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10-21-2010, 07:51 AM,

Talk of Petar Danov (Beinsa Douno) held on July 13, 1925 at the Lakes of Mussallah, the highest peak of the Rila Mountain

Every stalk that comes out from the earth will see the rays of the sun.

You may ask why we are sitting in the rain. This is an object study. When the field is sown the rain is a blessing. When the field is not sown, the rain is a misfortune. When the field is sown and rain falls on it, the wheat will sprout. When the field is not sown and the rain falls only thistles will come to grow. Therefore, when the Divine blessing comes in your life and you have planted nothing then thorns and thistles will grow and misfortune will follow one after the other like the shadow that follows the wheel. Do not fool yourselves. External actions do not bear life in themselves. The meaning of life is not in the external manifestations. Good things do not come out of external, superficial things. They are something internal.

Man must be good in his heart. If a man cannot love the life God has endowed him with, cannot treasure his soul and if purity as an essence is unknown to him, how can he then teach others? If you cannot achieve purity for yourself, how can you then pass it on to others?

It is funny that people wish to know much, to become smart, to become men of genius and astonish the world. God has given a mind to everyone. Why are some people smart while others are not then? Because the first have cultivated their mind while the others have not. Those whom God has given a brain to and who have not put their brains to work tread on the broad and slippery road. We say that such men are not smart.

We have come on earth to learn. The earth is sacred. This needs to be understood! With its vicious life humanity has defiled it. When people do not understand what earth is, they say, "The earth is impure, sinful." This means that they ascribe sin to the earth. Yet this sinful earth upon which all crimes and all sins are committed, constantly bears from its depth something of great value: wheat, apples, pears, potatoes and others. The earth shares with us all the blessing it receives from above. Furthermore, many say, "this sinful earth" and spit on it. Why? Who is to blame? Is it the earth's fault that things are the way they are? No, man is the one we should spit on. What is the meaning of this spitting? It represents everything evil which has accumulated in our mind and in our heart. It is a toxic fluid which is thrown out. The human spittle is poisonous, especially when one is in a state of irritation and anger.
Why did you climb Mt. Mussallah? Why were you met by thunder, rain, snow? This is the language of Heaven. God is saying, "Tell these people that they do My Will and I will pour all My Blessing upon them. If they walk with you and climb up high they must be pure. With their sickly desires, with their sickly thoughts, with their egotism, as little as it may be left, they cannot serve Me."

Today you may be better than other people but compared with the Angels who do God's Will, you are weak, you cannot serve Him. You can become either demons or Angels. These are possibilities for you. The Angels are excellent servants. They bring God's blessing throughout the whole world. It is beautiful to bring to fruition the small gift which God has imparted in our souls! It is beautiful to do what God wants of us. You may say, "How did God speak to you?" How God speaks to me is not of importance but you need to know that whether in a direct or ideal sense these are the words which God is saying to you.

I can sense noble jealousy accumulated in you. Jealousy is something beautiful when it is for good. When this jealousy comes from a sown field it is blessed. But when it comes from an unsown field, it brings grave suffering. Many of you have left your virtues unmanifested, i.e. many of your seeds have not sprouted in your field. Now I speak only about virtues. In my opinion your shortcomings are due to underdeveloped virtues. In life we are all connected in such a way that one's transgressions are transgressions of all; and one's virtues are virtues of all.

What is a transgression? Transgressions occur as a consequence from withholding God's blessing. Man always serves as a conductor of God's goodness. Therefore if the preacher does not fulfill his obligation, if he does not come when God calls him, all will suffer, because we are all connected with his life. If he does not want to do God's Will, someone else will be found who will fulfill it. There are always other possibilities in God. In our case, you who are called upon to be the bearer of God's blessing, open your heart and your soul for God's kindness to pass through you and go to all people! God wants His kindness to pass on to all souls. Do not think that you are a small underdeveloped being, that you have no value, that you cannot accomplish great things! If you do, you fail in understanding things. It is true that you cannot accomplish great things but you can do little things. It is sufficient to do this and that. You have to say, "Now I will open my heart, my mind for God's blessing to come." This is the God's Will: His Blessing to come upon us the way the sunrays come. Do you think that if someone nails down the shutters of your windows you will be able to receive the rays of the sun? If the shutters are nailed down on the outside, I will open them. If they are nailed down from the inside, this is bad.

Some say that the people are not good. What kind of philosophy is this? I interpret it like this: for thousands of years people have locked up their souls. Their souls have accumulated excessive energy and if they cannot utilize this energy wisely, they cause harm to themselves as well as to others. What do we have to do? We will harness this energy and make good use of it as we use the dwarf pine, which we now burn. They will say, "These people climbed Mt. Moussallah. We have helped them, we gave so much sacrifice, our life was lost for them. Let's see what they will do now." The dwarf pines will be a witness to your life. At present they are asleep but one day when you see God you will meet them and they will speak up. Remember – they are living beings. You think that one can hide a crime. No, in Nature there is nothing hidden. Even the stones will say what good or evil you have done. You think that Nature is dead. She is alive. All that you see here around are sleeping beings. When they start speaking, they will say, "There was a time we too, were willful like you but now we are learning the first lesson of silence and humility." For millions of years the Divine Hammer has played on these stones but they have not learned their lesson yet.

You will say, "We are not sleeping beings, we are alive." You, who are alive, why were you lead to Mt. Moussallah? To come to know God. He speaks to you from above, but you do not understand His language. God's language is not hard to understand but you do not understand it. He is telling you, "You have to love each other." "Lord, how can we love each other?" I will ask you how you should love one another. "To forgive each other all your mistakes and offences." This is halfway correct. Can you forgive him who does not repent?

Now I want to interpret your words. What will happen to the dead donkey if the sun shines on it all day? It will decompose and start smelling bad. What will happen to a dead man if we keep him too long? Even if we pray for him, he will still start smelling bad. We have to bury the dead or take them somewhere far to decompose and all matter should disperse in space. After some time God will collect this matter and out of it He will make a new man. Sometimes even a living person smells. This indicates that in some respect he is dead. What should we do with a man like that? How should we manifest our love for this man? If a donkey is alive we will give it some fodder and water. If it is sick, we will try to cure it. A soon as it is healed it will bray and its braying is a sign that it is healthy and able to work. You can ask the donkey, "What is it, why are you braying?" "Now you can put a load on my back." What should we do with a man? You should give him, too, what he needs.

Today we climbed Mt. Moussallah. This is good, but it is only an external achievement Some turned back. This indicates that some people lack complete readiness. If we do not know how to climb up high, those who turned back will impede us. When can a man turn into a burden for us? If a person who climbs Mt. Moussallah has many virtues but at the same time has a big defect, this defect will paralyze his activity toward good as well as his aspiration to God. Therefore this defect has to be transformed into a virtue so that you would not be impeding yourself as well as the others.

I have been saying that a man can have some imperfections. This is true, but when? As long as he is in the law of development. When he comes to the state of serving God he has to be perfect, without any defect. When I speak about serving God I imply that sacred moment of the soul when we step toward God with all our purity and perfection, with purity and holiness in our thoughts, desires and deeds. Only in the perfection of our spirit and purity of our soul do we understand what God wants of us in a given moment.

I ask, how are you going to bring the new Teaching to the world? Your souls have to be open. If you enter into the world with your shortcomings, if you have the same desires which the people of the world have, what kind of blessing are you going to bring them? If I preach the God's Word and expect to be paid for it, so that I can dress in the most beautiful clothes according to the latest fashion, do you think that God will be pleased with me? Do you think that this way I properly preach the Kingdom of God? Tell me what housewife working in her home or going to the field wears her wedding gown? The prudent housekeeper goes to work with her old clothes. This is correct. She keeps her new clothes for special occasions. What occasions? When she goes to God. We will go to God in our most beautiful, in our cleanest clothes, with no spots on them.

Remember: when the field is sown, the rain is a blessing. Why is it raining today? – Because man has many imperfections. He is very selfish. Is man evil? No, he is good but only for himself. We should be good but to whom? If you are good for yourselves, you achieve this important purpose. It is of importance, however, to be good towards God and for Him. Good manifests itself in three ways: man can be good for himself, he can be good for his neighbor, but most ideally he should be good towards God. Man has learned the art of being good for himself, also – to be good towards his neighbor, but now he has to study the art of being good towards God. It is of greatest importance for us to be faced by this requirement. Look at the mother who raises her child, isn't she good for it? She is good. Is not the little bee that travels miles around collecting pollen for her neighbors good for them? It is good. But the bee has not learned yet, has not understood the great Law to be good for God. If you try to take a little honey, it will immediately sting you – it gives nothing for God. It has arranged everything perfectly for itself, it has also cleaned and tided up its little home, it is industrious, but does not know the Law that it has to be good towards God. We, too, are like the bees. We are very good for ourselves and our neighbors, but when it comes to God to ask us for the smallest favor, we show Him our sting.

From now on you will study the Law to be good towards God. It is the greatest thing. When you learn and apply this Law your life will gain meaning. The living nature will start to speak to you and from all that you will learn a lesson. If these stones could speak, what will happen? Your hair will stand on end from this horror and this beautiful landscape will become too narrow for you. Can you imagine what terrible things you could see and hear? It would be hell for you! If these mountains could narrate their history, the whole town of Sofia will be too small for you. Here you could see two giants, people of the past, killing each other. What would you learn from that? You would only be frightened, nothing else.
Thousands of years are needed before these heroes of the past would advance. All around you are the bones of dead heroes, of gods, inhabitants of the past. Now for thousands and millions of years the Sun will have to shine from above, many rains will fall so that the sins of the people could be washed and the Law of serving God learned. People have served only themselves, they have served also their neighbors but they have not worked for God.

You may ask, "Didn't we come from God?" There exists coming out from below and also from above. "What should we do? Is it not the science saying so?" Yes, there is a human science, but the one I am speaking about is not human. There exists science of the saints, of the Angels, but there is also science of God. You may say, "I know a lot." I am glad that you know, but this knowledge is human. Have you studied the science of the saints? Have you learned the Science of the Angels? The science of the Angels is for the far distant future. Have you then studied the science of God? I do not start with the angelic science, I do not start with the science of the saints but begin from above – with the Science of God. This is one of the most rational methods which distinguishes my science. I start with the hardest science. People start with the smallest numbers. The Teacher asks, "Ivan, tell me how much is one plus one?" "One and one equals two." "Two and two?" "Four.' "Three and three?" "Six." "Three times three?" "Nine." This is the easy path – the path of the easy science. We have been treading for thousands of years on the easy path and for this reason we do not succeed. He who walks on the easy path hardly gains results.

In order for man to start with the small units he has to have the mind of God. Only God can work with small units. We, humans, have to work with great units. I will explain my idea with the following example: let's take as an example a child that is crying. If you give this child a small apple, would it stop crying? It will not stop. But if you give the child twenty pounds of apples, mad as it may be, it will stop crying. This is the science of Divine life, the science of Divine abundance. In this science the numbers themselves speak. It will be enough to call number one by name, it will come out and give you an excellent lecture. When I call number two by name, it will come out and give you another lecture. This is how all numbers speak. From them you will understand the meaning of Divine science which holds together the whole Cosmos in harmony. In this lies God's greatness that He occupies Himself with us – the small magnitudes, the infants – and acts upon us with His abundance. Even before our departure from Sofia God said to His servants, "Prepare the way for these small children, clean everything around, and high on Mt. Mussallah meet them as welcomed guests. That is why we have here rain, snow, hail. In God's Science which works with the small units there is no feasting. In human science it is the opposite: everywhere there is eating and drinking. People are good when they eat and drink.

You say that we have to forgive each other. It is good for people to be forgiving. It is great for man to forgive. God distinguishes Himself with this quality that He is longsuffering and forgiving. For you it is important to love as God loves and not as people love. If you love the way humans do, you corrupt yourself. If you enter the Divine world with your human love, you would achieve nothing. Therefore as soon as you enter the Divine world you will love as God loves – you will be forgiving and work only for God. If the thought about God is always in your mind you will be blessed. Whatever you do, always think about God. If the thought that you are sinful should cross your mind, say, "I know that I am sinful but I know also something else – that there is One in the world Who loves me. Because God loves me I will fulfill His will, I will serve Him as needed!" If I am asked why I love God, I will answer, "Because He, too, loves me." One reciprocated Love with Love. And Love manifests itself through service and work. If you do not love Him you will not serve Him. Love works. Therefore he who is working he lives in Love. He who does not love is the one we love. God works from above and we – from below.

Mussallah is the high peak you see here. Work consciously so that you may understand the good which is embedded in you. If you study the great Divine science, you will advance in your growth, learn many things which are necessary for you and will finish as it has been determined for everyone since the beginning of one's Creation. How are you going to finish if you start with the science of the saints and the Angels? (The Master picked a little blade of grass) – you will shoot up like this little blade of grass. Each flower has a double meaning. If I pick a floweret and adorn myself, this indicates that I live according to the science of the angels and the saints. If I study this science I will come to the law of growth, selflessness and self-sacrifice.

The blade that I picked is now glad because it has become an object of learning for you. One day this little blade of grass will meet you in the presence of God and will say, "I will testify for these people." It will be a witness for what? That you have been instructed about God and the great science of God. This little blade speaks by itself. Therefore you will open your hearts and purify them, you will repent and set right whatever transgressions you have made. You will open the book of your life and review thoroughly your good and bad actions. You will redeem as many transgressions as you find. If despite your efforts, despite your attention you are not aware of some of your transgressions and cannot correct them, we will do that. Sometimes even the Master corrects mistakes. It is not of importance who is correcting these mistakes. If a student corrects his mistakes, good for him. If the Master corrects them, it is also good. If a student does not see well enough and cannot correct his mistake, the Teacher will correct it for him. There has to be always someone who corrects our mistakes. "But what if I have many shortcomings." This is all right. Assume that these shortcomings have been allowed by God. For example you get very easily offended. Why do you feel hurt so easily?

When you go back to Sofia you should take with you the desire to correct your mistakes. We will love our brethren as God loves us. We will work in God's field, we will dig a small ditch through which we will let God's blessing flow to Sofia. Everything you say will come true. This is the Divine science. The flow to Sofia will start but the field has to be sown. Who will open the shutters of your windows? This morning I did open them. Not only did I open the shutters of your windows but I also opened the roofs of your houses. What's more, I pulled down your heavy walls. When you look around you will see that you no longer have shutters, walls, or roofs. This is Light. This is Freedom. I want you to protect your freedom. I don't want you to put your heads in a yoke and say, "Lord, how much longer can I take this life, this load, these shortcomings, these misfortunes? What did my mother bring me into the world for?"

Now, you will remember Moussallah. You will know that here and everywhere on the Balkan Peninsula there are souls, locked up for centuries, who await their liberation. They cause you harm. Who does not want freedom? Two people fight each other, they quarrel. Why? They fight for freedom. When they give each other a good drubbing, they say, "Do you know me now?" Sometimes the spirits who bring about the quarrel come to you and ask for help. Not knowing how to help them you start arguing and fighting. This indicates that you need more light. When you go to some place, start opening the shutters of the windows, knock down fences.

Today I will give to all for keepsake a little blade of grass. It will serve you as a symbol. As small as it may be when you look at it, say to yourself, "I have to learn the Law of growth, the Law of the Angels." Each blade of grass conceals in itself the formula: "Serving God is the great science of life."

Here, I give to all of you a little bit of this grass. "Should we give some grass to someone else too?" You can give but you will ask them to promise to serve God. However you have to learn the law of "serving God" as an important Law and dwell on it. If you do not have this idea in yourselves, by itself this grass has no meaning, even if I gave to you a basket full of grass.

And so, in the great Divine science serving God is required of everyone. If you say that you will serve God, you have to sow something. When you pick a leaf it has to represent an image of the idea "Word of God." Let this little grass be an image, a symbol of the idea of "serving God." If you hold this grass without the content of these words, it will be like a sacred book without the contents of the Word. When in it are inscribed the Holy Words, it will be valuable. When in the future you sit on the grass, keep in mind the idea of "serving God." It will speak to you about the law of service. Understanding this Law, as soon as you sit in the grass, you will hear an welcome. This means that the windows and the roofs of those who have this grass, will be open. He who takes upon himself the study of the great Divine science must have the roof and windows of his home open. The sun will shine from all sides while the earth will be his foundation. And so when you give someone some of this grass, tell him these words which I have told you today.

Now, we need to finish our work. In the light of this great Science by the word finish is implied the beginning of another work, a new work. And when I say let's finish this work, I mean to start another one. When we finish a given work we will not rest but will go to the vineyard and start cultivating it. After cultivating it another work is awaiting. The day will come when we will go to the vineyard and taste the grapes. When we finish our mundane work, we will start the great work for God. You say, "Once to be free from the world." There is no need to free ourselves. As long as we work for God we are free citizens. But if we do not believe in this science the world will have an influence on us. Therefore, if we maintain the idea to free ourselves from the world, we consider ourselves weak.

The fundamental idea of this talk is "serving God." We will start with the most difficult science – the Divine Science which will teach us all those things for which our soul is longing and toward which our spirit strives. Why are there great obstacles in the world? Where are the strongest bridges built? Over big rivers. Why? Because over big rivers heavy loads are transported. The stronger the bridge is, the heavier loads are transported over it. The stronger, healthier and more learned a man is, God places him to do a harder and more responsible work. You say, "I will not become a bridge!" If you can become a bridge from God to the people, and angels pass on your back is this something bad? The passing of each Angel will give you a blessing. We will become bridges not for the human, but for the Divine. If we become bridges for the human, we will deface ourselves. Becoming bridges for the Divine, we will rejuvenate. The word bridge implies a link between the Divine and the human.

Keep in your mind that you serve God. Keep repeating this thought. Your consciousness must be present at every action as small as it may be and know that you serve God. Do not say that it is not easy to serve God and big knowledge is needed. Who chooses to serve God can be lacking any knowledge. When you go to a wellspring, would you take water with you? When you go to an orchard with ripe fruit, do you take food with you? But going to the desert you must carry water with you. Science is food for the people. When I say that we go to God I imply that we need no science. By science I mean Living science. I mean that we need no human knowledge but Divine knowledge of the living Nature. You may say, "I do not want bread." I understand that you do not want ordinary bread prepared by people. This means that from now on I will want bread from God, I will be nourished by Him. "I do not want science." I understand that you do not want the worldly, human science but the Divine one in the light of which you will develop. Thinking in this way you will come to comprehend what is Great and Divine in this world.

Now, I am not saying to you that you should be good but that each one of you should be as God has created him. In the human world when you do not like someone you give him nothing, you keep him hungry, chase him away. This is how the worldly science solves a problem. In the Divine world the opposite is true: when you do not love someone you care for him most and give him most food, and when you love someone you give him the least. It is a privilege given to few when no food is given. When on earth you are not given food, you will complain and tell everyone that you have been left hungry, that you have been driven away. If in heaven you are not given to eat, you will be glad. This happens seldom, once in a thousand years. This is a special privilege. How is this profound Divine science to be understood? He, who has not been given food has in himself everything, he can share it with others. He says, "Let be given to all and what is left at the end is mine. Let all be nourished. I am glad that they have received God's blessing." Translated in our language it means that we have to concede to each other. How? In the Scripture it is said, "Pray for one another." We pray for those whom we love that God gives them His blessing. We also pray for those we do not love, and ask God that this or that befalls them; we shall send them a blessing. Therefore we pray for those we love, and those we do not love. Yet there are some people who are in the middle; we forget them. I wish to remind you of those forgotten ones – to pray for them. As far as I know, you pray a lot. Your prayer must come from the depth of your heart. There should be absolute sincerity in your prayers! This is how you have to pray! You say, "For this to be accomplished a great deal of strife and struggle are necessary." You will have to struggle to that point when your virtues get mastery. Say, "I can serve God in all times and under all conditions." You will become a true servant when you overcome all hindrances in your life.

We, too, have overcome a great obstacle by climbing Mount Mussallah in rain, snow and hail. Those who hear about us coming here will wonder why we have departed in such weather, at dawn for Mussallah. People say that we are foolhardy. We are on a different opinion. Everyone can climb Mt. Mousallah in good weather. To climb in bad weather is important. If you have been asked whether it was necessary to climb Mt. Moussallah in such weather, say, "This is a subject lesson." I want that you keep the memory of this outing as one of the rear memorable ones for you. If this excursion remains for you a dead recollection like monuments in a cemetery, you have accomplished nothing. On some monuments one reads, "Here rests a young hero who fought in twenty five battles." I do not want such monuments and inscriptions. The monuments of our heroes are living and not made of stone. When we go to one of our heroes we say, "Come out and show your heroism." I wish that you too would be living monuments. First I want you to rise – rising means sprouting; i.e. a process of growth; after that – to come to life and then to resurrect. When I lead you one more time to Mt. Mussallah say, " We have learned how to rise and come to life." If people ask you what kind you are, meaning where you belong answer, "Of those who have gotten up."

As you can see we are surrounded by fog. What does the fog signify? When Moses climbed Mt. Sinai heavy clouds covered it, one could hear thunder, but none could see what was taking place there. It was better this way. Now, too, God is saying, "The external world is not ready yet to see My face, nor what is happening here." For this reason we have the fog spread around us.

For a long time has the Divine Plough worked on you in order for you to perceive the Divine Light. Such great shaking up is coming for the world that not one roof of their roofs will remain intact. What kind of roofs is the word here about? These are people's chains and shackles. When all roofs will be blown away, when the shutters of the windows will be opened, God will come and you will be free. Is there anything bad about that? The chains from you hands and feet will fall off. If the horse grazes freely in the woods free of chains and bridles is there anything bad about that? Where to look for the horse? – In the woods. When I see him, I will pat his back and say to him, "I am glad that you are free from chains and bridles." As the horse grazes it will look at me, lift high his head and then continue to graze. This is a kind of speech. I am chatting with the horse. By raising his head the horse wants to tell me, "Have you studied the science of the saints and of the angels? Are you grazing like us?" The oxen say the same. I ask, by studying the science of the saints and the angels do you know why the horse and the oxen are eating grass. We comment sometimes that someone chews and ruminates like an ox. In my opinion man has to learn to chew and not swallow his food. Chewing symbolizes Life. When you see a horse in the woods, walk over to him, stop with respect, pat his back, look up to God and then continue on your journey. If you see an oxen do the same. "What will become of us?" Strange question, what will become of us! The Divine in you will awaken and God will begin to speak to you. Your souls will open for the Great in the world and rejoice. Thus will you come to know God. Your ears will open for His Word and your minds will perceive Him. Solely in this way you are going to be brothers and sisters to one another.
I am not speaking of modern brotherhood ands sisterhood which in four generations is wiped out without any trace. I speak of a brotherhood and sisterhood that nothing can wipe out. This is brotherhood. Also friendship which nothing can wipe out is true friendship.

Let God's blessing come upon you! Let God's Love be with all of us! I wish you to walk with this Love throughout the whole year!

Now you are kissing my hand. Why are you kissing it? This is an agreement that you will serve God. Why do you shake hands with the right hand? This means: when two rational people come together in one place they can accomplish everything. "We want to have this sermon." This is already accomplished. As soon as you want something it comes true. "Whom should this sermon be given to read it?" To all, who occupy themselves with the Divine Science. Said and done.

The grass, i.e. the little blade which I gave you won't be lost. It will always speak to you. As soon as you search for it from the depth of your heart you will find it. Be cheerful, glad and joyful. You are expected to serve God. Let us be humble like children.

It was not possible to give this sermon on the peak of Mussallah. Your feet were cold. As soon as you came down the sermon was given. The good side in you is that you have the courage to climb even in bad weather. Since you were able to climb Mt. Moussallah in such bad weather, this indicates that in respect to the spiritual you will be able to overcome all difficulties and impediments. Your deed of heroism gives me joy. From the standpoint of the Divine Law he who gives always attains something. Whatever you decide comes true but it is important that the mind and heart are open. We decided to climb to the top of the peak and we did. As bad as the weather was we were able to climb. The higher we went, the thunders receded, gradually diminished. They were saying, "Whoever climbs up must be clean like the snow." Now on the peak even the sun is shining. We should go up one more time to see the sun.

Usually people compete and try to be the first in everything. He who fulfills God's will is the first. Who does not fulfill God's Will is the last. From this point of view all can be first.

When we were climbing to the peak some were afraid that they might get sick and turned back. Others wanted to descend to Chamkoria* being afraid to remain with us any longer. They asked me, "Should we go back or remain here?" Because I honor one's freedom of choice, I said, "Since you are afraid not to catch a cold it is better for you to go." I could have told them, "Remain all here because tomorrow there will be a sermon." Because I did not tell them this, they left. I acted according to the Law of Freedom.

In God reverse decisions do not exist. What He promises happens. God is the only Being in Whose words opposite decisions do not exist. He is never unfaithful to His promises. In Him there is no knowledge about "what is not possible". If God does not manifest His mercy this is because He waits for the moment when all will be able to understand Him. If God tolerates people, this is because He awaits for them to awaken and understand why the world was created. For example you do not know why the grass was created. It is not a sin that you do not know. Today I opened for you one page of the Divine Book, but how many more are remaining? Until now you did not know why oxen and horses graze. Which professor would tell you that? You say, "How good it would be if we could be always with you!" At no time was I outside you.

As you can see the weather is beginning to improve. The weather smiled and you rejoiced. When you are joyous the weather, too, is joyous. When you are crying, the weather is gray and crying.
Many complain that there is no one who loves them. There is One being Who loves you – it is God. When you say that no one loves you it means that you have not found the One Who loves you. As soon as His Light comes and fills your souls you all become joyous and glad.

It is now important for you to apprehend completely everything that you have heard. Here are the most important things again: sunny day, joyful day, God's day (a song of the Brotherhood). When the day is joyful, it is always God's day. When you have one God's day, all days become like this day.

Some of you complain for having wet feet. What does it mean to have wet feet? The Divine cannot be attained unless one gets wet feet. Wet feet represent the unfavorable conditions in life. Someone has all desires to achieve something, but a number of obstacles come along- these are the wet feet. You decide to build a house for yourself but you do not have the money to do so, this is an obstacle. When we begin to live in harmony with God we will have better homes than the present ones. We will build homes according to our needs. We will have as much light as we need.

Often you become discouraged and say, "We grew old." What does old mean? When a man looses his faith he grows old. When he looses the meaning of his life, his approach toward God, a man grows old.
When the child is joyous that his mother takes him out this is good. You are today joyous and should be joyous. Why? Joy is such an outing.

And so, those of you who climbed Mt. Moussallah did well. Also those who did not climb, they too, did well. At the end of ends we all will go down. "How beautiful it would be to stay here!" Here, it means with God and with God we always be.

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