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The Need of the Hour
01-25-2011, 12:07 AM,
Rainbow  The Need of the Hour
The Need of the Hour


The current and pressing need in the world is for the awakening to action of those who possess the vision, spirit and heart-felt aspiration to create havens for refuge and preparation during the coming storm, and who also possess the initiative and willingness to foster that which is new, life-giving and contributive toward the healing and upliftment of humanity and planet Earth.

This time leading up to the birth of the New World is not a time for workshops, courses and lectures; it is an era of active participation for the common good. So many words have been spoken and recorded for the masses throughout history by the greatest teachers, yet still selfishness, immorality and disease are rampant upon Earth. During the past, and in its selfish spiritual passivity, humanity has generally failed to learn important lessons, the karmic result of which has been so much pain and suffering. However, yesterday's tragedies do not count for naught, for they have not gone unnoticed, and growing numbers of people today are moving forward toward actively devoting their lives to something beautiful, meaningful and very worthwhile. In such expedient activity they are realising that the result of genuine dedication to a valuable group-cause is inspiration, healing, purpose, fulfilment and therefore harmony and happiness, irrespective of environing conditions; true happiness and joy is an inner state, not an externally-dependent condition.

Humanity is inherently a gregarious species, yet for so long it has harboured a separative and therefore abnormal way of life, which has clearly threatened both the race and the planet with destruction. It is time for us to awaken and arise from our living death, to stop taking and looking for what we can procure for ourselves, and to begin experiencing the true Spirit of life by giving of what we have for the benefit of all, be it time, energy, support, money, skill and most importantly love, and this in order to initiate steps toward the manifestation and active realisation of fellowship on Earth.

Balanced and spiritually progressive living may only be realised through selfless expression and the giving of love and understanding to all alike. Today, this fact is beginning to dawn upon the minds of mankind as an inspired and practical vision of the future New World requirements. Empathic and responsive altruism is becoming an overwhelming motivation of, as yet a small, but steadily growing minority; a minority, nonetheless, that shall constitute the critical mass, lead the way and change the world.

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