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Stop The Canadian DMCA
01-22-2011, 01:53 AM,
Stop The Canadian DMCA
Send A Letter To Ottawa To Stop The Canadian DMCA

Bill C-32 has passed 2nd Reading and has now been referred to a Legislative Committee for review, meaning the Canadian DMCA is one step closer to becoming law. However, the Committee charged with studying the Bill is asking for your input. This link goes to a form letter writing tool. Please write a letter to the Legislative Committee and the ministers responsible for Bill C-32.

The subject line and the body are editable, so please take the time to personalize your letter. Once you submit your letter, it will be emailed instantly to the Committee and MP’s in Ottawa on your behalf.

I wrote and told them that as they already have a tax in place on recordable media, such as blank CDs and tapes etc, that there is no reason further penalize people who are not selling copyrighted material.
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