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Meet the Thomas Jefferson of Egypt
02-07-2011, 09:37 PM,
Rainbow  Meet the Thomas Jefferson of Egypt
Meet the Thomas Jefferson of Egypt

February 6, 2011 posted by Johnny Punish

The Founding Fathers are Emerging in a Modern Day 21st Century Democratic and Free Egypt and the Results are Surprising……

No, it’s not Hosni Mubarak, the man who, if not for his 20th century ethos, could have been the founding father of a new 21st century democratic and free Egypt. No, it’s not U.S. President Barack Obama who set the future for democracy in the Middle East in motion with his 2009 Cairo speech. No, it’s not even a man! It’s Asmaaa Mahfouz, the woman behind Egypt’s pro-democracy revolution.

So much has been written about women’s rights in Muslim countries, even citing this issue as a justification for the western military invasion, but the western feminist movement remains largely silent about the current pro-democracy uprising in Egypt.
As a result of miniscule coverage in the western press, perhaps many don’t know that Asmaaa Mahfouz – a 26-year-old Egyptian woman – was and is a leading figure in Egypt’s three-year old democracy movement.

A founding member of the April 6 Youth Movement – an Egyptian Facebook group started in the spring of 2008 to support workers in El-Mahalla El-Kubra – an industrial town north of Cairo – who were planning to strike on April 6 of that year, Ms. Mahfouz graduated from the business management school of the American University of Cairo in 2008.

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