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06-16-2014, 11:09 PM,
RE: Eugenics

Fast forward to around the 40 minute mark for the juicy stuff.
06-17-2014, 04:14 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-17-2014, 04:58 AM by rockingtheboat.)
RE: Eugenics
I never heard of Mr Lynn before RR posted the video above.

Don't blame me, I don't claim to know about every asshole who is determined to lead a fear-based life while insisting on remaining stuck in the world of the 5 senses until death pays him a visit.

Anyway, I glanced at Mr Lynn's wikipedia page. He seems to be infatuated with 2 groups :

_ East-Asians. The reason I think is that because he is so cheap, he only shops at one-dollar stores where everything is made in China by slave labor. He is also an avid consumer of cheap Chinese food; rumor has it he never tips the delivery guy.

_ Ashkenazis-Jews : He is just so grateful they didn't foreclose on his home yet, he had to write a few complimentary lines about them.


Quran [022:046] : "Have they not traveled in the land, and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear ?. For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts, which are within the bosoms, that grow blind."

I quoted the Quranic passage above because, in my opinion, Mr Lynn is a prime example of a person whose heart is so F-ing blind that, while he is swimming in the filth of his intellectual-diarrhea, he thinks that he is swimming in the beautiful blue ocean of higher-intellect, spirituality, love and innocence. Oh well, that's what free-will is all about after all.

Quote:"He who thinks he is bigger than the rest must go to the cemetery. There he will see what life really is."
06-17-2014, 05:06 AM,
RE: Eugenics
You will notice that these types of eugenics advocates ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS promote their ideal citizens as basically being good, conformist, hard working, law abiding people who do not have a rebellious bone in their body. In other words good nice little worker bee slaves who never question their masters.

East Asians have a long history of very servile populations. Jews have probably contributed the most to the development of this civilization. Lynn remarks in the video about civilization's importance, how he does not necessarily care if the west dysgenically falls and China becomes the world leader as long as civilization survives. I have remarked numerous times how end of the world scenarios are in fact simple descriptions of civilizational collapse, not an end to humanity or the earth.

Now Lynn complains about dysgenics yet does not seem to understand the importance of dysgenics to civilization. Servile classes are a dysgenic creation; the labouring segment of society that actually is the foundation upon which the more complex, technical, bureaucratic and luxury classes of society are built upon. Naturally this type of hierarchical society will mean classes are always looking to move up and leave their lowly status. If there are no labouring classes, civilization would fall overnight thus it must be constantly replaced.

I have remarked elsewhere that this was partially achieved by outlawing interclass/caste marriage in previous eras. However with the state fully aware of this requirement, they will take steps to ensure there are always members of society to do the menial tasks. This is achieved through dumbed down education, lack of good nutrition, creating and maintaining poor areas, immigration and monopolising the ways that people can meet their base needs in effect forcing them to work and be part of the system.

Lynn mentions high I.Q. women not having children. If you are optimistic it is because these women realise that humanity is nothing special and civilization is the source of the majority of human woe. If you are being realistic it is because women are naturally hypergamous, looking to seek out the best possible genes. High I.Q. men such as (presumably) Lynn are hardly sexy beasts now are they? All those charisma-less, puny, skinny nerds with no back bone (hey its a requirement based on Lynn's implicit message) are hardly going to be selected naturally now are they? Hence Lynn's remarks in the video about arranged marriages of other populations. My point about that is now that the west no longer practices arranged marriages and women are choosing their mates, western females are generally rejecting western males including the so called most intelligent.

Yes, centuries of selective breeding via arranged marriages has had a dysgenic effect sexually on western males. He never had to develop his 'sexiness' for the church would ensure his marriage provided he was a good boy and could sire more future slaves. Now natural breeding has somewhat returned and instead what is being churned out is an army of people whose behaviours seem more in line with eliminating civilization most likely because civilization is a big slave system which Lynn even himself pretty much admits when advocating dictatorial methods to stop civilizations' collapse in the future.

That is why transhumanism appeals to these characters for it contains the promise of creating the compliant slave.

Eugenics would be naturally performed in a state of nature - the continued creation of humans better adapted to natural environments. Civilization, being unnatural, is itself the dysgenic disease churning out centuries of modified humans leading to the pitiful animal that makes up the masses who NEED the welfare state to survive just as the state NEEDS to keep them alive to also survive.

Civilization, as currently practiced, is retarded. If the elites are the best civilization has to offer then it must fall. Elites through history have been child buggers, cannibals, murderers, liars and thieves with grandiose displays of pomposity thrown in for good measure. Here is Lynn saying the west is too nice while it poisons the bodies and minds of its own citizens while exploiting and killing others as its leaders embark upon all sorts of perversities while proclaiming to be of superior stock yet even their own women do not want to birth their children.

It would be so funny if it wasn't true.
06-17-2014, 08:54 AM,
RE: Eugenics
Great post RR. Now, I just wish I had the intellectual tools to understand it. Don't worry, I'll work on it. lol. Seriously, thanks for sharing.
06-18-2014, 06:05 PM,
RE: Eugenics
You'll figure it out rockingtheboat.

To expand on that post I think it is pertinent to discuss some themes of narcissism and attraction.

Firstly the narcissism of the ruling class and those individuals who aspire to be in that position. The hierarchical system of civilization generally has people wanting to advance higher up the pyramid. There is therefore a power lust amongst these people. Power comes in many varieties and has many motivations. More often than not power is sought after to avoid uncomfortable emotions deriving from insecurities of the self and a general lack of acceptance from the people around them. This type of power is fear based rooted in childish narcissism which impels the individual to become a control freak in order to feel safe by being able to manipulate its environment.

Rationality, depending on the individual, can be derived from cutting off from ones emotions as in logic vs emotion or the Masonic credo order out of chaos. I always use the example of rational - ration - ratio to illustrate how rationality, rather than being a higher form of thinking, is more akin to splitting and more likely to stem from an inability to handle darker emotions. Rationality is more a symptom of existential angst. The likes of Lynn are more thinking as opposed to feeling beings and almost certainly not a combination of the two. Emotions are not entirely psychobabble and in the mind - they have a biological underpinning.

Now an aspect of existential angst is to do with the discomfort experienced from merely existing. Part of existence is survival - if you are dead, you are not existing (at least in the form one is in now). Yet what is surviving? It is not merely the organism, it is the genes the organism carries. From this then, reproduction forms a part of survival so that those genes may continue to exist long after the carrier organism has died and reproduction therefore has an element of attraction involved unless the reproductive act is achieved via coercive methods such as rape or artificial methods such as in a lab or even arranged marriages with a coercive society to ensure their stability as these overrule the elements of attraction. These methods have nothing to do with the natural selection preached by evolutionary advocates.

So Lynn basically remarks about how high I.Q. females not reproducing and it is at this point we can see the narcissism of these characters. Narcissists are generally cut off from their emotional sides leading to forms of intellectualization as defence mechanisms against experiencing insecurity or emotional stress. Females are still human in the sense that they experience emotions and attraction is a near overwhelming emotion. I highly doubt all these females are that cut off from their emotions to no longer experience attraction. Rather, what seems to be occuring is that the males they are usually around are not invoking attraction within them. Rather than admit this, actually admit is the wrong word as I doubt they are even aware that such a state of affairs exists as their own grandiosity places themselves as near pinnacles of masculinity, rather than be aware of this element, Lynn and his cohorts intellectualize the issue.

They intellectualize the issue by saying such women are focusing more on career despite the fact that career pursuits while in education generally overlap a stage in a woman's life where she is more often than not at her most attractive and more hormonally predispositioned to accept the advances of suitably attractive males. College and university smut culture pretty much confirms that their interest in sex is not diminished and even with birth control, accidents do happen. Lynn makes no mention of this however, choosing instead to say that high I.Q. women tend to establish themselves prior to starting a family at which point they do not seem able to find an appropriate mate.

By ignoring many variables, these eugenicists essentially expose their own inadequecies and attempt to hide them as all good narcissists do. They also pedastalize the high I.Q. woman which is basically narcissistic idealization. Their control freak nature reemerges as rather than address their own inadequecies, they propose manipulating society to better fit their own inadequecies which are that these narcissistic eugenicists are unable to attract a mate to sire their superior offspring so propose systems that essentially give their genes a better chance of being passed on by essentially advocating the sterilisation or elimination of their competition.

Now what is intelligence? In my mind it is simply problem solving ability and the fact they have problems with such a basic human action as attraction actually discloses their lack of intelligence. I have remarked before that I.Q. is merely a test for suitability to civilization and Lynn pretty much confirms that by somewhat defining the high I.Q. person as being law abiding (accepting any governmental rules), moral (collectivist slave morality), having manners (knowing your role in the pyramid and be happy regardless) and a plethora of traits any would be controller would want in their subjects. Suitability to civilization then is merely describing the degree of domestication undergone by an individual especially in comparison to their wild counterparts who are so in tune with their animal/biological sides that they have no issue breeding even when they are displaced as slave labour in developed countries to the point they seem to have no issues seducing members of the indigenous population.

If the evolutionary creed demands survival (and its encompassing reproduction) these eugenicists are not in any way logical, they are merely expressing the bias inherent within biology although that has been somewhat displaced and transferred to the system known as civilization itself as when Lynn mentions he wouldn't care if the Chinese become the pinnacle of civilization as long as civilization continues to exist. These people simply display their own altruism for civilization at the expense of their own lives and survival. It is symptomatic of self-hate and a lack of acceptance of one's limitations which are generally narcissistic traits.

Self-hatred, when applied to the collective essentially means the species hates itself. Civilized huaminity or at least its rulers and those aspiring to reach that status or positions close to it, are characterised by having a set of nature and life-hating or necrophilous characteristics. Centuries of artificial selection have rendered civilized humanity completely at the mercy of its government to the point that they could not survive in another system. That means survival for them also means retaining the system hence the citizenry of corrupt western powers keep the system in place as it threatens to engulf the world.

Civilization then is dysgenic in human terms. The so called intelligence it instills are in fact traits for well behaved slaves who can be trained in tasks deemed appropriate by the rulers at the expense of their own human abilities meaning if civilized humanity were to return to a state of nature or even an earlier phase of civilized development, the vast majority of civilized humans would die off due to their domestication watering down their survival instincts and accompanying problem solving abilities. The rulers, being so opposed to humanity, are not examples of so called alpha males hence can in no way be considered eugenic material. Indeed these rulers are readily exploring so called transcendence of the human form through a machine merger - another aspect of narcissism in an attempt to reach so called perfection and away from reliance on nature as an element of faux self-sufficiency.

If civilization is dysgenic, perhaps civilization is natures way of eradicating its unfit?

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