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Who am I?
11-07-2010, 11:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-07-2010, 10:14 PM by TheCarrier.)
Who am I?
When I was 9 years old, and went to third grade in school, we formed a gang, as children often do at this age. We went in class 3 E, so of course we had to have a logo for our group. The strange thing with the logo we made, was that it became a logo who could remind very much of a logo made up of the masonic number 33 - it was of course a conjoined 3 and an E, like number three and number three mirrored.
This became the beginning of a strange journey for me in reality and dreams, and I will share a bit of this story with you.

It all begun with a dream. A pretty vivid one. Darkness. Then hundreds and hundreds (just to pick a number) of colored orbs, flying all around me. This dream repeated itself a few times, but one night, it changed. And I could see stars - billions of stars, and I really got the feeling of floating in outer space somewhere.

But then, one night, something new happened. I was dreaming that I was home alone, standing in the entrance room. Somehow I knew there was nobody else home. Then I hear it. At the top of the stairs. Someone coming down towards me. Franticly I started fiddling with my laces on my Adidas basket shoes - and too late - I didn't get out the door before I saw what was coming down the stairs. To describe this figure, is for me impossible.

It was completely asymmetrical in body and face, little - like a midget, greyish/blue in color and I remember there was some drawings on it. I remember very well the spiral shape on it's front. The other thing that struck me with this figure, was that it looked wounded - very wounded. Well, we stood there face to 'face', and I could hear his words in my head. It said I'd have to drop putting on shoes if I was to avoid him, or else he would allways catch up to me.

Then suddenly, out of nothing, he draws up this spell or something, and what appeared to be a hole opened up behind me, filled with stars, and I sank backwards into it and woke up.

This was a dream that repeated itself, then maybe not the next time, but the time after that, I decided to not put on shoes when I heard him come down the stairs. And I could go out the door, while I could see the figure inside appearing to be crying!

This was in the early 80's, and after a short while, the encountering dreams stopped, and I had some relatively good years, buying my first computer, learning myself programming, and it culliminated in me joining a software piracy group with the name of ACE which we later changed into BROS. It made me discover a new world - the digital. This was in the days of ARPANET, and all we had to play with was 1200 bps HAYES modems. But the world of the telephone fascinated me. It was sort of say a 'soundworld' where by playing some tones, you could reach anywhere in the world in no time at all, and I guess the movie TRON influenced me some as well.(T and R are my initials, so T.R. on - Get it?)

Long distance callings were expensive, so we used calling card and credit card numbers to bill it to. Then I got caught. My world crubled in front of my eyes. My parents demanded me selling all my equipment to pay the settlement, and I had no hobby giving me a kick anymore.

Next best thing and since I was in a vounerable state and age - drugs. I started doing hashish, but the road to pills were short. Then one day, a friend asked me if we should go and pick some mushrooms, since it was the season. Norwegian mushrooms are very strong, and contains relatively large amounts of the compound psilocybin, a hallucinogen. We searched and searched, but after nearly two hours we had only found 40 mushrooms. So my friend says to me: 'if I can take the last beer, you can take all the mushrooms'. OK, i thought, since I really didn't knew what a trip was.

So I ate them. All 40. We went to were our friends was, and after about an hour, I felt the trip real strong. BANG! Out in space again, this time looking down at the solar system at an angle. And suddenly I understood it: 'Yes. This is in fact a gigantic clockwork counting down to something!', which in fact makes sense even in a sober condition. After the 'discovery', the trip went bad. My friends started spooking me, and I got paranoid and dillusional. I watched my shadow on the ground, and it looked like I was totally disfigured, when I felt my eyes, it was like my eyes were pushed into the sockets and so on.

I didn't dare to go in and face my parents in such a state, so I sat outside the house with my paranoia and had it real bad. Then I saw the lights went off in their bedroom, and I could go inside. And looking myself in the mirror took away all anxiety, paranoia and dillusions. I looked normal, exept for my eyes of course. So I went to bed, called my girlfriend and fell asleep.

But the next day I felt something was wrong with me. It felt like some part of me had gone, and I got depressed. It took me years to build myself up to allmost what i was physically.

This happened around my 18th birthday, and from there, it got really bad. Heroine, Amphetamine, pills and some coke allmost killed me, but I got prescribed Methadone since I was 27, and that dragged me back on track - kicked the hard stuff - I do smoke the some weed now and then, but that's it. I don't drink at all.

My life was pretty normal, even though I was on disabillity. But around my 33rd birthday, really weird shit started to happen. It started with thinking of religious phrases and words in a certain way, let's take an example: a bad donkey - abaddon key, wordscrolling like NATO - ATON, splitting longer words up in several small ones, and including the significance of Roman numbers inside words. The symbolic meaning of numbers, I am born 10.01, thats a pretty significant number, 10 commandments, one G*D, the ten kings who would rule for one hour from the apocalypse, and so on. The vivid dreams started again, this time somewhat more scary, I took significance in the fact that on my left hand are burnt in three circles in a triangle shape.

Around the same time, I started to look at gnostic writings, especially the book of Thomas since that is my name. Everyone made mockery of me the last time I wrote this, but I found on the net a church called Mar THOMA SyRIAN, which to me looked very much like an anagram based on MARY and my own name, which is infact Thomas Rian.

I Googled all I could find on the diciple Thomas and quickly found the Thomas/SET combination. India 72 A.D. Set meets Thomas to fight for a second time, but before the fight, Set cries bitter tears towards heaven and says why must I allways fight Thomas? The tears form a stream, which DIO so fittingly calls 'The Midnight Stream', then Set kills Thomas and send him down the stream. Other links Thomas has to Egyptology can be read in 'The Hymn Of The Pearl', where he sets out to collect the one pearl the beast of Egypt has. Myself, I was born in '72. 1972 that is.. ;-)

Another thing my mind has proposed to me is that If man has to take the number of the beast on his forehead, it can only be done by baptism. I think this is where Roman numbers plays a significance. If you have a name with a letter in it which is a Roman number, you have taken the number on your forehead, and if it doesn't, you can concider yourself lucky. This cannot be proved, of course, but that is some of the things my mind spins around.

In my last thread, I mentioned I had seen an eye in the sky which was so clear it could have been airbrushed on the sky, and I also saw a cat the same time just as clearly standing over Holmenkollen Chapel which was burnt to the ground by satanists in the 90's. You can dismiss these as beeing backflashes from the mushrooms I ate over 20 years ago, but I stand my ground here. It looked like the cat had it's paw out to put out a fire or to play with something.

So back to the question: Who am I? Doesn't Jesus say the one knowing everything, but not himself, is truly poor?

I am Thomas Rian, a lazy internetbum with some very weird experiences - and I am lazy. The bible says that the lazy should go to the ant hill to get wise.

So I do my word fiddeling: Rian thomas

And comes up with yet another word THOmas Rian. THOR, son of Odin, the mighty Norse God? Well, Odin is often portraited as the one eyed devil, and I did see an eye in the sky. So do I go around imagining that I am him? No. Because another strange event took place one and a half year ago.

I had a neighbour named Thor. He died 18 months ago under mysterious circumstances. He was laying there dead in the apartment for days, and the smell was horrific even inside my own apartment. I spent a week sleeping in this cloud of death before someone was wondering if a sewage pipe had gone bust. But then they found him. And what was his last name? BYE, as in goodbye.

Let me add one more odd thing to this: the fall of Ariel Sharon. I am mighty pissed on the situation in the holy land. The Jews, who are supposed to be our priests, are, sorry my language, for the most part fanatic racists. I do not say there are just Jews, there just is so few of them compared to the evil ones. Tell my why an Askhenazi Jew should have more right to Israel/Palestine than a Palestinian? The Askhenazis never lived in Israel before the state was founded in 1948! (I hope this statement doesn't provoke too much)..

Well, one day I found a bible quote saying: if you warn the ungodly of his ungodly ways, you have saved your soul. But if you don't, I will demand his blood from your hands. So I wrote an e-mail to Knesset, Att: Ariel Sharon with this quote, and what happens? Two days or so later he goes down. Then I got scared - really scared. For his blood wasn't demanded from my hands, but from my mail!

I had a dream sometime later meeting Mr. Sharon himself. And he looked younger, fitter, and he spoke to me: 'Well Thomas, we two will see each other later, guaranteed.'. Another dream I had some time after that I sat in a Jewish tribunal. The tribunal fell in my favour and said: 'we grant you three wishes, use them wisely'.

Oh, and the day I kicked my Heroine habit for good was 09.11 2006. Weird date. 911 emergency.

I don't claim to be a prophet like Starjade. I don't claim to be anything but an ordinary man which have had some strange experiences, that's all. Some are religious in a form or another. Please don't give me the ROFL-card here guys, I just wondered if this is normal? Should I go to my doctor telling him I've seen eye in the sky, won't he then admit me to psyciatric ward immidiatly? I have regular sessions with a pschologist allready due to my old drug problem.

I will show you one more example of my word fiddling - roman numbers and word splitting. In Norway, VIGDIS is a common female name. So I split it up. VI GD IS or Six GD is. Does this name try to tell me the fact that the God Israel worships is in fact the six hundred threescore six? It's common practice among Jews to write God without a vocal in the middle. (hereby the GD). Doesn't The book of John open by telling of the Jews who are no Jews, but Satans Synagogue? You can of course split Israel up in IS RA-EL, another mixup between Egypt's ancient Gods and Israel. If this was a fact, it would certainly be a bombshell.

And with all the 2012 talk - 10.01 2012 I have walked 40 years in this desert, maybe I will get some answers then.

I saw I had no replies even though my post has been here for a day, so I won't bore you anymore folks.


"Baptised with a perfect name - the doubting one by heart, alone without himself." - Nightwish.

Here's a pic of how my left hand look:

[Image: LeftHandedmouse1-2.gif]

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