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Catching the Bug of Synchronicity
01-19-2011, 10:36 PM,
Rainbow  Catching the Bug of Synchronicity
Catching the Bug of Synchronicity

Synchronicities are those moments of "meaningful coincidence" when the boundary dissolves between the inner and the outer. At the synchronistic moment, just like a dream, our internal, subjective state appears, as if materialized in, as and through the outside world. Touching the heart of our being, synchronicities are moments in time in which there is a fissure in the fabric of what we have taken for reality and there is a bleed through from a higher dimension outside of time. Synchronicities are expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality, as they are moments in time when the timeless, dreamlike nature of the universe shines forth its radiance and openly reveals itself to us, offering us an open doorway to lucidity.

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