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hey folks
01-15-2011, 12:20 AM,
RE: hey folks
I'm sure you know I'd beg to differ with a lot of that, but for now, I'll just go with this sentence:
Quote:The God/god/gods component is no longer a manipulation tool because of compartmentalized segregation (culture, race, class, nation, planes/no-planes...), survival instincts, lack of local community, destruction of the family, and the sacrifice of common morality for all of the aforementioned gains.

I've got one word for 'ya - Palestine.

Why would tptb give up such a proven, useful and inflammatory control method? I know you think there's a transition to using collectivism and the concept of unity as the new quasi-religious standard of control, but to breakdown the types like those @ Hillsboro Baptist church (I think that's right - the people who scream "god hates fags" at soldiers' funerals) will take centuries, just like other major religions. You have to break down the fanatical wings of the opposition before you can institute a new morality because the moderates will continue to hear what inspired them in the first place within the boisterousness of the loudest advocates of the old. Replacing religion isn't like replacing a tire.
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
01-15-2011, 01:55 AM,
RE: hey folks
Quote:I've got one word for 'ya - Palestine.

Let me rephrase that a bit I was speaking from the NA perspective as a relative notion not an absolute. Just observing a trend.

Religion is actually getting to be a bigger influence in some areas just look at Brazil for instance with the onset of Ayahuasca religions like UniĆ£o do Vegetal and the new age version of Santo Daime. Then there are a real but over-hyped jihadist factions of Muslims, the Paladien alien worshipping groups, a (scratches head) growing church of Scientology and, as I mentioned before, all the other new age stuff floating around.

Many people are getting fed up with all this god dick war and just going all out atheist. It's all over the map though as you have correctly stated it's just a bit more "on your sleeve" and "in your face" than it once was.

.. or maybe it's just more noticeable now with the internet. Now that people know there are others like them and they are not alone they are more vocal and thus more visible both virtually and on the street.

So pax681 how ya liking ConCen so far?

There are no others, there is only us.

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