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The attack on the dollar
04-02-2009, 04:33 PM,
The attack on the dollar
The attack on the dollar


The largest imbalance in the global economy stands at the summit this week of the G-20-Heads of State and Government in London on any agenda. That seems a little odd, because it's about money. It is a question whether the international community in the future can trust the dollar to settle business transactions and reserves to form, although the United States for decades beyond their means and now have lived for rescuing the economy of their Grade anwerfen press as never before. As I said, this is for the G20 in London are nowhere discussed.

The Chinese have not let that stop, but to talk. And although their relationship very loud. On Monday a week ago, around 17:35 clock time, while all over the world fever preparations for the G-20-summit started, the central bank of the country an essay of her boss Zhou Xiaochuan on the net - in the English translation. Title of the paper: "The reform of the international monetary system." The Chinese central bank chief called for short, the replacement of the U.S. Dollar as an anchor. In the capitals of the West, it was somewhat surprising. What the Chinese wanted to achieve?

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