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Ancient Chinese cure for malaria discovered by the West
10-26-2010, 07:34 AM,
Ancient Chinese cure for malaria discovered by the West

Curr Med Chem. 2003 Nov;10(21):2197-230.
An over four millennium story behind qinghaosu (artemisinin)--a fantastic antimalarial drug from a traditional chinese herb.

Li Y, Wu YL.

Shanghai Institute of Material Medica, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201203, China.

This article reviews the discovery and the further studies on qinghaosu and its derivatives or analogs over the last decades in the fields of medicinal chemistry and some pharmacology research, with an emphasis on the progress achieved in China.

Quote:What is Artemisinin?

Coartem, a malaria drug whose potency is derived from a Chinese herb, may soon be approved for sale in the United States.

By Jordan Lite December 23, 2008

Quote:Coartem, derived from the Chinese herb artemisinin, wipes out malaria in more than 96 percent of patients in regions where malaria has become resistant to older drugs, according to drug-maker Novartis. Traditional meds such as chloroquine work in only 50 percent of patients where the parasite is drug-resistant. There were an estimated 247 million malaria cases in 2006, and nearly 881,000 patients died, according to the World Health Organization.

Only around 1,500 people in the United States — mostly travelers returning from abroad or service members stationed in malaria hot spots — are diagnosed with the infection annually. But disease specialists said travelers might carry Coartem in case they contracted malaria — and bypass preventive meds such as Lariam, which can have psychological effects.

Quote:Malaria drug Coartem approved in U.S.

By Jordan Lite Apr 9, 2009 01:00 PM 2

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has signed off on Coartem, an anti-malaria drug whose active ingredient is a Chinese herb.

The drug, made by Swiss-based Novartis, is a combination of artemether (a derivative of the herb artemisinin) and lumefantrine (a broad-spectrum antibiotic). The three-day medication, already available in 80 other countries, cures more than 96 percent of malaria cases, including those in areas where the parasite has become resistant to chloroquine, which for decades was a widely used preventive and treatment.

25 February 2009

A team of Ugandan health workers, who last week visited Dar es Salaam for the launch of the anti-malarial drug Coartem-D by US Conglomerate Novartis, were stunned to hear that Zanzibar had eradicated malaria in just four years

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