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WikiLeaks: US military cannot find evidence linking Julian Assange to Bradley Manning
01-25-2011, 11:15 PM,
WikiLeaks: US military cannot find evidence linking Julian Assange to Bradley Manning
Quote:Although the investigators have confirmed Pte Manning, 23, had unlawfully downloaded documents and passed them to an unauthorised person, they admitted they lack evidence connecting him to Mr Assange, according to NBC News.

The release by WikiLeaks of secret diplomatic cables last year caused a diplomatic furore and revealed some of the most sensitive American dealings with foreign governments.

Mr Assange, an Australian, is in London fighting extradition to Sweden for questioning in a sexual misconduct investigation. He has denied the allegations.

Eric Holder, the US Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Obama administration is considering whether it can prosecute the release of information under the Espionage Act.

Mr Assange told MSNBC last month that WikiLeaks did not know if Pte Manning, who is in solitary confinement at a military facility in Quantico, Virginia, was the source of the classified documents.

"That's not how our technology works, that's not how our organisation works," he said. "I never heard of the name of Bradley Manning before it appeared in the media." He described as "nonsense" allegations that WikiLeaks had conspired with Pte Manning.
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TriWooOx Podcast
01-26-2011, 06:15 PM,
RE: WikiLeaks: US military cannot find evidence linking Julian Assange to Bradley Manning
what they need is evidence that manning was helped and even induced to do what he did. if he still says he acted alone and was not asked/paid by assange, they have nothing.

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