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About the disabling of comments....
12-16-2010, 01:21 AM,
About the disabling of comments....

concen aka conspiracy central and how i saw it. (2005-2010)

I joined the old conspiracy central back in 2005 when ctrl was admin. Back then the tracker was running on a windows machine with the only windows tracker that was available. I think it ran xbt tracker that was very basic. The website had been going for years before I joined and had a very active forum as well. The forum had some very insightful people on it at that time and information was exchange freely. The admin ctrl was having personal issues apparently and started to not want to continue to admin the site. Some of the members said that ctrl had a drinking problem, whether he would just come on the forum drunk and make bs posts or he had an actual drinking problem is debatable. Ctrl was a great admin imo and the a lot of other member shared the opinion. Of course the forum had some highly controversial information on it even back in 2005. I know myself and several other long time members of concen have said that the way ctrl left was very strange. Although i still specifically remember the thread that ctrl made when he said that he was leaving and how people advised to decentralise the site. ctrl from what i understand gave mod status to a lot of people and then gave admin status to yeti and he has not realy been seen since. he came back once or twice since he left and laughed at a few of the changes. When yeti took over several entire sections of the forum were removed or just not ported over to the new forum software. One was called assassinations and mysterious suisides, that had decades worth of strange deaths. He also added a section called too many hands, when in the previous forum we had a section that had eugenics as a sub heading, that had a lot depopulation information in it. All that information has still not been re imported. The mind control section was removed. The new admin changed all the names of the sections from their names to weird names involving hands. Like iron fist, velvet glove and other names associated with hands. He has since renamed a lot of them back to their original names at requests of all the users, but some of the sections were not ported over completely. He changed from the lame windows tracker software to a new linux based tracker. I would not say that he made a bad job of the transition to better tracker and forum software. But it was not long afterwards that the first issues started to arrise. They wanted to make a new rule that banned fiction material completely. On the old tracker you could upload material that was fictional as long as it was related to conspiracies or informative. But with this new idea came a heavy moderation of torrents, now with moderation like that we do not know what does not get through, as a user you never see what does not get through. Then came the complaints about the comments. On the forum a few months ago we had several long time users that were very active on the forum leave because yeti had a freak out about a specific theory that was brought up. On certain topics he was just not happy with the idea or content and would throw a hissy fit and start to want to ban users and moaned about it. Basically started stealth censoring it and trying to dictate to the forum and tracker. He created second account and started having conversations with himself and agreeing with himself on the forums. He said that he was going to leave the site and several mods left completely. Then he went all quiet for about two or three months. He made some posts here and there, but he did not make an announcement or do any major changes. Then i see a torrent on the tracker posted by someone called ognir and it is an interview between ognir and yeti. Now ognir has a history on concen, he was on the forum back in 2005 and was a very active member. Then ctrl the previous admin banned him because of reasons that was complicated. But ctrl banned him because of how he was on the forum, just kept persisting with his information and ctrl got pissed off with it and in the end it resulted in a ban. This was after years of communication between the individuals. ognir started his own forum called tiu, ognir was very much focussed on the zionist agenda and would not accept other individuals saying they disagreed with it. If they disagreed they would be called an agent or shill or zionist shill. But back to the story, the next day after seeing the torrent and the tracker i go back to tracker and i want to post a comment on the torrent about the interview. But i saw that comments had been disabled. Then i go to the forum and make a thread in the off topic section about the torrent and ask why comments are disabled. Then i realize that comments have been disabled on the tracker and that the admin is throwing yet another hissy fit and banning people on a rampage. Saying how it is his site and everyone else can fuck off. Even though members have donated thousands of dollars.

People go there to share ideas and information and i have never seen a problem with the comments on the tracker.
12-16-2010, 03:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-16-2010, 03:26 AM by h3rm35.)
RE: About the disabling of comments....
are you just sharing what you found on reddit, or is this your comment?
[Image: conspiracy_theory.jpg]
12-16-2010, 11:05 PM,
RE: About the disabling of comments....
when i read the title. i bet myself i would find the words "zionist" "alex jones"


Its the paranoia police!!!

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