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Second hand smoking may damage mental well being
03-21-2011, 06:38 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-21-2011, 07:24 AM by FastTadpole.)
Second hand smoking may damage mental well being
Other people's smoke is unappealing for your lungs and harmful to your heart, and new studies suggest it can be damaging to your mental health, too.

Researchers found that non-smokers come across a great deal of secondhand electric cigarette were 50 percent more prone to suffer from psychological distress than those not subjected to other's smoke.

And their risk to be admitted with a psychiatric hospital within the next six years was nearly tripled (t had been almost quadrupled for smokers).

So-called "passive smoking" is very common, Dr. Mark Hamer of University College London in great britain and colleagues note from the Archives of General Psychiatry. One US study found proof of secondhand smoke in 60 percent of non-smokers.

Studies measuring the nicotine byproduct cotinine made it possible to precisely measure secondhand e-ciggy exposure as well as its health effects, they add, but there is "very limited information" about how other's smoke might affect mental health.

To research, Hamer and his colleagues studied 5,560 non-smoking adults and also,595 smoking adults, none of whom were built with a reputation of mental illness. The investigation subjects answered doubts about psychological distress and admissions to psychiatric hospitals were tracked for six years.

Expertise of secondhand smoke among non-smokers was determined using saliva numbers of cotinine, which is formed when nicotine is broken down in your body and is particularly an established marker of nicotine exposure.

An overall of 14.5 percent of study subjects reported psychological distress. In accordance with the investigators, the higher your secondhand buy electronic cigarette exposure, the greater their risk of psychological distress, although risk was highest for people who were themselves smokers.

Studies just like the current one can't prove that something caused another thing, Hamer said in the interview. However, he added, the url remained even with he with his fantastic colleagues included social status, alcohol intake along with factors that might influence the risk of mental illnesses as well as the possibility of coming in contact with secondhand smoke. "We did see pretty robust associations that remained after those adjustments," he said.

Moreover, Hamer and colleagues be aware that animal numerous studies have hinted that tobacco may depress a person's mood and many scientific testing on people have in addition suggested any link between smoking and depression. "Taken together, therefore, our data are in line with other emerging evidence to advise a causal role of nicotine exposure in mental health,"electronic cigarette basic starter kit the investigators conclude.

Edit: Some good info but SPAMMY SPAM SPAM links removed - you are warned. (FastTadpole)
03-21-2011, 07:52 AM,
RE: Second hand smoking may damage mental well being
Second hand smoke and now 3rd hand smoke is overblown to have an out for insurance companies to stack blame against. It's an exaggerated but not a moot point.

Lots of modern factors and lifestyles can contribute to a wide array of health issues.

Smoking (2nd and 3rd hand too) has been established as a health risk and now a disproportionate of conditions are being linked to it. This is not to discount the related health risks but I challenge anyone to use biochemistry to prove that smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer.

An e-ciggy is not only pushed to people trying to quit but as an addictive habit (it still gives you a nicotine hit like the gum and patches) had tried to the kids with technological appeal, sexy marketing and flavours to appeal to a child's palette. I'd liken it to something similar to Popeye candy cigarettes but with nicotine as an extra hook.

Big market for this in Canadian prisons now since smoking has been banned as an alternative to smoking the nicotine patches they give out.

The CBC put out a bit about these awhile ago warning of the trend and marketing to minors in a market that has yet to fully regulate the alternative nicotine/cessation market.
There are no others, there is only us.
03-21-2011, 12:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-26-2011, 11:39 AM by sanaas.)
RE: Second hand smoking may damage mental well being
I really like your thread... Its really helpful for smokers..
We should banned those persons from our community... We should make disciplines against smokers then day by day, It will manage our society...
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03-21-2011, 09:12 PM,
RE: Second hand smoking may damage mental well being
go outside and walk down a busy high street. you think passive smoking is the reason?

I moved to london and all i do is cough crap up all day. You know its the cars......
03-22-2011, 03:10 AM,
RE: Second hand smoking may damage mental well being
and the chemical laden food and water and the subdued levels of physical activity in our species sitting in cubicles and counting spectator sports, pub crawls, television and video games as the dominant pastimes of our past few generations.

On the other side of the sedentary lifestyle we have some harsh toxic environments. Work conditions where chemicals can be particularly harmful. Before getting into the programming game I worked as a janitor/maintenance man (the chemicals), a fast food jockey (the aeresolized shortening particles) and shovelled potash. My lungs have been through the ringer.

I live in the burbs just outside Edmonton right next to a refinery and we have the world title highest for the highest incidence of lung disease and asthma (and Multiple Sclerosis too).

Population concentration (NOT overpopulation) also paves the way to transmittance of lung diseases and poor nutrition hastens conditions.

Coffee and alcohol are culprits too actually in dehydrating the body. I have asthma and when I'm not hydrated it flares up like mad.

Lung diseases and chronic conditions (not including lung cancer) are the #3 cause of death behind heart disease and the wide array of cancers that are exploding in the human population.

Smoking is a catch-all scapegoat so these other industries don't get sued and since tobacco has already paid it's dues and is taxed to death. $12.00 in Canada for a pack of cigarettes - $2.50 without taxes on a native reserve I think.

The tobacco industry also and has the warning labels affixed to every product. The labels themselves may serve as a psychological tool to predicatively program the very conditions that they are warning of in big block letters - I'd like to see a quantifiable study on that. Many smokers are still smokers even after that anti-smoking barrage and many of them now just feel guiltier when smoking when they're basically being told they're committing suicide with every addictive puff.

E-ciggys, the patch and the gum keep quitters addicted to nicotine. These cessation products are marketed by the many of the same It's like giving a heroin addict concentrated opium tea or morphine and calling them former addicts. The quitter is more easily reeled back in if they are still physically craving the drug - in this case nicotine, and maybe some of the other chemicals loaded into modern cigarettes; not to mention the chemical laden filters.

I'd like to grow my own tobacco but the season is too short. I also find it strange that we're not hearing of how so many (if not all) Native Americans were cancer free since they were the original tobacco smokers that introduced smoking to Western CULTure.
There are no others, there is only us.

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