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Quirk&Bridwell-Abandoned-Betrayal of American Middle Class Since World War 2(1992)
02-20-2011, 06:19 PM,
Quirk&Bridwell-Abandoned-Betrayal of American Middle Class Since World War 2(1992)
This is William J. Quirk's and R. Randell Bridwell's amazing book Abandoned - The Betrayal of the American Middle Class Since World War 2 (1992) which documents on how the interests of the American middle class have been ignored by a political, economical, and academic oligarchy currently running the United States of America. Do you consider yourself a member of the middle class? Eighty percent of American describe themselves in those terms; working-class citizens who are neither rich nor poor. Has the government addressed the needs of the middle class to your satisfaction? The authors, both university law professors, argue that the fundamental interests of the middle class have been ignored and undermined since WWII. This provocative book chronicles the events which have defined the post-WWII political and economic period, and shows how the middle class has been compromised in the process. From the New York City fiscal crisis of the 70s, to the rise of the new judicial activism, to the looming economic influence of Japan, the authors show for the first time how these developments are interrelated. They provide a novel interpretation of the constitutional meaning of the events leading to the abandonment of the middle class, as well as a new interpretation of the condition of the American Constitution as it is applied today. By analyzing the constitutional source of problems which our political system has had in recent years, the authors provide a new theory as to why the federal system is not working, and they offer novel solutions for the future. They bring together such superficially unconnected events and phenomena as the S&L crisis, the 1986 Tax Reformation Act, massive public indebtedness, savage repudiation of traditional standards of merit and reason in academia, and an imperious judiciary at war with both common sense and democratic self-government, all of which corroborates the authors' central thesis so compellingly as ought to give pause even to any "intellectuals" who might read this book. Abandoned provides a compelling explanation for the malaise so many American feel, but so few understand - the sense on the part of the broad middle class of having been abandoned and its values betrayed by its "betters," the nation's political, financial, academic and judicial elites. 450 pages. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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