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Ed Miliband: Labour will be public's first line of defence against cuts
04-01-2011, 05:59 AM,
Ed Miliband: Labour will be public's first line of defence against cuts
Quote:Hélène Mulholland , political reporter, Thursday 31 March 2011

Labour will be the public's "first line of defence" against the coalition government's spending cuts, the party's leader, Ed Miliband, will say.

Miliband – who will vow to be the public's "voice in tough times" – will seize on local government cuts forced by the tight funding settlement at the launch of Labour's local election campaign later on Thursday to claim the coalition's reductions would cost the average family with two children £182 this year.

"Labour launches our election campaign with a clear pledge to people across the country – we will be your voice in tough times," he will say.

"Labour will be your community's first line of defence against the damage being done by a Conservative-led government and their Liberal Democrat allies."

In an interview conducted prior to the launch, the Labour leader also underlined his support for "people power" by those demonstrating their opposition to government policies in street marches and rallies as "the kind of politics we need in this country".

"That tradition of politics not just being about what happens at Westminster, or in legislative chambers, but about people themselves making a difference is an important tradition ... If politics is just practised by elites, and is just about you and me and people in Westminster, then actually I think many people will be alienated from that process."

Labour is claiming its councils charge less, on average, than Tory and Liberal Democrats authorities, to the tune of £207 and £40 respectively.

Asked on Today if Labour councils should raise council tax to protect services, Miliband said the amount of money involved would not make a "huge difference". He added that Labour was reviewing its policy on capping council tax rises.

"My view about the deficit come out of my view about the big challenges that Britain faces," he said. "If you look after what we did after 1945, when we also had big debt, we said: 'What kind of country do we want to build, and then let's make our decisions on the deficit.'

"So you see, the point about this deficit debate is that it's got to be seen in this bigger context and that is what I'm going to be saying in this local election campaign launch today."

Pressed on the alternative to the government's deficit plan, Miliband refused to be drawn on detail other than to reaffirm Labour's commitment to halving the deficit in four years.

He insisted the important element being ignored in the debate about spending cuts and tax rises was economic growth.

"The level of growth we get will define how quickly we reduce the deficit and, importantly, what other difficult decisions we have to make on tax and spending," he said.

Full article:

Nothing special, just reminded me of something I wrote yesterday:

Quote:I understand the issues, what I'm saying is it seems to continue the old swinging pendulum of the last however many decades - public spending shoots through the roof by a leftist government, the right takeover and cut everything while covertly taking over things that were paid for primarily by public funds (privatisation), when its time for an upgrade because the public can no longer afford anything and are on the verge of legitimate revolution another leftist government takes power, nullifying the publics' anger which would have destroyed the system and the process starts again. The right push traditional values and ethics, the public interpret this as the reason the right is so evil and thus reject said values replacing them with the very wasteful lifestyles/mindsets that keep them needing government services which, as the icing on the cake, the loans come from a corrupt banking system in the first place which is why irrespective of how legitimate politics are (which they aren't anyway) as long as the banks dictate the value of currency and thus declare what is acceptable to them as reimbursement, which is not the return of money+interest, it is the goods and services the government coerces the population to move into via funding only certain industries which today is moving towards a service economy (you should've studied human resources in uni!) and this is how both the left and right work in tandem whether they realise it or not on behalf of the bankers/secret society network in the push for one world government. What must be remembered is that these protestations cause conflict and change within a society which is why a lot of them are started by them in the first place - they speed up social change which would take decades to fulfill if the 'dinosaurs' of the previous era with their traditional values had their way.

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