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Not understanding something
12-05-2010, 04:47 PM,
Not understanding something
First, I am skeptical about almost everything. The advantage of this is that one can learn from research and become less naive. I do not understand why there are so many Jew haters. I understand the idea of Zionism. However, the idea and concept of world domination is not a new one and it is more likely that there are a few DIFFERENT groups that seek to control the world. Why do so many people believe that all Jews are making everyone else's life horrific? It is my belief that all people that seek to control the world are a small percentage of the total population. Not all people taking our rights away are Jewish. So, there has to be a definitive answer. Is it freemasons, the Chinese, the Jews, the Catholics, the Satanists or what? I am tired of hearing people bash other people for simply not mentioning how bad Israel is. I think it is unproductive to the cause of learning and educating people about the problems that plague society. It makes people look uneducated if criticism is brought only to one group of people because in every group there are bad people. Productive thinking would be to point out the evil doers, not the groups they hide in. I think the hate mongering and obsessive anger over this type of thing negatively effects the proliferation of new ideas because it brings about argument and fighting instead of logical discussion. What do you guys think?

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