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01-20-2011, 10:23 PM,
Rainbow  Economy

« To understand economics you should listen to the lessons Nature teaches. You will say: "But Nature teaches us nothing about economics. All this vegetation, all these animals, all these human beings who for billions of years have been coming into the world only to die some time later, what a waste! What purpose have all these lives served?" None, of course, in the sense you understand the word "serve". But all these lives have a purpose in the economy of the cosmos.

Nature has never had a problem with the billions of bodies (human, animal, and vegetable) cluttering up the place. They return to the earth and so give birth to other living beings. But look at the problems human beings have in disposing of their waste. They have produced materials which, once used, do not decompose naturally and so pollute the earth, the water and the air...

You will say: "But surely these plastics, these batteries, petrol, nuclear energy, all represent great progress."

Of course, I do not deny that. But as they produced these symbols of progress, they should have thought of the difficulties these would bring when it comes to finding ways of neutralizing them. »

« The economy has become the great preoccupation of people today; and in the interest of the economy, they feel obliged to hurry everywhere, to strain and exhaust themselves, because they have to produce more and more, in order to sell more and more, so they can buy more and more... But what is this economy, in which we find it acceptable to sacrifice human beings? The economy may be magnificent, it may be flourishing, while human beings, worn out and overwhelmed, are in a state of collapse. They destroy their nervous systems, and this is not all: their hearts, their stomachs, and their lungs suffer as well, because all this activity, all this production and accelerated consumption bring with it pollution which poisons the atmosphere, the seas, forests, water, earth, food, and so on. Where is the intelligence in this? What has happened to reason? An "economy" which spoils, destroys, pollutes, and squanders, is this a true economy? »

« If there is one thing human beings rarely take into consideration it is that they should save their energies. Whether they are working or enjoying themselves, they spend their energy without heed, and whereas they are busy accumulating derisory pleasures, possessions and successes, they let their life deteriorate, weaken and sink into a state of collapse. "Life is for the taking", they say, "we must indulge all our desires." And so they use, they expend, they plunder until they have nothing left and suddenly they are forced to put a stop to all their activities. It makes no sense to act like this, because once you lose your life, you have nothing left. Sages have always thought of life as the quintessence and have therefore always taught that life should be preserved, purified, sanctified, and all that hampers or weakens it should be eliminated, because once your life has become ennobled and enlightened, you will acquire intelligence, strength, beauty, power,... everything your soul and spirit require." »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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