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The Suppressed Election of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri in 1958 (rare footage)
04-15-2011, 01:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-15-2011, 01:50 PM by wilfredo.)
The Suppressed Election of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri in 1958 (rare footage)
I was hoping someone could post this link on the torrent site, even though it's not a torrent I think as long as the link is there I think many people would be interested. This section of the documentary has very rare conclave footage of the 1958 conclave where the white smoke emerged from the sistine chapel for 5 full minutes, in what the vatican later called a mistake.

I believe that the events I am describing are every bit as significant as the murder of JFK or MLK if not more. What I am trying to show here is that there was coup d'etat in the Catholic Church on October 26th, 1958 and that the Church has been governed by imposters since that time. Is this really that important? In my opinion it is. The Catholic Church is the largest and oldest institution on earth, with roughly a billion nominal members, that is roughly 3 times the population of the United States. Since 1958 however, despite the numbers, the institution has been largely ineffective in combating the social ills they had so effectively handled for centuries. Abortion, pornography, divorce, obscenity all became prominent after the papal chair was usurped in 1958.

Also, for those familiar with Catholicism you may know that the original Mass, which can be traced back to the 4th century, was abandoned in 1969 to make way for a "new mass." A ceremony that bears little resemblance to the traditional Mass. Again, who would want to destroy the sacred rite but an enemy agent masquerading as Pope.

At the center of the film is the election of Cardinal Siri in 1958. What you will see in this section is a very clear emmision of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel 2 days before the election of John XXIII. On this night 200,000 people turned to the balcony to see the new pope emerge on the balcony while news reports went out around the world that a new pope had been elected. Vatican radio later annouced that the white smoke was a mistake and that no Pope had been elected. In this section you will also hear the testimony of an FBI Consultant that claims there are FBI and State Department files stating that on this night Cardinal Siri was elected Pope and took the name Gregory XVII. In addition, former papal advisor Father Malachi Martin gives his testimony that Cardinal Siri was elected and was put under duress in at least 2 if not 3 conclaves. This is the centerpiece of the film (part 4) which is about 10 minutes

The film is otherwise broken down into 12 parts, the subject matter of each part described in the title.

Part 1 Historical Precedents
Part 2 October 1958
Part 3 The Chosen Candidate
Part 4 The 1958 Conclave
Part 5 Who was John XXIII?
Part 6 The 1963 Conclave
Part 7 Who was Paul VI?
Part 8 The Destruiction of the Mass
Part 9 Year of Two Conclaves
Part 10 Cardinal Siri Confronted
Part 11 Conclusion
Part 12 The UndergroundChurch
04-15-2011, 06:47 PM,
RE: The Suppressed Election of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri in 1958 (rare footage)
nice post...plenty for the unknowledged to learn about in it...
Remember Knowledge is the only thing THEY can't take from you, and Knowledge is Know how, and Know how is Power!!!

Live long and Prosper!!!! Have a plan beyond words, and worry not of why the storm is coming as to how you're going to survive in it!!!!

Deathanyl @gmail!!!!!!
04-16-2011, 04:12 PM,
RE: The Suppressed Election of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri in 1958 (rare footage)
(04-15-2011, 01:48 PM)wilfredo Wrote: Since 1958 however, despite the numbers, the institution has been largely ineffective in combating the social ills they had so effectively handled for centuries.

Well, well, in some way one can say... it certainly did! Very effectively that is:

Inquisition: 13.-18. cent., up to 10 million dead as well as countless tortured, abused and terrorized

Crusades: 11.-13. cent., up to 22 million dead, among them thousands of Jews

»Pagans«: 9.-12. cent. - during the Middle Ages tens of thousands of Germanic or Slavic »pagans« are converted to »Christianity« by force or gruesomely slaughtered on order of German kings or princes. The church gives its blessing for this or calls for »crusades« against the Slavs.

Jews: during the Middle Ages from 11.-14. cent. repeatedly bloody pogroms. The Jews are killed by the Christians by the hundreds of thousands. The church has laid the groundwork for these pogroms over centuries by clerical agitation. The Jews were forced by synodical decree to wear »special clothes« und have a »distinguishing sign« sewed on. They were not allowed to build synagogues, to be on the streets on »holy days«, only live in ghettoes etc.

Conquest of the Americas: in the first 150 years after the conquest by the Spaniards 100 million people die »in the name of God« – the »biggest genocide of all times«

Cathars, Waldensians, Hussites, Anabaptists: thousands of »heretics« die at the churches behest (the Protestant too)

»Witches«: 16.-18. cent. – the highest estimates count up to 9 million; other estimates are lower

Genocide in Croatia: even in the middle of the 20th century, from 1941 to 1943, some 750 000 Orthodox Serbs are killed in Croatia - with significant participation of Catholic clerics and with approval of the Vatican

Genocide in Rwanda: in Rwanda 800 000 people are killed within 100 days. The church as the only institution had the authority to stop the bloodbath. But »the majority of its priests and nuns had watched the massacre indifferently of even helped the killers«. On 14th of April the massacre of Kibeho begins, at first on the 15 000 refugees, who sought protection on the church area. It took two days until all had been chopped, mutilated, slain, shot to death or in part had been burned alive. Witnesses accused priests and nuns of the Catholic Church of having supported the genocide of the Tutsi.

And then you have the collaboration between the RCC and the Nazis, most prominently documented by the fact of the Vatican ratlines. That was way before the year 1958, where allegedly the »subversion« of the Roman Catholic Church began, which had been so »holy« all the centuries before.

So all in all one must see that it is this »religious« – in reality a geopolitical, »temporal« power seeking – institution which has the highest body count in the whole history of mankind. Not the Jews or anyone else.

All for the greater glory of God. Or maybe it's just that the end justifies the means to »handle the ills of society«. I guess there must be some godly purpose behind it which lower peons like us just cannot see. Maybe it's the »original sin« that blinds us here.

Apart from that: there's more than one indication that the Roman Catholic Church even was not and never has been what one would call Christian from the very beginning. Its symbology screams »sun cult« and »Babylonian mystery religion«. Emperor Constantine created a state religion by consolidating all the Pagan cults of that time and a lot of Pagan Gods and Godesses (e.g. statues) were just renamed. The Holy Roman Empire continued somehow under a new name with some minor religious »facelifting«.

David Plaisted – Estimates of the Number Killed by the Papacy

Alexander Hislop – The Two Babylons (1853)

Pagan Sun Worship and Catholicism

The Hierarchy of the Roman Empire now called the “Holy Roman See”

Only some documentation of the collaboration between the RCC and the Nazis / fascists:

Edmond Paris – Secret History of the Jesuits

Avro Manhatten – Vatican Holocaust in Croatia,2007.pdf


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