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The Jews, The Chinese, Rivero, Rense & the Grand Chessboard
02-03-2011, 11:34 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-18-2012, 04:55 PM by Negentropic.)
The Jews, The Chinese, Rivero, Rense & the Grand Chessboard
You can call it the NWO with German-Death-Cults/Jesuits/ Pope / Queen-of-England bullcrap thrown in like Alex 'Arabs Own Hollywood' Jones or KWO (Knights of Malta or Darth Vader Order or other such nonsense) or JWO. I prefer the latter because it's more exact and refers to who it is exactly that owns the Central Banks. The only non-Jew owners of the Federal Reserve are the Rockefellers and even their ancestry has been disputed as Marrano by Stephen Birmingham & Henry Makow.

Are Rockefellers & Sotomayor Illuminati Jews?

As we all know by now:
"Examining the organization and function of the Federal Reserve Banks, and applying the relevant factors, we conclude that the (Fed) Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purpose of the FTCA, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations. Each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks in its region. The stock-holding commercial banks elect two thirds of each Bank’s nine member board of directors. The remaining three directors are appointed by the Federal Reserve Board. The (Fed) Board regulates the (Fed) Banks, but direct supervision and control of each Bank is exercised by its board of directors." ~The Fed Bank court ruling of LEWIS v. UNITED STATES, 680 F.2d 1239 (1982):

* Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
* Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
* Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
* Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam
* Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
* Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
* Goldman Sachs Bank of New York
* Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Rockefeller Family)
"Picture a party of the nation’s greatest bankers stealing out of New York on a private railroad car under cover of darkness, stealthily heading

hundreds of miles South, embarking on a mysterious launch, sneaking onto an island deserted by all but a few servants, living there a full week under such rigid secrecy that the names of not one of them was once mentioned lest the servants learn the identity and disclose to the world this strangest, most secret expedition in the history of American finance."
~Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1952)
The only book burned in Germany after WWII

Mullins was commissioned to do this research by Ezra Pound who was imprisoned in a mental institution at the time.
The more famous book "Creature From Jekyll Island" by G Edward Griffin promoted by Alex Jones & Ted Anderson at GCN was plagiarized from and provided further elaboration of the same discoveries of Mullins & Pound. Griffin named the Warburg & Rothschild families but not the others and considers it irrelevant that they happen to be Jews. Mullins & Pound knew better because they had read some of the few translations of the Talmud that existed and studied Jewish crimes throughout history.

"Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed." ~Louis T. McFadden (1934)

The following is a spot on analysis of how the Americans are made to think they owe China & China is made to think America owes them when in reality they all owe the JWO or simply the Jews as Jesus simplified it or this Scott Roberts guy at forbiddentruth simplifies it. It might be an overgeneralization to lump the average Jew in the street with the Elite Jews who own the Central Banks, follow the Talmud and implement the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion but his analysis remains correct even if you think the Black Pope or Knights of Darth Vader or Shape-Shifting Reptiles implement the protocols of Darth Vader & Lucifer and lord it over everyone.

The Chinese are nitwit Jew clowns. Rivero & Rense need to stop with the “We owe china billions” and “China is taking over the world” weasel commie routine.

The Jews owe China AND America Billions and are cleverly setting America up because they just robbed us. Smarten up and show some patriotism. Maybe you just didn’t see the scam coming….Also don’t be so quick to blame the US for starting a war…Obviously the Jews are starting this cock fight. Don’t be morons and take the Chinese side.

Today, 09:24 pm #3 (permalink)
Scott Roberts

How foolish can the sheeple be? Wow!

-the Jews “force” us to pay taxes that effectively enslave us.
-they “force” us to pay interest on the worthless money they print.
-they print money up at will to do with as they please (using every penny of OUR money against us).
-with that new found “wealth” they take sole possession of the media (so long as the average person still trusts the MSM, we are collectively screwed).
-then they use their unlimited funds to buy every company we build and every technology we invent/discover. Americans/Europeans create, Jews use those creations to destroy America/Europe.
-next they relocate our entire manufacturing industry to China. As was clearly planned ALL ALONG.
-after they robbed us of our worth, they have the nerve to claim that we are now in debt to the “Chinese” (Jews). And of course the sheeple on BOTH sides fall for it.
-the entire time they have been building up the Chinese military with STOLEN technology, with the clear intent to use it against us (Jews have done this before). Once again, without OUR inventions, technologies, and secrets being stolen from us (by our Jewish “friends), we would NEVER be threatened by ANY of these OUTSIDERS (that they now use against us).
-they have the Chinese convinced that we “owe” them and are prepping them to attack (Chinese people are the most blindly obedient people on Earth and will do as they are told, once the orders are given).
-all the while they are attempting to disarm us, while sending our military forces off to “police” the world (for Jewish interests). They want us to be completely defenseless/helpless and at their “mercy” (they are merciless).

And now, they are effectively crossing the chess board, without resistance, and turning their entire front line of “pawns” into “queens” (with these “FTZ’s”). Soon we will be surrounded, outnumbered, outgunned, and in checkmate. JUST as was intended all along, as they lined up their pieces all around us. Yet here we are ALLOWING them to push the last of their pieces into place.

Perhaps we deserve this “fate” that is being bestowed upon us. IF we are too (fucking) stupid to recognize who our enemies are and too blind to recognize that they are setting us up for the final conquest, then we are obviously not quite “fit” enough to survive in this dog eat dog world. Our kind, giving, and chivalrous nature makes us easy for Jews (and non Whites) to prey on.

Either we wake up, wise up, and toughen up OR we will be forced to face the “fate” they have planned for us.

The Sassoon Opium Wars
The Truth at Last:
Hong Kong’s opium dens

[Image: 404-1.jpg]


[Image: Nt2xc.gif]

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