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A REAL Analysis of Canadian Government Debt and Tax: Federal, Provincial and Local
12-08-2010, 07:08 AM,
Information  A REAL Analysis of Canadian Government Debt and Tax: Federal, Provincial and Local

So what do we get for our money Federally?

Here's the Latest Canadian Budget
Table 4.2.4 :: Revenue Outlook
(Including Budget 2010 measures)
or (page 161)

$19,130 for every man, woman and child is spent on federal government functions.

Total 2009 Revenues - 2010 Revenues are projected to drop. 14.6% of GDP goes to the federal government via income taxes alone. No fees, fuel taxes, tolls, property taxes, green taxes, GST, HST and provincial taxes. Est 2009 population was 33 Million. $7,064 per person -- every man woman and child were extracted for government services. All things equal a family of four would be paying over $28,000 to the government, and they do one way or another.

Almost every working man gets these additional deductions taken off every paycheque in additional to the Federal and Provincial levy on their (our) wages.

Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) is not counted as revenue but is unsustainable and is drawn from at times.

Only a portion of Employment Insurance (EI) is counted, the rest is surplus. The Canadian Government has been running

Inflation has been a hidden tax. Although we are headed for a deflationary trend based on real money supply, decreased lending, projected higher interest rates, increased unemployment, decreased real GDP, foreign competition (all sectors) and the housing market.

Foreign Ownership

Here's a quick list of some (up)dated facts (Source - Statistics Canada + wiki) to make you want to sing Oh Canada - Our Bought and Sold Out Land (freelech):

2003 - Percentage of operating revenues of Canadian industries that were from foreign-controlled companies:
- Manufacturing - 51.8%,
- Oil and gas - 49.9%,
- Finance and insurance - 23.7%,
2004 - Foreign-controlled profits soared to a record $68 billion in, up a staggering 21.7% from the previous year.

2004 - Foreign-controlled corporations operating revenues in Canada averaged $96 million, compared with less than $2 million for their Canadian-controlled counterparts.

Foreign Controlled Corporations in Canada:
Assets in Year 2000 - $0.834 Trillion
Assets in Year 2004 - $1.091 Trillion
Assets in Year 2007 - $1.385 Trillion

Number of Canada based fortune 500 companies:
2005 - 66
2009 - 52 (one of them from the merger of suncor and petro Canada) most of the other 13 are from foreign takeovers.

Total valuation of assets for corporations conducting business in Canada (~8% Directly owned by Government) was $5.034 Trillion.

$1.385 Trillion or 27% of all corporate assets are foreign owned as of 2007 and they collectively garnered over 40% of all corporate revenue.

CETA will only accelerate this essentially making an EU inclusive NAFTA.

Canada-European Union Economic and Trade Agreement Draft (CETA) [2010] (Tracker)

Our trade surplus (a modest $9B down from $22B only a few years ago) is vulnerable to drop with our biggest trading partner suffering near record unemployment and increased international competition.

Debt owed to Canadians Federally (Foreign Reserves)..

Canada has $57 Billion (USD) in foreign reserve holdings. $9 Billion in IMF SDRs ($7.4B purchase in August 2010), Most is in USD (33B+) and Euros (20B+)

Trimming the Fat

~$3 Billion is spent on collecting federal taxes every year. (2007 CRA Report)

$28.3 Billion was given as loans and advances to Enterprise Crown Corporations in 2009
(page 170)

Crown corporations turned a regular profit of $30B in years previous (last data available was in 2007). Per capita this equates to the US bailout we just called it the Extraordinary Financing Framework. $54.2 Billion was "invested" in bad mortgages via the Insured Mortgage Purchase Program. This $108.1 Billion over the past 2 years has been allocated as Loans, investments and advances include the Government’s investments Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). They also include loans, investments and advances to national and provincial governments and international organizations, and for government programs.
(page 171)

There is also that hidden tax that everyone pays at the pump from the middle man (to Global Finance initiatives) and the inflated price of manipulated commodities (ICE) that go straight to the banks but that's a bit outside of government so we won't go there in this one.

Data for the consolidated, federal, provincial, local and territorial governments

Looking at more inclusive bigger picture for governance expenditures.

$631 Billion of spending was allocated for 2009 -- Up 22% Since 2005 - percentages following the figures represent the spending increase from 2005 to 2009.

These figures do not include personal nor corporate debt.

Social Services: $190 Billion +21%
Health: $ 122 Billion +29%
Education: $96 Billion +24%
Policing / Protection: $51 Billion +23%
Transport and Communication: $32 Billion +52%
General Gov't Services: $23 Billion ($10B Federal) + 21%
Resource Conservation and Industrial Development: $20 Billion +7%
Environment: $17 Billion +42%
Recreation and Culture: $16 Billion +21%
Foreign Affairs and International Assistance: $6 Billion +58%
Housing: $6 Billion +57%
Regional planning and development: $3 Billion +34%
Research: $2 Billion +24%
Labour, employment and immigration: $2 Billion + 3%
DEBT Charges: $43,634,000,000 ($44B) -4%

Net Consolidated Debt: $740B (assets - liabilities)
Total Liabilities $1,219,943,000,000 (2008)*

Calculated 3.75% Interest (2008) based on total debt service.
Each man woman and child owes $36,967 ($147,872 per family of 4) in debt across these sectors. Nearly $225 Billion of that (20%) is accrued interest over only the PAST FIVE YEARS.

Bear mind that 18.4 Million people constitute the Canadian workforce, a portion of those are unemployed. They bear the brunt. At a modest 5% unemployment we have 53% of all citizens working so double the above if you wish to reflect the burden on the workforce.

The total GDP for Canada is $1.28 Trillion (2009)

$631 Billion of that is spent for you by government.

Is the Canadian government doing a good job allocating 49.4% (and more every year) of all of your earnings?

What has your family actually received for this penance? If you got to keep twice as much money could you spend it better? Would you have racked up this kind of debt? Is it fair to children that are born into this accrued government debt?

Does anyone really want to hand over more control over how the remaining 50.6 cents of every dollar (not including EI and CPP premiums) you work for are spent?

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There are no others, there is only us.
12-22-2010, 10:26 PM,
RE: A REAL Analysis of Canadian Government Debt and Tax: Federal, Provincial and Local
Wondering how much it costs to send a kid to school in Canada?

Public funded education for my children costs more than just that. We have supplies, field trips, text books and bus passes. In universities and colleges there is tuition and all sorts of other fees piled on and a lot of the professors are doing more work on PPP projects than educating the students.

On top of that they run fund-raisers and schools need to solicit volunteer work from parents and the community.

I'm not even sure the $92 Billion education budget includes retirement packages and pensions - as it might be denoted as social services and part of that $190B expense.

The Numbers

* 5.12 Million Enrolled in public education in 2007/2008.
* $92 Billion Spent on Education Nation-wide in Canada
* $92,000,000,000 / 5,120,000 Students = $17,968.75 for every student in the education system
* 160 Days in a School Year
* ~6 Hours of Instruction (K-12)
* ~960 Hours per year
* $18.72 per student
* 340,000 educators working in publicly funded elementary and secondary schools
* 1 Educator for every 15 Children, Called up some people to get better numbers for Classroom sizes so I'd estimate median class size @ about 22 but I've made the calls to get some better stats on education funding so stay tuned.

This FORCED PURCHASE is bleeding us dry and Canadians are legally obligated to pay for it (or else ..) whether we have offspring or not.

There are no others, there is only us.

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