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Pushing the Boundaries of 'Normal' - re: Manifesting Michelangelo
02-22-2011, 11:55 PM,
Pushing the Boundaries of 'Normal' - re: Manifesting Michelangelo
"This perception is no longer based merely on vague stories from ’friends of a friend’, but is founded on physical evidence, quantified by a group of scientists, researchers and journalists who are pushing the boundaries of ‘normal’."

Pushing the Boundaries of 'Normal'
by Joseph (JP) Pierce Farrell on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 12:27pm

“The inheritance that we are all born with, the potential that resides beyond the perceptions of our five senses and the measure of science, if ignited, will empower you with the capacity to literally transform yourself, your life, and the world around you.” (from Manifesting Michelangelo)
A statement like this challenges our very concept of what we believe about ourselves and our world. You might be thinking, “Literally transform the world around me? What does that mean? How?”  And while this may not be the truth that most people believe, from my own personal experiences, I know it to be true. And, hard scientific fact is supporting this now as well.
The accepted truth today is that if we want to change the world, or the things or objects around us, we must do so by manipulating one material with another (using, say, our hands, our will, and physical tools). Yet the new reality (that’s supported by scientific evidence) is that we can physically alter matter with nothing more than intention and a connection to a higher power.
This perception is no longer based merely on vague stories from ’friends of a friend’, but is founded on physical evidence, quantified by a group of scientists, researchers and journalists who are pushing the boundaries of ‘normal’.
Lynne McTaggart, the award-winning journalist, has interviewed many of the leading minds in this new field, and reported on their work in great detail in her books, The Field and The Intention Experiment. McTaggart writes that researchers have demonstrated that atoms and molecules showed evidence of being connected over large distances, “even in matter so large that you could hold it in your hand.” 
This openly defies what most people think of as ‘normal’, but scientists are starting to see things differently. Says scientific researcher Rupert Sheldrake, “The boundaries of the ‘normal’ are not fixed, but shift according to changes in scientific orthodoxies.”
Before it’s accepted as common knowledge, science always challenges what is perceived to be ‘normal’. New ideas are often received as heresy, but scientific pioneers eventually bring the new realities forward until they’re accepted as commonplace.
For example, Sheldrake points out that for the last few centuries, “matter had been viewed as the fundamental reality. But today ‘fields’ and 'energy’ are considered more fundamental. The boundaries of scientific ‘normality’ are shifting again with a dawning recognition of the reality of consciousness. The powers of the mind, hitherto ignored by physics, are the new scientific frontier.”
So: if you believe it’s possible to change the world through the power of your own consciousness, I want you to know that science now backs you up..
I’ll be writing more about this in the future, if you want to find out more. Also, the Bibliography in Manifesting Michelangelo has a list of more books on this subject.
Lynne McTaggart's work:
Rupert Sheldrake's work:
Manifesting Michelangelo - see Bibliography for more books on this subject:

"JP Farrell's work is transformative. He marries his research endeavors with his personal experience to create a divinely ordered treatise on how we can transform not only ourselves, but all of humanity. He explains how we can do this with the gift we all came in with: the power of our thoughts." —Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D. , Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Founder, Transformational Medicine

"When this work comes out it is going to have huge ramification for science and medicine, and that's why I was so willing to work with him." —John E. Mack, M.D., Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Prince of Our Disorder

“As a lawyer, I am trained to examine the evidence. JP's documented clinical results show that only the willfully blind can now deny the clear link between spirit and flesh. We are on the cusp of a new era in medicine and, more generally, in human understanding. This is an exciting time to be alive, and J.P. is leading the way.” —Armand Fried, Esquire

"A master of intention." —Lynne McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment

"I think J. P. Farrell is going to have a huge influence in the world, over and above healing. . .People for centuries have been saying there's another way, but he's doing it in a unique time, when science is beginning to recognize this, and people are open." —Theresa Hale, Director of The Hale Clinic, London, UK and author of The Hale Clinic Guide to Good Health

“Dumbfounding in the scope of its implications… Manifesting Michelangelo calls forth, with truth and eloquence, our innate abilities...This is a book ahead of its time, about a subject that will become commonplace within this century.” —Creations Magazine

"Like a course in how to perform miracles" —New Spirit Journal
* What if the solution is simple & free?:
* Choose Freedom & Be the Change:

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