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Seeking the Truth
01-23-2011, 08:13 PM,
Rainbow  Seeking the Truth
Seeking the Truth

When people seek the Truth, they most often possess preconceived ideas about what that Truth will look like. They assume, for example, that finding the Truth will make them happy, successful, and healthy. They often believe that Truth will support their ego in its own expression and desire. They may think that Truth exists in order to make their life easier and support their own personal growth, personal empowerment, etc. and assist them in obtaining enlightenment.

But Truth is, by its very nature, not the servant of the ego. Truth does not exist for the purpose of making people happy, successful, or healthy as egos. Truth cannot be circumscribed by the bounds of the personality-consciousness. Truth leads souls back to God, Reality, and Divinity via the dissolution of the ego-self. Truth, therefore, leads souls out of ego-consciousness into a transcendent awareness of non-separation, while the nature of ego-I is separation. Truth seeks to express itself in the world as it calls the prodigal son home.

Many people seek Truth - or what they conceive as Truth - but often do not consider that it will challenge and utlimately tear down and demolish the very things that they seek to achieve by discovering the Truth! People will seek the Truth to make themselves more powerful, to satisfy their personality, but Truth actually neutralizes the power and agendas of the ego. Many people seek Truth to find happiness, but Truth undermines all satisfaction with the personal life. People seek Truth to obtain enlightenment for themselves, but truth ultimately dissolves the ego-self in order that enlightenment may be realized.

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