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Time To Prepare
01-23-2011, 09:00 PM,
Rainbow  Time To Prepare
Time To Prepare


Throughout eternity there can be no escape from relationship, from constant interplay between person and person, soul and soul, life and life. Success and survival during the birth of the New World is a question of US, not I. In earnest, loving collaboration, individual strengths and assets are used to benefit the whole community; resources are pooled, and the experience, knowledge, skill etc. of one person becomes accessible to everyone else. This is just one of the benefits being realised today by those sincere groups who are working together toward a common goal, and this globally-expanding pattern is in perfect accord with the great stream of transitions that are preceding the birth of the Aquarian age.

The current needs of humanity, the opportunity to contribute, and the inestimable value of intelligent and earnest group-collaboration must be recognised by all those aspirants who wish to enter the New World. The essential questions to be considered in order to gauge whether we shall qualify for group work and, therefore, spiritual opportunity today should be: are we ready to adjust ourselves to the present need and to sacrifice personal desire for something much greater in order to serve the cause of the Divine Plan in this, its present phase? And are we ready to build for a brighter future, together, for the collective good?

Spirited motivation for collaboration and united service will naturally follow a realisation of the world's urgent need, a recognition of the Divine Plan for Earth, and an apprehension of the immediate point of world attainment. This in turn will evoke the consequent throwing of the total of one's resources into the furtherance of the One Divine Work upon Earth. The word goes forth to the spiritual aspirants of today who are bound for success: lose sight of self in joint-endeavour, forget personal desire in group-activity, pass through the portal into new life in group-formation, and let the personality life be lost in the greater Life of spiritual inclusivity.

As the whole planet moves onto its next and highest turn of the evolutionary spiral, humanity is being exhorted by the new and adjusted laws of the Aquarian age to realise unity and true spiritual fellowship: a new and harmonious way of being. Such an ideal is not only possible in this concluding period of the Piscean era, but is also a prerequisite for the redemption and healing of both the Earth and mankind, for the New World must and will be born.

The responsibility for appropriate action and effort to reach others with important and contemporary information rests upon the shoulders of those who see and who therefore understand. Dedicated assistance from mankind is a prerequisite if planetary upheavals are to be attenuated. The Earth's spiritual Elders are today inviting humanity to emerge from the wilderness of its selfish inertia for the sake of a world in need of healing. It is our time for which the great spiritual Hierarchies are today calling, it is our practical activity and skill that are required to aid all those who can be assisted, it is our charity and love which are so vitally needed, not only as a balm for the wounds of mankind, but also, and more importantly, for the dissemination of required and contemporary spiritual education and truly helpful guidance. It is our service that is demanded by prevailing conditions in order to facilitate contact with all those who are interested in joining together to contribute toward that which must be achieved. It is our selfless meditation, inspiration, inner and outer devotion and invocation that shall construct the channel through which the New Spirit may enter the physical plane. Great pain and suffering may be avoided in the immediate future by the acquisition of a true understanding of today's climactic circumstances, and the consequent application of that understanding in daily life.


The law is set. All those who are able to genuinely express unconditional love during the birth of the Aquarian age will automatically attune to that which is bright and new. It is thus that they shall witness all their past limitations and conflicts dissolving away as spiritual contact is established, as clarity of vision and purpose is restored in their lives, and as they rise up with a song of gratitude and joy to greet the unprecedented light of a New Day.

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