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Luminous Living: God’s Heaven On Earth - Our Golden Age
01-20-2011, 10:42 PM,
Rainbow  Luminous Living: God’s Heaven On Earth - Our Golden Age
Luminous Living: God’s Heaven On Earth - Our Golden Age

Represented within the pentagram of the living cosmos is the pentagram of the person with the five attributes of wholly empowered self-mastery: the Philosopher’s Stone, Fountain of Eternal Life, Universal Panacea, Magic Mirror and Magic Wand.

In the Courtyard

What is the collective dream of an enlightened humanity?
Wholly and completely. In full accomplishment.

Say it how you will: the Kingdom of God realized, heaven on earth, an advanced age of peace, world unity, light, spiritual love and universal brotherhood. A solar civilization, derived through our spiritual sun, which births and sustains our very lives and being.

Our magnificently beautiful, manifesting destiny. A dream of worthy outcome through expansively visioned, purposeful work, all life variously in complement to the divine goal.

In our work toward self perfection we have immense greatness welling forth, powerfully aided from extraordinarily illumined, loving beings ever near in the Tree of Living Splendor.

Luminous Living is an introduction to the universal wisdom beckoning our full preparation in accomplishment of the common goal. Each year people’s achievement of spiritual self-transformation accelerates.

The heavenly future is now.. the fiery synthesis of the millennia’s eminent universal initiatic wisdom is brilliantly cast now centuries ahead - bestowed through the 6000 talks of the initiatic master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov - for immediate recognition and dutiful application. Living of unimaginably beautiful happiness awaits. What but to do as the exercise machine instructs: “Sit down and pedal”?

Our story aims toward urging and motivating the will, heart and intellect to recognize the beauty and immensity of what we have going for us, to discover and thrive in one’s happiest progress. In Part Two I apply the masterful teacher’s clairvoyant foresight in describing our lives years ahead.

As well too, by the way he lived and through what he gives humanity, the Master, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov is the perfect model of future man. The Luminous World Family portrays an advanced era of Light-filled spiritually loving harmony.

The characters’ environment is real. These our blessings to come are real too, as seen through the clairvoyant foresight of our civilization’s leading initiatic teacher.

Continue to read the complete eBook here:

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