terminator territory? Get your head out of the sand.

I know it's hard to wrap your head around but Tick .. Tock .. every day more and more of these see all automaton death machines with pack mentality and nueral networked learning intelligence are being produced and Billions are being spent, 'good' oblivious people go to work.

If you're going to lobby against something this would be at or near the top of the list. Glad ConCen has paid attention.

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and on the final frontier..

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