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Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
04-11-2011, 07:55 PM,
Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
So what are you listening to these days? What is your favorite show or broadcast ? Do you have station preferences ?

This thread was inspired by concenfla's recent rant about oracle broadcasting, which you can find here.

IMO, if the content is good... I can completely ignore and disregard technical difficulties...... so if one of your favorites doesn't have it together as professionally as some others.... It's ok with me.... don't let that stop you from sharing!
04-11-2011, 10:54 PM,
Music  RE: Recommended Radio
Radio - that's so 20th century. I assume you are referring to talk radio broadcasts. A podcast I've taken a liking to is the School Sucks Project. Gotta reach the kids.

Other favourites include:

Freedomain Radio
Although Stefan Molyneux is a bit left brained and can rationalize pretty much anything to fit his world view he's deep and thorough at what he does.

Quote:I am Stefan Molyneux, the host of Freedomain Radio. I have been a software entrepreneur and executive, co-founded a successful company and worked for many years as a Chief Technical Officer. I studied literature, history, economics and philosophy at York University, hold an undergraduate degree in History from McGill University, and earned a graduate degree from the University of Toronto, focusing on the history of philosophy. I received an 'A' for my Master's Thesis analyzing the political implications of the philosophies of Immanuel Kant, G.W.F. Hegel, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. I also spent two years studying writing and acting at the National Theatre School of Canada.

I have been fascinated by philosophy - particularly moral theories - since my mid-teens. I left my career as a software entrepreneur and executive to pursue philosophy full time through my work here at Freedomain Radio. I have written a number of novels as well as many free books on philosophy.

In my podcasts and videos, I try to avoid opinions, and instead talk about proof and rationality. If the theories I propose are reasonable, and are supported by evidence, well and good, we have both learned something. If not, listeners such as you are quick to point out errors, which I receive with gratitude. This approach is fundamentally different from most "talk shows." I am a rigorous philosopher, and I will always bow to reason and evidence.

The only freedom is freedom from illusion...

Truth Hertz
Ironically (re: concenfla) he's from Oracle! Charles Giuliani seems to be on a anti-zionist kick right now, not that that is something to be ignored but it's a bit heavy on the topic as of late. Some real gems in the past from this outstanding host and excellent researcher.

Quote:Charles has degree's in history, theology and education. His hobbies include biking, hiking, playing guitar, writing, and collecting fossils, minerals, ancient artifacts and meteorites. Charles has written 20 mostly-self-published books on subjects ranging from alternative science to history, politics and theology. He has also worked in public broadcasting for 9 years. Charles started out with his own local cable access TV show and later moved into radio broadcasting.

Steel on Steel
With 20+ years of running this informative show John Loeffler brings a lot to the table and has very interesting guests and topics. He brings a moderate and informed view to Christianity and Judaism that balances out and tempers the large does of Charles Giuliani I am subjected to. John's level headed objective approach backed by a good understanding of history, economics and politics is refreshing.

No description/overview on his site so I'll throw in his 3 most recent article summaries.

Quote:The Sad Road to Socialism
What happens When Private Property is No Longer a Right

The Battle of Pockets Deep
"How did it come to this?" muses King Theoden in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings as the Battle of Helm's Deep was about to commence. The residents of Middle Earth never saw their time of trial coming until it had grown to a level of grave crisis and so it is today. Look about you resident of Middle Class, the Battle of Pockets Deep is about to begin as Lord Taxman wages war.

Stop Complaining!
This week's letter from the ACLU appeared in the business mail, alarmed at the assault Attorney General John Ashcroft is waging on civil rights and hinting that if I kick some money into the pot they could prosecute an effective defense to this clear and present danger.

The Laura Lee Show
Discontinued and scrubbed from the net. This was my first foray in streaming listening. I'm partial to it. If anyone has any archives they belong on the tracker. I've got a partial set I managed to rescue. She can be a bit new age at times though. My email attempts to get get the archive back up to her have gone unanswered to date.

Quote:This talk show is devoted to musing upon those age-old questions -- Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What are we doing here, anyway? We do so by inviting researchers in an eclectic range of fields – consciousness studies, wisdom traditions, new theories in all the sciences, ancient mysteries, the unexplained, and the just plain fascinating – to talk with us and share their work in open-ended, open-minded, deep conversation. It’s high entertainment if you enjoy those “Aha Moments” and taking your mind out for a stretch!

The Celtic Rebel
Media Programming picked apart although he does sometimes get caught up too much in the ass fetish and seems a bit hypocritical at times but his Hollywood insights are spot on for the most part. Just when you think this guy is turning the corner and thinking of and discussing results you'll find he'll get sidetracked into numerology or the sucked back into the rectum thing. Alex and his guests have hit on some deep insights that I have found beneficial in my everyday life though. Main message - unplug, be yourself.

Social Engineering 101 was fantastic.

Quote:Many of you have contacted me expressing your wish, yet hesitancy to share my material with your friends. And, I do understand. I realize that my material can/will seem extremely unusual [to say the least] to those, pardon the expression, uninitiated to my train of thought.

Heck, to tell the truth, had I seen my own material as recently as three years ago, I would have probably thought the author was a nutter. Hence, I am preparing a sequence of blogs to read before one gets to my latest line of work regarding stargates, tentacles, asses, “embedded cinema” ™ and the predilections of the pedophile priest class, i.e., our rulers. So, let’s start off with The Basics (introductory show overview listing).

A View From Space
Gary Bell brings it, and then some, then gets lost on a tangent about astrology or something. Maybe it does matter because it's what they believe from a know thy enemy standpoint. I tend to think most along this guys line in connecting dots to motive and working back. It's strange listening to him since I'd wrote about the very same angle on a variety of topics. That said, he almost reads too much into things but that's far better than not going deep enough IMO.

Quote:He goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.

He de-programs the brainwashed simply by uncovering the truth.

Get a whole new perspective to what’s happening in the world every Saturday night with the Spaceman on A View From Space.

A View From Space airs on Saturday nights.

What in the World is Happening
Mark Passio combines Terrence McKenna, David Icke, Robert Maxwell and Michael Tsarion picks out what he agrees with and melds them into a fine stew of thought. He gets very philosophical and makes sense out of the dogmas the aforementioned bring to the table and balances it the best he can with science. The big issue I have with him is this heavy whiff of new age which would play right into the hands of the 'elite'. His drug pushing tendencies as a solution (from McKenna) which will do more harm than good if taken en-masse IMO. I'm not about to call him a shill but I'd be wary of him, take what you can get out of it though.

Quote:The following concepts and ideas will be deeply explored:

* The components of our own Consciousness
* How to recognize Truth and Deception
* The Emotional Polarities we experience in our lives
* The differences between Magic and Sorcery
* What a healthy or destructive Worldview looks like
* The basic nature of Good and Evil
* The basic nature of the problem we collectively face as a species
* The forces of the Dark Occultism at work in our lives
* The multi-faceted methods by which human consciousness is manipulated on a daily basis
* The underlying agenda of those performing the manipulation
* What Natural Law is and how it contrasts with the law of man
* What Sovereignty and Anarchy really mean
* Grassroots Solutions that anyone can employ to begin to turn the tide and heal the damage that has been done to our ourselves and our world

This last guy is a one shot wonder .. but he seems to resonate with me.

Reconnecting to Spirit series by Jonathan
This is one of the single most compelling compilations I've come across to date. Glad to see it upped here.

Quote:Jonathan shares his lessons from the creative spirit, and very clearly explains much about our reality, and how it works. Through the love of creative spirit,we will be reconnected to ourselves as life, even through all this manipulation.

The audio consists of 10+ Hours broken down into the following.

01 the HEALING begins NOW.mp3
02 Phase Three.mp3
03 Another Lesson From Spirit.mp3
04 Important Teaching For Spiritual Healers.mp3
05 Propaganda, Parables, and Perception.mp3
06 Church Defined.mp3
07 Knowledge.mp3

Now that I think about it .. everything I listen to has its glaring faults but then again nothing is really good to swallow whole. Truth needs perspective.

I owe thanks to the uploaders here that have turned me on to much of this quality broadcast material that has helped in getting me to ask the tough questions and discover new aspects of the world and of myself that were hiding in plain site.

Torrents for all these and more are available on the the tracker.

ALWAYS balance thoughts put into your head with observation, experience, critique, perspective and reflection and lest you be under the power of another mind's suggestion and you won't get the entire picture. Try to listen and observe with with all biases, with none at all and everywhere in between.

DON'T take anything at face value, chew on it awhile and never swallow anything whole. There is a lot of garbage out there and it's piling up by the day. It can be overwhelming at times, best to just get out there in your life and take it in when you can; live and learn first hand.

We all do have to trust at some point though don't let overthinking things paralyze real action.
There are no others, there is only us.
04-12-2011, 09:31 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
Some different ones I listen to are
The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. - Che Guevara

Resistance Films Youtube Channel

TriWooOx Podcast
04-22-2011, 07:45 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-11-2013, 07:10 AM by aura.)
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
Alan Watt:
Eustace Mullins:
Mike Montagne:
TNS Radio:
Gnostic Media:
03-28-2012, 07:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-26-2014, 05:16 PM by CharliePrime.)
RE: Recommended Radio
(04-11-2011, 10:54 PM)FastTadpole Wrote: Radio - that's so 20th century.

Interesting leads FTP. Will add them now. Thank you Thank you!

What I'm listening to now: [updated January 2014]

Thunderbolts Podcast -
Weekly podcast about the Electric Universe Theory.

The Corbett Report -
James is awesome, simply a Pro. Must listen.

The Corbett Report Interviews -

Gnostic Media -
I took Jan out for lunch in Los Angeles last year. Very cool guy. Great guests. No B.S.

Peace Revolution's Podcast -
Awesome production from Richard Grove. I've listened to every episode. It's a million-dollar education. A 'Must Listen' for everyone.

Red Ice Radio -
I enjoy the great variety of odd subjects. Henrick is very fair.

Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs -
Very, very good geopolitical and whistle-blower stuff.

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio -
Miguel Conner interviews top-quality guests, academics, experts, writers, and more. Interesting stuff.

Occult of Personality Podcast - - Greg Kaminsky interviews occult researchers, teachers, and publishers.

Dr. Kevin Barrett's TruthJihad Radio. Professor who got fired from University for questioning 9/11. Anti-zionist. Interesting guests. Not afraid to tackle controversial subjects. Bad thing: His podcasts are only included in this mess of Lefty blather on the No Lies Radio feed . I created this Yahoo Pipes kludge to only display Barrett's items:

My setup:

Gpodder running on Win7 in the office, and Debian Linux in my garage.

Sanza Fuze MP3 player. $40. The new ones suck. Buy the previous model with the wheel directly from the Sansa website. Avoid the newer Touchpad one! I beat the crap out of this thing working on cars, painting the house, washing dishes, mowing the yard, etc. It just keeps going.

For travel I now have an Andoid phone. On that phone I use the free app "Podcast Addict":


Don't listen anymore:

Veritas Radio with Mel Fabregas - - Mel quit putting free content into his RSS feed as far as I can tell.
The quality of Mel's guests varied greatly, but his production values were top-notch.

Inside the Eye Live w/ Dennis Fetcho - got boring. Grew weary of the commercials.

What On Earth Is Happening - Mark is cool. Quality of the guests got really low. Got tired of wading through commercials to listen to them.

Financial War Reports with Max Keiser - - Too much irrelevant blather about financial celebrities. Constant promotion of fashionably leftist silly political solutions. Wasn't worth my time.

Stephan Molyneux - I listened for three years, and donated money, but I got put off by the bitterness, fatalism, and snide venom of the 'Philosopher Kings' on his forum. Something is amiss here. I can't put my finger on it.

Alex Jones - FEAR FEAR FEAR got really old. Rots your brain. Good for newbie wake-up. Not for long-term consumption.

Alan Watt - Great research. Repetition got old. Toooooo depressing.

Celtic Rebel - Listened to six episodes. The disorganization, butt-seks, and unprofessionalism was too distracting.

Wheels Off Liberty - Childish. Boring. - Realized it was lame statist disinfo.

This American Life - Sometimes interesting. Filtering out the lefty propaganda became too tedious.

Cato Daily Podcast - Boring. Boring. Boring. Politics. Boring.
03-29-2012, 01:01 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
A couple more that decent radio shows that popup on the ConCen tracker.

Mike Montagne
Quote:This exclusive TNS Radio program is hosted by Mike Montagne, original 1968 author/architect of mathematically perfected economy™ — a long proven fact of singular solution to the monetary and political issues before us.

The first eight of the following programs were originally conceived as an introductory set, more or less exhaustively covering how mathematically perfected economy™ resolves not just all the monetary issues of our time, but the principal political issues as well.

A principal purpose of further material then is to dispel every myth that any alternate proposition could solve the injustices before us — for as I have taught without invalidation since 1968, from its inception, mathematically perfected economy™ was a proof of one and one only monetary solution. Nothing less than such comprehensive coverage could sustain such a fact. But as the very ability to invalidate every contending proposition stems from
TNS Radio Programs 1-44 (Archive)

Bonnie Faulkner - Guns & Butter
Quote:"Guns & Butter" investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics and reports on who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are diverted toward global corporatization, war, and the furtherance of a national security state.

Jack Blood - Deadline Live / The Jack Blood SHow
Quote:As a Radio Talk show host for the last 16 years, Jack Blood has interviewed some of the Top experts, researchers, investigative reporters, historians, Whistle-Blowers, and political “policy makers” the world over. The list includes: Four Star General Tony McPeak (Joint Chiefs USAF – Gulf War 1), General Janis Karpinski (Abu Graib) Former Governors Jerry Brown and Grey Davis, Col.s Oliver North, Col. Doug Rokke (DU), Celebrities: Michael Moriarty (Law and Order…) Chuck Barris (The Gong Show), Tom Coughlin (Billy Jack), Warren Cuccurullo from Missing Persons / Duran Duran, Scott Kelly from Neurosis, Future NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy Lineman Mark Stepnoski, and Jeanne Garafolo… Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky… Former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury: Paul Craig Roberts, Former CIA Analyst: Ray McGovern, Larry Johnson (CIA), MI5 Whistle Blowers: David Shayler and Annie Machon, NBC’s – Meet the Press Host: Tim Russert, Former Deputy Secretary of Education: Charlotte Iserbyt, Former UN Weapons Inspector: Scott Ritter, Authors: David Ray Griffin (New Pearl Harbor), Mark Crispin Miller, Howard Zinn, David Icke, Jim Marrs, David Brock, Ann Rule, Dave McGowen, Will Thomas, Webster Tarply, Stephan Kinzer, Greg Palast, Nafeez Ahmed, Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones, and Anthony Hilder, Former Presidential Speech Writer (“Axis of Evil” Speech) David Frum, Col. “Buzz” Patterson (Carried the nuclear “Football” for Bill Clinton), Pentagon Whistle Blower Daniel Ellsburg (“The Pentagon Papers”), Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dr. Dore Gold, Former Gitmo Chaplin: James Yee, Un-embedded Iraq reporter: Dahr Jamail, DEA Whistle Blower: Cele Castillo, 911 hero and Whistle Blower: William Rodriguez… and a load of Neo Con, CFR, Bilderberg, Think-Tank types, Local and regional Politicians, NWO official spokespersons, Thought Criminals, and Enemies of the State.

I've heard good things from NoAgenda but I've rarely listened. RIR is a mixed bag but has some truly excellent guests sometimes and a fine interviewer in Henrick to boot.

Think ConCen needs to bring back ConCen Radio?

Related Threads:

Which Radio Shows Tell it Like it Is?

Good Podcast / Internet Radio Links
There are no others, there is only us.
07-08-2012, 06:13 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
(03-29-2012, 01:01 PM)FastTadpole Wrote: Think ConCen needs to bring back ConCen Radio?

I didn't know there ever was such a thing!

I have to spend a couple of weeks getting scorched in Phoenix, so I'm loading up my laptop with videos, my MP3 player with podcasts, and my new Sony E-reader with old books.

No hotel cable TV for me. I cannot watch that rot any more. In waiting rooms and restaurants I literally force myself to stare at a wall instead. I should learn to meditate. :-)
07-09-2012, 10:16 AM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
this is a good thread, thanks!
07-09-2012, 10:16 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
I agree with almost every selection I'm familiar with in the above posts (about 80%) and I’ll try to find time to listen to those I don’t know, but I'd like to add one or two others I consider worthy of note:

Jim McCanney’s Science Hour

Seems like a duff choice on the surface. Awful webpage, been around forever, somewhat boring and repetitive shows at times, but just wonderful for anyone who sometimes yearns for a bigger dollop of science in their conspiracy diet. Over time, you'll find former Cornell University Physics Professor Jim McCanney effortlessly demolishes just about every orthodox theory we’re taught to believe about space, weather, earthquakes and many other things, as poured unquestioningly into us by such wonderful organisations as NASA etc. “It’s just ridiculous!", he pronounces, and then he shows you why.

Next he tells you how he sees it instead, and invariably you find yourself thinking, "Well, yes, of course. That makes perfect sense and it just HAS to be the correct explanation. In fact, it's bloody obvious now that you mention it!" Some disagree and label him a crackpot (without ever offering too much of substance), while others spend their lives discrediting him by mixing his work with poop and attaching his name to it (or simply stealing his work outright and claiming it as their own).

He’s a real treasure imho.

Stormy Weather

Essentially, Occult of Personality meets Red Ice in a lot of ways, but unique enough to remain quite distinct and enjoyable in it’s own right. As with Henrik & Greg, he’s a highly intelligent interviewer and the dialogue can be highly stimulating and thought provoking, although maybe a shade more relaxed and less goal-oriented than the other two.

In my opinion, Aeolus/Jason is a much wiser, deeper & rather more flawed individual than he first might appear. Moreover, his interest (and concerns) about the psychology of personal and spiritual development are reflected in his work, which I like very much. He’s also quite artistic in his use of language and generally ‘nice to listen to’. Definitely an interesting guy who’s gone out of his way to make his own path in the world and I enjoyed this series (and the later works too).

Phoenix Fire - John Anthony West

Ten podcasts in which John Anthony West rambles on about Egypt and life in general. Early ones often reminisce about his Magical Egypt TV series and subsequent dealings with Zahi Hawaas and other skulduggery. Very enjoyable to listen to if you like JAW's voice, humour and story-telling ability as do I. Informative throughout, but always low-key, relaxed and fun along the way. Somewhat akin to downing a few pints of Guinness in front of a big open fire at Christmas, or cuddling a big fluffy cat.

Special mention:

Latin American View - The Off Tangent Show (2008-2009)

Only listened to the twenty-odd shows one time as they came out in 2008/9, so I can’t really remember much detail about it - but I do have fond memories of the host’s ability to keep my attention and make me think. Quite philosophical in content and outlook as I recall. Also, I remember that when the Celtic Rebel came along he reminded me of LAV, to an extent, so if you like the more cerebral aspects of CR’s output, you might want to ask me to up my LAV archive (not sure if it’s still available elsewhere, but you could try

Freeman Fly

For the ‘feel’ of his early work especially. Kinda pumped full of love, peace and an indomitable optimism, man. Timeless.

How grateful I am to all the wonderful hosts & also to those who shared archives or ‘key’ shows from those you’ve enjoyed. I can only speak for myself but it’s been transformational. Thanks.
The three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together. Zbig the Ruthless.
07-10-2012, 08:20 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
Thanks Ian!
07-24-2012, 08:02 PM,
Music  RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
I listen to this guy every so often and even did an interview with the Gary "The Scottish Sovereign" once upon a time.

Good radio based in, you guessed it Scotland that concentrates on what we can do to make the world a better place moving forward and is a hub for some under the radar events of pertinence with the odd investigative journalist doing a guest appearance. The better chunk of his shows are good too! For an example, here's a glimpse what's on tap today (right now @time of post).

Quote:Hi Folks,

Will Mac Will is joined by Christopher in Niagara Falls re the Cabal that control US foreign policy of forced global population reduction. Christopher is promoting his just released video:

Christopher had corresponded frequently with the prominent veteran financial journalist Edward Harle (working under the pen name Christopher Story) who had wrote before his murder that George Bush Senior, Barak Obama and other members of the criminal Washington D.C. establishment had ordered him killed.

Story was poisoned during a March, 2010 visit to the US with a virus created by the Fort Meade biological warfare facility, according to close associates of Story who spoke to him the day before his July 14th death

Also joined by Mike Murphy regarding solutions to alleged debts or financial threats you may be experiencing. Also by Jonny in welling Garden city. Tune in at 6pm GMT today!!


Visit Scottish Sovereigns at:

Full Scottish Sovereigns Podcast Archive

Heck the whole network is pretty darn good all around.

Check the Schedule to tune in live or click to your content for endless hours of solution based podcast archives.
There are no others, there is only us.
12-03-2013, 08:09 AM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
Just stumbled across another network to check out.

Ground Zero

Podcasts, Radio, iTunes, Articles and more quite a robust site.
There are no others, there is only us.
12-03-2013, 05:16 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
For me I always go through different teachers but always seem to return to Alan Watt and his blurbs from 2006-2008.

Always seem to gain something out of them. They're timeless and useful no matter what stage of development you're at.
12-03-2013, 05:44 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
(12-03-2013, 08:09 AM)FastTadpole Wrote: Just stumbled across another network to check out.

Ground Zero

Podcasts, Radio, iTunes, Articles and more quite a robust site.

I highly recommend Ground Zero Radio! The show is on I believe from 9pm to 1am CST, Monday thru Friday and there are multiple ways to tune in.

hear it live...

or the commercial free soundcloud...
12-04-2013, 07:28 PM,
RE: Recommended Talk Radio, Podcasts, Audio Commentary and Streaming/MP3 Broadcasts
(12-03-2013, 05:16 PM)R.R Wrote: For me I always go through different teachers but always seem to return to Alan Watt and his blurbs from 2006-2008.

Always seem to gain something out of them. They're timeless and useful no matter what stage of development you're at.

Last I heard he wasn't on RBN anymore and taking a break (i.e. cutting wood for the winter). LOL
Paix, Amour et Lumiere

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