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Perfect Storm / People Power vs Decaying Old World Order
02-06-2011, 10:01 PM,
Rainbow  Perfect Storm / People Power vs Decaying Old World Order
ALLEN L ROLAND: Perfect Storm / People Power vs Decaying Old World Order

February 6, 2011 posted by Allen L Roland

The Egyptian Tsunami of people power is moving so rapidly that the walls of the Old World Order, based on control and military force, cannot hold it in check. The hypocrisy of our selling lethal tear gas canisters to Israel and Egypt to be used to disperse the huge crowds demanding freedom from oppression is indicative of the United State’s morally flawed foreign policy of supporting dictators and suppressing freedom throughout the Middle East: Allen L Roland

It’s Super Bowl Sunday which rings hollow compared to the events that are now rapidly unfolding in the Middle East. American exceptionalism may well be having its last feeble hurrah in Dallas,Texas today where the Steelers meet the Packers ~ for the eyes and ears of most of the world are really trained on Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt where US-Israel shared hegemony is having its greatest test against the rising power of the people.

These are heady times in the Middle East as the people of Egypt seize their moment on the world stage and flaunt their demands and grievances to a Middle East audience that has yearned for another choice versus continued oppression from the west and their corrupt puppet governments ~ like Egypt.

What goes around, comes around and the failure of both the Bush and Obama administrations to halt the obvious ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israel as well as the murder of tens of thousands of innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan has rightfully infuriated Muslims throughout the Middle East and does not bode well for Israel and the West.

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