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Vaccine push in California against Whooping Cough
12-19-2010, 09:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-19-2010, 10:01 PM by h3rm35.)
Vaccine push in California against Whooping Cough
Listen to this bullshit fear-mongering: "go get another vaccine to replace one you've already had! You're putting your children in danger of contracting a nearly eradicated disease! You're GOING TO KILL YOUR BABY IF YOU DON"T GET VACCINATED!!!!!"

Whooping cough now statewide epidemic

* September 17th, 2010 11:11 am PT
* By Hugh Patterson, SF Headlines Examiner

Whooping cough has become a statewide epidemic,

In the last 20 months the world has survived two major pandemics, with another potential pandemic being reported out of India this month. While California has avoided major infiltration of these pandemics, an old epidemic illness has started to affect Californians. Whooping cough has now been declared a statewide epidemic and has already killed nine infants. The state is currently seeing reported cases of whooping cough that haven’t been this high since 1955.

There have been 4,017 confirmed cases of the potentially fatal respiratory illness, known medically as Pertussis, with one quarter of the cases being reported in the Bay Area. In the nine county regions, 1,161 cases have been recorded. However, the illness has the symptoms of a common cold; so many cases are still unreported. According to State Health Officials, nine infants have died as a result of the illness. State Epidemiologist Dr. Gil Chavez told reporters at a news conference in Sacramento Thursday morning, "I think that we're definitely in the middle of a Pertussis epidemic."

While the contagious illness rarely kills adults, infants are particularly susceptible to whooping cough, which attacks the respiratory system. Infants are in a constant state of growth, so their internal organs are subject to failure even from common health issues such as respiratory infections. Health officials are urging parents of small children to get Pertussis booster shots. Small children can start receiving shots at the age of two months. However, full immunity doesn’t start until the child is six months old. Dr. Chavez is urging parents to have their small children immunized as soon as possible. "The fact that we have already lost nine infants, it's very, very alarming," Chavez stated.

Whooping cough starts out like a common cold, which is why it’s so difficult to diagnose. It takes three to twelve days for the signs and symptoms to appear. Because it presents itself as a common cold, doctors often misdiagnose the illness. The patient is sent home to ride out what appears to be a simple cold. The initial symptoms include a runny nose, persistent coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and a mild fever. As the illness settles in, the symptoms change. Symptoms of advanced whooping cough include bringing up thick phlegm, vomiting, a red or blue face and noticeable fatigue. Anyone noticing these symptoms should immediately consult a health care professional.

This is the largest outbreak of whooping cough in 55 years. The Centers for Disease Control report over 11,400 cases nationwide this year alone. While thought to be an illness belonging to past generations, whooping cough is making a furious resurgence in the 21st century.

While many are wondering why the illness has suddenly reappeared, Dr. Joseph Chow, Medical director at Western New York Immediate Care in Orchard Park, N.Y., said "Pertussis never really went away," adding "As kids, we were all immunized against it, but now that immunity is waning. Immunizations don't last forever." Adults with young children should be cautious since they can pass the illness on to their children. State Health Officials are suggesting mass immunizations to contain an already spreading epidemic.

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